Mobile Apps Around the World

Mobile Apps for Travelers

Apps Around the World

Mobile applications or apps are programs designed specifically for mobile devices like phones or tablets. Designed to make our lives easier, apps are now a part of our daily lives. Here we will take a closer look at the mobile apps that travelers need.

Mobile Apps for Travelers
Mobile Apps for Travelers
Mobile Apps Around the World
Mobile Apps Around the World

*2019-21 figures are an estimate based on current downloads.

App usage

Looking at the above graph we can see that there were over 100 billion application downloads in 2016. Within 2017 this figure had jumped to just below 200 billion.

The two major outlets for apps are Apple’s own Apple IOS App Store and Google’s Google Play Store. Both app stores have access to a large amount of consumer information. In early December each year Apple release the hottest apps and music for Apple products.

Most Popular Apps

According to reports, the most popular apps are gaming and social media apps.  In the US 43% of apps opened are gaming and 26% apps are social media apps. Given that the average smartphone has around 41 apps it is clear to see what are the most popular apps.


The growth of casino gaming apps is fuelled by consumer needs for speed and entertainment. Millennials (24-35 years old) in particular are the biggest users of mobile gaming apps. Within North America and Canada, almost 30% of people access casinos games on mobile phones. The figure for tablets is around 50%. As we become a more a mobile dependent society use of mobile phones is likely to further increase. Worldwide, mobile gaming revenue for 2017 has already hit over 40 billion dollars. This is a clear indicator that all around the world people are using their phones as a source of entertainment. When traveling the need for entertainment apps is pretty obvious. Killing time in an airport is the best example of the need for mobile entertainment. Travellers will be all too aware of staring at departure boards as they eagerly await their adventures.

Social Media Apps
Social Media Apps


The most popular social media app is of course Facebook. In 2017 alone Facebook was downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play Store. Following Facebook in terms of downloads are WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. Considering over 50% of us use at least one form of social media a day, these figures are not surprising.

For travelers and sightseer’s social apps allow them to communicate and share their photos. Before Facebook and WhatsApp, making international calls and texts was pretty expensive. Now, as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection there is no cost to call or text home. Both of these social apps also allow users to send and upload photographs instantly. Previously to this, photos had to be physically developed at a camera shop or pharmacy. Also, there were no guarantees that the photos would come out nicely. Luckily for modern travelers, their snaps can be edited or deleted prior to sending.

Investment Apps
Investment Apps Around the World

Money Apps

Jet-setters will be aware of how handy banking apps are for the modern traveler. Easy to use, travelers around the world can now access multiple currencies on through apps. One way to do this is through banking or prepaid card apps. Many of the world’s main banks and card providers now provide a free downloadable app. Once a customer is logged in they will have access to a range of banking services. Some of these services include payments, transfers, and exchanges. Depending on the app most of these services are free of charge. For frequent flyers, this means no commission fees on foreign money exchanges. Most of these money transactions can be done instantly. For backpackers, this is especially good news. Almost 60% of backpackers go broke in Thailand each year and require money transfers.

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