Expand Your Marketing Campaign With Pokémon Go

Marketing Campaign With Pokémon Go

Marketing Campaign With Pokémon Go

It was just a matter of two months for Pokémon Go to conquer the digital world battling head to head against Twitter, WhatsApp and Snapchat. After its release on July 28, 2016 in the United States, it has managed to gain the interest of the public curious about the Pokémon hunting experience. Next thing we knew, everybody is out for the hunt which businesses can use to gain strong marketing advantage.

Pokemon Go Craze
Pokemon Go Craze photo by http://www.student.uwa.edu.au/

Here are some handy tips on how you can conquer your market with the help of Pokémon Go.

Deal with the PokeStops At Your Gain

First thing first, familiarize yourself on how the app works. You will have to download the Pokémon Go on your phone to be acquainted with the game. Now, you should learn about the PokeStops which are critical spots where heavy foot traffic can be expected. Visibility in marketing is critical to let your customers know that you are selling a product or delivering a service. So you might want to deploy one of your staff at designated PokeStops near your place to introduce your business. Some brochures, flyers or tarpaulins might come in handy.

Pokemon Go and Lure Party
Pokemon Go and Lure Party

Lucky you if your establishment happens to be the lurking ground of Pokémons. All you need to do is make a shoutout using your Twitter or Instagram account to inform hunters nearby. Sure, you will have the place loaded with prospective clients in no time. Just make sure you have got enough supplies to sell or services to offer to be able to seize the window of opportunity presented by Pokémon Go. You may also want to diversify your products and services as early as now.

Make Your Place Pokémon Go Friendly

Here’s another thing. Just like the Pokémon hunters, you will have to gear up and take on the challenge. You will have to be clever if you intend to target the players as part of your market. That means you might need to upgrade the quality of your facilities so you might want to consider the installation of free Wi-Fi access in your place. This is supposed to drive Pokémon Go enthusiasts close to your place for Internet connectivity.

Marketing Campaign With Pokémon Go
Marketing Campaign With Pokémon Go

One more great idea in case you are willing to push your luck with the Pokémon Go would be offering free charging stations at your place. As you know, this app can quickly drain the battery of your cellphone especially when you keep on hopping from one place to another while online. Yes, you can turn the place into a hangout of Pokémon Go hunters as they recharge their phones. You may go for the selling point attack thereafter.

And, there’s so much more innovative ideas to adopt the Pokémon Go for business advantage.

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