Top 10 Secluded Beaches in the Philippines

Malcapuya Island in Coron by GreenArcher04 via Flickr

Top 10 Secluded Beaches in the Philippines

Imagine yourself freely treading the turquoise waters and brushing your sole onto the fine sands of a beach that’s hidden away from the stresses of the Metropolitan. Just think of having a little piece of shore all to yourself in your short vacation, wouldn’t that be the grandest beach experience one could ever ask for?

Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas Island
Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas Island

Philippines has plenty of this unspoiled nature’s bounty and they are scattered all around the archipelago. Most remain undeveloped, which of course push you “secluded beach” seekers to really be excited. As these beaches are not developed yet, expect the most basic amenities offered by resorts available in the beach area.

So, what else are you waiting for, grab your swimming gears, and your beach loving spirits and experience the parts of the Philippine shores that still remains to be non-mainstream.

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas photo courtesy of Oliver Bautista
Mahabang Buhangin (photo courtesy of Oliver Bautista)

While CamSur is making its way to becoming a wakeboarding republic, Camarines Norte also is making noise among the beach loving people of the world. Cam Norte boasts a true beach gem- Calaguas Beach. Dubbed by travelers as “My Discovered Paradise”, “Perfect Beach” and “The Ultimate Getaway”, it has been drawing people to come and appreciate its beauty. People who come here would often compare it with Boracay Island. They say that if you want a total stress reliever, then come head to this island and surely the breathtaking view would wash away all those worries.

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Palaui Island, Cagayan

Palaui Island in Sta Ana Cagayan Valley
Palaui Island in Sta Ana Cagayan Valley

This small island of the Cagayan province is said to be among the most marvelous secluded beaches in the country. The beach is so secluded that in fact, an overnight stay here would mean a good old tent, a warm bonfire for the night, and some Kumbaya singing. If you’re planning to stay for the night, you would need to secure the Local Government’s permission first. Wouldn’t it be fun to have peace and serenity by the beach front?

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Tikling Beach, Sorsogon

Tikling Secluded Beach in Matnog Sorsogon
Tikling Secluded Beach in Matnog Sorsogon

Tired of white sands? Head to Tikling Beach! Located in Sorsogon, this beach offers you pink sand. It’s sands are composed mainly of the white sand, plus the crushed red corals that are found in this area. This piece of paradise can be reached via 30 minute boat ride from Matnog Sorsogon. Again like in any secluded beach front, do not expect fancy accommodation for your back or restaurants you can fill your tummy with. You will need to really gear up and bring your own food here. There can be accommodations in Matnog, Sorsogon should you want to stay near the area.

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Malcapuya Island, Palawan

Malcapuya Island in Coron by GreenArcher04 via Flickr
Malcapuya Island in Coron by GreenArcher04 via Flickr

Palawan truly does not run out of mesmerizing beach like the Malcapuya Island. It has shallow waters you can swim in. It has fine white sand that you would truly enjoy walking on. Getting here would be by a one and a half hour boat ride from Coron Palawan. But if you truly want some alone time, then this is just the place to be.

Antonia Beach, Iloilo

Antonia Beach in Gigantes Sur, Carles, Iloilo
Antonia Beach in Gigantes Sur, Carles, Iloilo

Complete with stunning rock formations and lush vegetation, this beach would truly be a sight to see. It’s emerald green waters would give you a soothing dip for the hot summer days. Like in any secluded beaches, Antonia Beach does not have any resorts. You can get here by grabbing a ferry ride from Estancia Port to Isla Gigantes, then another boat ride from Isla Gigantes to Antonia Beach.

Flower Island, Palawan

Flower Island in Taytay Palawan
Flower Island in Taytay Palawan

It would never be surprising to find another Palawan beach on the list. This island has a very nice beach forest that you can visit when you stay here. Contrary to the common notion that secluded beaches are undeveloped, this Island in particular is clearly an exemption. You can find a resort here which also named after the Island and they can arrange your stay here and provide you a set of things to do like visiting the pearl farm, snorkeling around the area and diving to see the great reefs.

Panampangan Beach, Tawi-Tawi

Panampangan Beach
Panampangan Beach Tawi-Tawi photo by Wanderingcha

Upon mentioning Mindanao, people would often shake their heads or probably skip reading anything about it. But hold your horses, Mindanao, has a lot of grand beaches that are unspoiled, one of which is the Panampangan Beach in Tawi-Tawi. It’s a small strip of beach dotted by coconut trees. It’s shallow waters, and it’s fine white beach coupled with the peace and serenity of an non-crowded beach would truly make it a great place to be in.

Gota Beach, Caramoan

Gota Beach in Caramoan Peninsula
Gota Beach in Caramoan Peninsula

Caramoan Island has gained popularity since the “Survivor” series had this island as their setting. It’s a beautiful island with diversified flora and fauna, underground caves, and a beautiful beach. Hidden between lush mountains, this beach is truly worth visiting due to its pristine waters and the wonderful view. Like in the Flower Island, there is also an available accommodation.

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Bitaog Beach, Palumbanes Island

Bitaog Beach photo courtesy of
Bitaog Beach photo courtesy of

Needless to say, this also among the most secluded beaches in the country. The island itself, the Palumbanes Island was a supposedly a secret island due to its location. With only a sparse number of residence, it can be assumed that life here is really simple. Bitaog beach is this beautiful coastline with white sand that you can readily access when you get here to Palumbanes. It’s really quiet here, in fact you can’t find any huts around the area. It’s the perfect escape to the noisy streets of the city. If you want to stay here, you will need to put up tents.

Bakhaw Beach, Camotes Island, Cebu

Bakhaw Beach photo courtesy of Aliyanarah Lodge
Bakhaw Beach photo courtesy of Aliyanarah Lodge

Cebu is a very popular beach destination but this beach is not one of the touristee spots, so if you’re into a quite place to be in, then this beach will truly satisfy that craving. Located in Camotes, Cebu, you will find this beach hidden behind a patch of trees. Tourists claim that it’s not easy to spot, but if you do, you’re in for a sweet alone time with the white sand, the gentle waves, and chirping sounds.

In visiting these secluded beaches, carry on with you the spirit of a conservationist. Most of these beaches are unmanaged, some are manned but still are underdeveloped so do you part and keep these beaches beautiful and breathtaking. Leave no garbage, but leave with pictures and unforgettable memories.

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