Have an Unpredictable, Unforgettable Experience at Chaos Nightclub

You can best expect the unexpected at Chaos Nightclub in the City of Dreams Manila. Nowhere else will you find beauty and energy collide with such intensity and refinement. This hotspot features bizarre design elements and that interact with each other, encouraging all guests to indulge their desires and surrender.

Chaos Nightclub Manila
Chaos Night Club at City of Dreams Manila

Once you walk into Chaos, the club’s fantastical atmosphere welcomes you. Light flows down like golden rain from the ceiling. Gold walls direct you to grand doors. There are mysterious hands pulling you in, adding even more whimsy to what awaits every guest.

From the hostess stand, candlelight and branches provide an interesting mix of earth and fire. This theatrical entry proves that your night in Chaos will be unlike any other. It will be interactive, imaginative, and definitely unexpected.

Once inside, you can’t miss the egg-shaped ceiling that domes overhead at 30 meters high. A jewel cage adorns the room, with dancers seducing you from within. Light and music bathes each guest on a dance floor that encourages all to let loose and give in to the revelry.

Experience Party like no other at Chaos Nightclub
Experience Party like no other at Chaos Nightclub

Adding to the fantastical theatrics, there are performers like acrobats dancing overhead. Marble walls are also adorned with paintings and drapes that speak of elegance. Anything is truly possible in Chaos.
Pick your own adventure with five different options within the club’s VIP rooms. You choose your fate between Bangkok, Marrakesh, Amsterdam, Las Vegas or Miami. Fantasies await you behind every door.

There are also rooms inspired by tarot cards, with unique experiences that echo their unique namesakes. Try your luck inside Fortune, dance the night away in Sun and Moon, reign free at Emperors, or even entangle yourself inside Lovers.

Escape and push your limits. Escalate your energy. Release your inhibitions. Surrender to Chaos.
The nightclub has 32 tables and features 10 karaoke rooms. For tickets, reservations, and other enquiries, call +63917 381 3398. You can also check their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ChaosManila.

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