Catch ‘Em All At Pokémon Go Hotspots in Metro Manila: Places To Spot Rare Pokémons

Spot Rare Pokemons

Places To Spot Rare Pokémons

Yes, you have got to catch ’em all so you might want to visit some notorious Pokémon Go hotspots in Metro Manila. Oh, you don’t have to play guessing game while trying to catch these cute monsters on an augmented reality platform.

Where to Spot Picachu in Manila
Where to Spot Picachu in Manila

Take note of these interesting places where you can spot some rare Pokémons and some other enthusiasts.

SM Mall of Asia

Oh no, they didn’t! Those Pokémons might have turned out to be some little shopaholics hanging out at the SM Mall of Asia. Get ready to be electrified on your way to catching Voltrob and Electrode at the grand shopping hub in the metro. Prepare your flashlights for you might find yourself catching them in the dark after having consumed the structure’s electric power. When you go hunting for these little battle charmers, you might want to use a dose of caution.

Farmers Market Cubao

Who says you can only get fresh produce at the Farmers Market in Cubao? This time, you can also get some rare Pokémons in the busiest marketplace in the metro. You can particularly get an encounter with Bellsprout, Bulbasaur and Oddish. Catching them might not go easy with Bellsprout’s flexible and slender body, Bulbasaur renowned for being the strongest sun sweeper, and Oddish that might easily get you fooled among the greens. A good stamina might be useful when you go hunting for the trio.

Manila Ocean Park

There’s more about the Manila Ocean Park than the usual underwater sights to behold with the break-in of some Pokémons to lure trainers ready to take on the challenge. These interesting new finds happen to be Goldeen and Seaking that you may encounter when you visit the place. With their evasive character and ability to move fast underwater not to mention their sharp horn on the head, you might want to be very careful in going after these underwater unicorns.

Spot Rare Pokemons
Spot Rare Pokemons

Manila North Cemetery

Halloween might be a couple of months away, but you might want to pay a visit at the Manila North Cemetery for some Pokémon sightings. You might want to check out two creepy little monsters disturbing the place. Meet Gastly and Haunter that might not be as friendly as Casper but they might just come in handy in your Pokémon collection.

These are just few of the many Pokémon hotspots in Metro Manila where you can catch some rare little monsters. Are you ready to catch ‘em all?

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