Caramoan Travel Guide: Caramoan Peninsula Travel Tips

Caramoan Travel Guide

The Caramoan Peninsula and it’s islands are one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.

Caramoan MapI was able to visit this Peninsula when this was still one of the least well known destinations in the country.

Everything about Caramoan Peninsula is pristinely and unbelievably beautiful. Of course, it’s also not easy to access, and many people who visit choose to do so with an official Caramoan tour but others just follow Caramoan travel guides online.

The Caramoan tours guarantee that you’ll see a range of great spots, most of which you might never know about if you don’t go with someone who knows the area well. To maximize your visit, it is recommended that you hire a local Caramoan Travel Guide. You are not only making your trip easier, you are also helping locals to earn money giving them more motivation to conserve and protect their hometown.

Caramoan Travel Guide
Caramoan Travel Guide

Caramoan Travel Guide: How to see Caramoan for yourself

Off the Beaten Track

Most people who visit Caramoan and it’s beaches are looking for a quiet and calm vacation in paradise. There are plenty of beautiful beaches, lush jungle, and great cities to visit in the Philippines, but many of the more popular places can be really crowded.

Of course, the crowds are also a lot of fun at times, but it can be exhausting to be surrounded by too many people. The Caramoan Peninsula is the escape from the noise that you might crave after a few days hanging out in Boracay.

St. Michael Archangel Church in Caramoan
St. Michael Archangel Church in Caramoan

White Sand Beaches, Crystal Blue and Green Waters

It’s really impossible to understand how lovely it is in Caramoan until you’ve been there. With the popular TV show Survivor in Caramoan, more tourists are coming to the area every year. European tourists have begun to catch on and the flights are getting to be even more frequent.

Matukad Island
Matukad Island

Top Ten Islands to visit in Caramoan

  • Lahuy Island
  • Lahus Island
  • Cotivas Island
  • Sabitang Laya Island
  • Gota beach (mainland)
  • Hunognan Cove (mainland)
  • Matukad Island
  • Minalahos Island
  • Pitogo Island
  • Tinago Island

Seaweed Farmer in Caramoan
Seaweed Farmer in Caramoan

Things to do in Caramoan

  • Beach / Island Hopping
  • Explore the Caves of Caramoan
  • Climb the Rock Cliff located at Matukad Island
  • Going Up to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
  • Walk Around Town
  • Hanging Out at Paniman Beach
  • Check out the Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel
  • Go bird watching at Caramoan National Park
  • Check out Layahan and Hugsad Waterfalls
  • Camping in one of the Islands
  • Eat Kinalas

Gota Beach
Gota Beach

Places to Stay in Caramoan

  • CK-Inn,(+ 63) (0)920 4742637, (+ 63) (0)908 2035082 (
  • Breeze & Waves, Paniman Beach, Caramoan (From Guijalo Port, take tricycle to Paniman Beach (300P),  +639198319497.
  • Tugawe Cove Resort, Bgy. Colongcogon, +639189657885
  • Gota Beach Resort Tel: +63 2 8170831 or 710 9086 Mobile: +63 9283083969 Email: ( ,(
  • La Casa Roa Hostel – Tawog, Caramoan, Camarines Sur Tel: +6354-8113184 Email: (
  • Rex Tourist Inn – Barangay Tawog, Caramoan Tel: 0919-8821879, 0919-3089675

How to Get to Caramoan

Although not far from other popular destinations in Bicol, getting to Caramoan and the Caramoan Islands isn’t easy. The geology is mountainous and the roads are tough once you get out of the populated areas.

The best way to see the Caramoan is by boat. Take a tour or hire a boat that can take you out to the many small islands to go swimming, snorkeling, or fishing.

But first you’ll want to fly or take a ferry into Naga. From Manila, Naga is only 45 mins by plane, making it easy for international travelers to make the trip. But if you’re traveling within Naga and Legaspi already, you can reach Naga/Pili from Guijalo Port, which takes between 3 and 4 hours. Nato Port also has an option which takes about 4 hours, but you should check the schedule to make sure boats are going.

Manila/Cubao to Caramoan Via Night Trip Bus

  • Take an evening 8-hour bus ride from Araneta-Cubao Bus Terminal or Pasay Bus Terminal to Naga City. ( Bus Fare is 650 to 850 Pesos depending on the Bus line ) ( Isarog Bus Lines, Penafrancia Travel and Tours bus, RSL Bus or Philtranco/Amihan Bus ).
  • Take an Aircon Van also known as Filcab to Sabang Port. ( Aircon Van Fare is 150 Pesos – Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes ).
  • From Sabang port, take the Boat that goes to Caramoan Guijalo Port. ( Boat ride fare is 120 Pesos – Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes ).

How to get to Caramoan from Naga City Airport

1. Take a Taxi or Van from Naga City airport to the Van Terminal located at SM City Naga City
2. Take an Aircon Van a.k.a. Filcab to Sabang Port. (Aircon Van Fare is 150 Pesos – Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes).
3. Once you are in Sabang port, take the Boat that goes to Caramoan Guijalo Port. ( Boat ride fare is 120 Pesos – Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes ).

For other travel tips about Caramoan, checkout Lakbay Pilipinas 
*Sources: Wikitravel (things to do) Wikimedia (Caramoan Map)
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