Tikling Island in Matnog Sorsogon


During our recent visit to Sorsogon with PHILTOA in preparation for the Philippine Travel Mart 2013, one of the places we visited is Tikling Island in Matnog Sorsogon. As you know, I have been to maybe more than a thousand of islands in the country but only few of them landed on my favorite list.

Pink Sand Beach in Tikling Island

Tikling Island in Matnog Sorsogon

Pink Sand Beach in Tikling Island

The perfect place to have an exciting yet relaxing vacation is the shores of some of the best creations of nature that is the beaches. For me, Islands with beautiful beaches draw a sense of joy and divine feeling and it gives me the best for of relaxation. One of the beaches that provides magnificent view of tides hitting the shores with lush vegetation and deserves to be called a tropical paradise is located near Matnog Town in Sorsogon. The island having mesmerizing pristine beaches is known as Tikling Island which may not be as popular as Boracay or Bohol but is equally beautiful.

Tikling Island in Matnog
Tikling Island in Matnog

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Beauty of the beach

In just half an hour one can reach the Tikling Island from the shores of Matnog on a boat. Matnog, along scenic Matnog Bay, is located at the southernmost tip of Luzon. From the port of Matnog, Tikling Island can be spotted and as the boat sails nearer to the island one can catch the glimpse of the blue waves leading to the shores of fine white sands laid in front of the stretched green trees. However, once the boat reaches the shores it is very surprising to discover that these finest sandy beach does not have any ordinary white sand like any other beach instead the sands gloom with light pink color due to the scattering of the tiniest pink corals on the entire shore.

Tikling Island
Tikling Island

The Beach of Tikling Island is being considered one of the magnificent beaches of Philippines. The weather around the island never masks the beauty of the island as even in rainy season, the scenic look of green vegetation and glooming pink beach captures the heart of the visitors…. including mine.

Beautiful Beach in Matnog Sorsogon
Beautiful Beach in Matnog Sorsogon

Splendid view of the island

The uniqueness of the island lies in its view:

  • Even in worse weather, the island’s beauty glows and lights the hearts of the visitors.
  • The scenery of the island is breathtaking with the shimmering water driving to touch the pink beach surrounded by tall trees.
  • The breeze, smoothness and soothing blend of the air surrounding the island gives a sense of stress free experience.
  • The sands of the beach are not common with the other beaches as the beach have the combination of both sand particles and parts of red coral that brings out a pinkish appearance of the beach. .
  • One can enjoy the crystal clear waters and surf on the tides arousing from the beach.

Wild Boar in Tikling Island
Wild Boar in Tikling Island

Privately owned

Tickling island is a well maintained island with only native huts of caretaker inhabitants and theres also one tree house. There are no resorts, tents or cottage built in the entire island. The island is filled with coconut trees scattered unevenly throughout the island.  As the island is owned by people, people are not allowed to loiter around without permissions and hence generally only day trippers are allowed. However, if asked beforehand visitors can be granted the permission of night camping from the inhabitants of the island.

Matnog Port in Sorsogon
Matnog Port in Sorsogon

Hotels and Resorts in Matnog Sorsogon

Name of Establishments Address Lodging Amenities
Matunog Pensionne Camcaman, Matnog, Sor. Air Conditioned rooms
Fragas Mansion Caloocan, Matnog, Sorsogon Non Aircon Rooms at affordable price
Bantigue Resort  Banuang-daan, Matnog, Sor.  Air Conditioned cabanas big enough for a family, non aircon closed cottages
Richwell Beach Resort Banuang-daan, Matnog, Sor. Air conditioned and non air conditioned rooms
Stardust Resort Banuang-daan, Matnog, Sor. Air conditioned rooms
Primo’s Lodging House Caloocan, Matnog, Sor. Non Aircon Rooms at affordable price

How to get to Tikling Island

The trip to Tikling Island including a day tour of Juag Lagoon and Subic Beach can be arranged with any boat operators that you can find at the Matnog Port.

From Manila:

If you prefer to travel by land, you can take a bus going straight to Matnog — you may inquire at Philtranco, Raymond and Amihan (Cubao, Quezon City).

By Air, you can take a flight going to Legazpi City. A bus to Sorsogon City is availble in Legaspi Central Terminal which can be reached by trike from the city center. Once in Sorsogon City, Matnog can be reached by a taking a jeepney with a Matnog sign. Once in Matnog, you can take a trike to bring you to Matnog Port.

visit http://www.lgumatnog.com/ – The official website of the Municipality of Matnog Sorsogon.

Is Tikling Island now part of my Favorite Islands in the Philippines list? Definitely YES!

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