List of Pokestops in Manila
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Pokestops in Manila – Watch Out for These Places! 

Pokestops in Manila

Launched less than a month ago and people are already going gaga over Pokemon Go as this app makes it possible for every player to catch their very own Pocket Monsters. But what happens if you run out of PokeBalls?

Pokestops in Manila
Pokestops in Manila

You go to the nearest Pokestop, of course! Here in Manila, this location-based game provides you with some of the most surprising Pokestops in Manila to reload your game and get you back to catching them all. Here are some of the best found stops so far:

Ambassador Funeral Homes in Caloocan

It’s really a huge plus if a business gets to be a Pokestop because Pokemon Go players will sure come! The creators of Pokemon Go, however, seem to be playing a joke on Manila-goers as they turn a Funeral Home into a Pokestop.

Where to find Pokestops in Manila
Where to find Pokestops in Manila

Subspace Coffee House, Ground Floor of Grand Emerald Tower, Pasig City

Fortunately, this next Pokestop allows you to legitimately hang out in the area without looking creepy. Subspace Coffee House not only lets you reload your balls but it also lets you enjoy coffee and cakes at the same time. Truly a great place to hang out for Pokemon Masters.

LRT Station at United Nations Avenue

For once, people could actually look forward to riding the LRT as Pokemon Go places one of Pokestops in this particular location. Watch out for itchy hands, though, as some people might find your mobile an excellent lure. If you feel like you’re safe though, go for it and do just a quick reload so you can catch yourself a Pikachu.

Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace at EDSA

You might want to utter a few words of prayer before taking out your phone and going for it at this particular Pokestop. It’s going to be a little hot and you’re going to get a little sweaty while collecting your pokeballs at this post, but it will be worth it!

List of Pokestops in Manila
List of Pokestops in Manila

Metro Manila Development Authority Building, Makati City

We sure hope employees of the MMDA aren’t spending their working hours catching Pokemon since they’re situated in an ideal location for what would practically be an endless supply of balls. Who can blame them though?

Pasig’s Victoria Court

Another Pokestop to please the eye as well as the Pokemon hunter in you, Pasig’s Victoria Court is bound to have loads of visitors as the site is definitely a preferable location than others. You get to relax and enjoy the surroundings even as you stock up on balls and catch yourself a legendary Pokemon.

How about you? Do you know any Pokestops in Manila? Care to share?

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