Travel Guide: Palaui Island of Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley

Palaui Island Travel Guide

Palaui Island is a beautiful island situated off the northeastern end of Luzon Island. It lies off the northwestern part of a big promontory in San Vicente. As per Presidential Proclamation, this Island is declared as a protected seascape and landscape. Since its declaration as a protected area, no additional inhabitant was allowed to live in the island. (This post aims to provide basic Palaui Island travel guide which includes information on how to get there, things to do and see, where to stay, Palaui Island Tour Itinerary and other important details that you will need for your travel planning.)

palaui island travel guide
Sunrise on Palaui: Palaui Travel Guide

In 2012, CNNGo’s website described Palaui Island in Sta Ana Cagayan as an “isolated island which is a natural secret — only the brave and persevering bother to visit. Glorious white sands surrounded by volcanic rocks on one side kiss blue-green waters on the other. Snorkeling and diving brings you face to face with coral gardens and a rich marine reserve.”

The Island offers great sights, breathtaking vistas, a light house, secluded beaches and a lot more adventure activities like sailing and boating, camping, snorkeling and diving, beach bumming and rafting. Camping in the Island will give visitors a very thrilling experience. Those who like to camp have to bring their own tents, earth pad, portable stove, blankets, and trail food.

Early Morning in Palaui Island
Early Morning in Palaui 

Activities in Palaui Island

Visitors to this place also have opportunities for trekking. Your visit to the island is not complete without trekking to Cape Engaño Lighthouse – a historic lighthouse located in the island. If you want an easy route, you can ask your boatman to bring you to Cape Engano by boat.

Snorkeling and diving are the other attractions here. These activities help visitors enjoy the magical beauty of the sea. Different species of colorful fishes can be seen. Starfish and corals can also be seen around this Island, which is a marine sanctuary that is protected by the Philippine National Navy.

Through boating and sailing, the guide takes the tourists to all sides of the Island. The beautiful beach on the eastern side of the Island and Dos Hermanas Island on the north of the Island can be viewed by boating. Tourists can also visit the beautiful Crocodile Island. The jungle and the rainforest are the other main attractions of this Island.

Things to do and see

  • Visit Anguib Beach
  • Trek to Cape Engano Lighthouse
  • Catch the sunrise at Crocodile Island
  • Visit Cape Engano Falls
  • Explore Punta Verde Falls
  • Stopover at Crocodile Island
  • Visit Crocodile Island
  • Camping in the Wild
  • Diving and Snorkeling
  • Bird Watching

Suvivor USA Season 27 in Palaui Island

Crocodile Island

How to get there

Tourists reach here either by land or by air. PAL Express and Cebu Pacific are the flights that take visitors from Manila to Tuguegarao City – the Capital of Cagayan Valley Province. It will take about one hour to reach Tuguegarao by Air.

It will take you about 14-16 hours to reach Sta Ana Cagayan by Bus. Recommended Bus Companies are Victory Liner and Florida Bus Liner (02)743-3809.

Upon arrival in Tuguegarao City, you need to take another Bus ride to reach Sta. Ana Cagayan. You can either take a Van or Bus bound to Aparri or Sta Ana Cagayan. It will take about 3-4 hours to reach Sta. Ana.

From the town of Sta Ana, you need to ride a tricyle (P15 per passenger) to reach the port of San Vicente.

Visitors can go to the island via boats which can be rented at the port. Boat rental fee depends on your desired destinations. Tourists are required to visit Punta Verde to register and pay P50 for the environmental fee.

Melo in Manidad Islnad 2004
Melo in Manidad Island 2004

Where to Stay

There are many resorts, restaurants and hotels in Sta Ana Cagayan. If you want to save more money, check out home stay programs near the Punta Verde resort. The best place to stay is Mang Jony’s Place, which is another main camp of the Island. It has two rooms that that is good for four persons. People who love home stay can choose this place.

Fresh Catch Octopus for Lunch
Fresh Catch Octopus for Lunch

Places to Stay in Santa Ana Cagayan:

Jotay Resort
Telephone +63 (0) 78 372 0560 (PLDT)
Reservations +63 (0) 906 478 1270
Email –
Website :

Avalon Beach Club
Website :

Jerolinda White Beach
Mobile Nos.: 09341195897, 09068648227

Balai Cagayano
Mobile No.: 09175922138

Lordwins Beach Resort
Mobile Nos.: 09197010036, 09283904518

CLICK HERE to Find more hotels in Sta Ana Cagayan

Palaui Island Circa 2004
Palaui Island Circa 2004

Palaui Travel Tips:

  • Visit the island during summer (February to May) to avoid rough sailing and to enjoy trekking activities.
  • If you are visiting the island on a day tour, you need to arrive at the San Vicente Port early in the morning to maximize your time.
  • Organize a group of at least 6 to minimize the cost of boat rental etc.
  • Register at the tourism office located at the San Vicente Port for security purposes.
  • If you are planning to stay overnight in the island, you need to bring camping gears and you have to inform the tourism office.
  • Bring enough trail food, drinking water, flashlight, garbage bag, first aid kit, mosquito repellant and waterproof cases to secure your electronics and valuables.
  • Help the community by hiring a travel guide, its also for your own safety.
  • (June 1, 2013 till August 2013) The island is reportedly closed for tourists due to the filming of Survivor USA Series Season 27

You should include Palaui Island in your bucket list. Visiting the island is recommended during the summer season because the waves can be treacherous during the rainy season.

*Visit this Palaui Island Travel Guide for future updates

Originally Posted: April 2, 2013
Last Update: April 2, 2015


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