Great Travel App: Understanding The Pokémon Go Craze

Pokemon Go Gym

Pokémon Go Craze

News flash! The globe has been taken over not by aliens but by cute Pokémons ready to take you into exciting travels here and there. Apparently, this game has got enthusiasts moving from one place to another; hence, the shift of cyber interest from yesterday’s popularity of the Clash of Clans.

Pokemon Go Craze
Pokemon Go Craze

Why the sudden change? Here are some good reasons why Pokémon Go is earning the attention of more and more players.

Pokémon Captures Here and There

There’s no room for blues anymore with the adrenaline thumping Pokémon Go app which has brought the animated adventure series in real life. This time you can be a Pokémon Trainer and all you need is a smartphone and a Pokemon Go app. And, you don’t have to settle for a captured Pokémon by the neighborhood when you can always extend your exploration as far as the next city or municipality. So get up and get your game face on for an exciting trip to catch some more Pokémons from your nearest Pokestops.

Afraid to go the distance? Trust me, you won’t notice the extra kilometers of your travel being too preoccupied with the determination to catch a Pokémon. You won’t even notice the travel time when you are busy detecting your next prey. Oh, you’ll be overwhelmed by the game equipped with maps to keep you on track coupled by augmented reality.

PokéStops Once In A While

It’s not all about catching Pokémons after all. You may also get a chance to make the most of your trips as you encounter PokéStops where you may get some eggs. But, the fun doesn’t stop there since you will have to go some more extra steps to hatch those eggs. You will literally have to walk to get the task done or if you get lucky you may use the car traffic at your advantage to get those eggs fully hatched without stretching your legs.

Pokemon Go Gym
Pokemon Go Gym

What’s more amazing about your PokéStop experience is that you can grab some handy points. Whether we are talking about grabbing some Poké balls to help you catch some Pokémons or stumbling upon some potions that will surely come in handy, rest assured that these PokéStops will not let you get away empty-handed. See, there’s so much for you out there with the Pokémon Go app.

Oh well, if you want some extra fun, you may want to get into the Pokémon Gym to get into a fight along with your teammates. What are you waiting for? Join the Pokémon craze and start your exploration.

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