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Top 5 Travel Apps to Improve Your Traveling Experience

Top Five Travel Apps to Improve Your Traveling Experience

Smartphones and their glorious applications have simplified our lives in so many ways, including the way that we travel! There are so many great travel apps out there designed for making traveling as easy as possible but today we’ll only cover the tops 5 of most used ones.

Google Translate

Everyone knows that Google, the major search engine, has a translation feature that works exceptionally well. It uses what is known as “statistical machine translation” to gather data from sources that parallel two different languages. From there, the translation of words, phrases, sentences, you name it, is completed.

Download: IOS / Android

Google Translate can be used on virtually any smart device, including iPads, tablets, iPhones, Androids, etc. It used to only be available on desktop computers and laptops, but there is now an app that is supported by both iOS and Android devices.

Although, if all you have is a laptop and won’t be able to translate the language automatically while you are out and about, you can download offline translations and even have them ready to copy and/or study on a portable monitor. This device is quite useful when traveling and if you don’t have one, we recommend taking a look at the best portable monitor out there.

Google Translate App
Google Translate App

In total, the Google Translate app supports over 100 languages, which can be translated from a video in real-time through the Augmented Reality Mode, audio through the Conversation Mode feature, and even through photographs of languages.

The translations given have become increasingly more accurate over new advancements and adjustments.

Traveling to a country where you speak very little of the language, or don’t speak or understand any of it at all, can be frustrating and even dampen your experience. Going prepared with Google Translate makes sure that you’ll be able to both understand the language and offer replies.


Finding time to grab a bite to eat between flights can be a serious struggle. Most airports do have places where you can grab something quick, but if you’re seriously strapped for time, waiting may not be a possibility.

Download: IOS / Android

The Grab app shows you the restaurants in the airport you will be in either before you arrive to wait for your flight or before you descend. The app maps the restaurants out in said terminal so you can see what options are available, where everything is, etc.

Get Grab App
Get Grab App

You will see the name of the restaurant and the exact area in the terminal where you can find it. For example, Austin Java at Terminal – Gate 14, after the security checkpoint, located by the Departures – Departures / Check-in area.

You will also be able to see what each restaurant has on the menu, the approximate price of each item, and what your total will be. Although, this is only more so for the restaurants that allow you to place an order before you arrive.

Some locations, depending on the restaurants in the airport, will let you order in advance through the app so you can pick your food up when you get there.

In total, there are 174 restaurants listed in the Grab app that spans through approximately 17 airports within the United States. If you woke up late and have little time to spare before your flight leaves, but your stomach is screaming, the Grab app is definitely one you’ll want to have.


If you’ve got a lot going on with your upcoming trip and need a little helper, then the TripIt app will be right up your alley. It records and inputs all information related to your traveling so you can have it all in one place and creates an itinerary that’s easy to understand and use.

Download: IOS / Android

TripIt Mobile App
TripIt Mobile App

For example, if you get an email that confirms your hotel booking at your travel destination, you can forward it to the TripIt app and it will file it for you to look at later on.

The app also includes useful maps, as well, which is definitely handy for locating your hotel, airport, or whatever you had the TripIt app initially file for you.


If you’re the type of traveler who is constantly getting turned around and has no idea where anything is, especially during your travels, the AroundMe app will become your saving grace.

Download: IOS / Android

AroundMe App
AroundMe App

The AroundMe app identifies your exact location in many, if not all, countries across the world. You can find the closest gas stations, hotels, movie theaters, taxis or call cars, restaurants, you name it.

It’s also able to help you find the closest hospital. The app includes clinics, as well, which are both extremely helpful if you get sick while traveling abroad and you’re not sure where to go.

Anyone who easily gets turned around, especially when they are traveling to a foreign land they know little about, will keep the AroundMe app close to their heart.

First Aid by the American Red Cross

If you’re traveling to a location that has disaster risks, such as earthquakes or flooding, the First Aid app from the American Red Cross can save your life. You can switch between English and Spanish for language options, as well.

Download: IOS / Android

The First Aid app, even if you don’t have an Internet connection or general reception, has all the expert advice that could save your life, and the lives around you, should an emergency or disaster occur.

First Aid by the American Red Cross app
First Aid by the American Red Cross app

It has first aid lessons and emergency preparation in the case of an injury, disaster, etc. Looking through the list of injuries, health problems, natural disasters, and other emergencies shows that there is a step-by-step guide for everything that could possibly happen while traveling in a high-risk country.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s an app that helps you to keep track of your booking information, helping you to get a quick meal in before boarding, or giving you crucial advice during an emergency when lives are at stake, there’s an app for virtually every travel need.

Deciding on which apps you’d like to use during your trip depends on the type of trip you are going on. For example, volunteer work, pleasure, business, to name a few.

Either way, having apps that help make traveling as easy as possible is definitely ideal before you go.

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