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Where to Buy Souvenirs in Sagada?

Travelers love to buy Souvenirs from various places they’ve been to. Of course, the pictures take you down memory lane. But you don’t always find time to navigate through old pictures. That’s where the souvenirs move in. A little piece displayed somewhere in your house will catch your attention every now and then, bringing back the fond memories and exquisite art; of that place.

 Sagada Mountain Tea
Sagada Mountain Tea

Make your loved ones a part of your trip.

Gifting souvenirs is another beautiful tradition. We don’t always get to carry along our loved ones the way we carry their memories. Bringing something back is like sharing your travel joys with them, making them a part of the trip; in some way or the other. I have always heard people reply to my marvel at a beautiful showpiece in their house, “Don’t you remember, you got it for me the last time you went there. It’s one of my cherished pieces.”

Sagada Collections: Buy Souvenirs in Sagada
Sagada Collections: Buy Souvenirs in Sagada

The joy that it gives is indescribable. Something bought rather reluctantly just to ward off the insisting local souvenir peddlers makes me memorable for everyone. I have this habit of collecting souvenirs; believe me, it’s like bringing back a part of the experience with you!

Sagada Blueberries
Sagada Blueberries

Sagada – A mountain city with a famous market

Sagada, is a mountain city in Northern Philippines. Situated at an altitude, it is connected to Manilla by bus routes running across the eastern as well as the western side of the country.

Sagada Orange
Sagada Orange

It is a place with breathtaking mountain views and some adventurous trekking experiences. The city is also known for its huge weekend market that is put up every Saturday. Apart from souvenirs like crafts and pots, it sells a fresh harvest of fruits and vegetables supplied throughout the Philippines.

Sagada Pottery finished products
Sagada Pottery finished products.

What do I get from Sagada as a souvenir?

You could carry back home some great art and craft pieces. If your travel back home is not really long, you could even get some unique varieties of fruits like Sagada Oranges and local blueberries for the journey. Another interesting piece can be found in Sagada Pottery on Sagada-Besao road; although expensive, they produce high-quality coffee mugs, vases, jars, and pots in various sizes and shapes.

Souvenirs at Rock Inn
Souvenirs at Rock Inn

Other specialties are the local wines that come in a number of flavors and the homemade jams sold almost at every souvenir shop. Weaving is another main occupation in Sagada. The Woven Knapsacks, coin purses, and body bags are worth a buy. Some of the best-tasting arabica coffee and mountain tea are also worth buying. If you want something you can give to your family and friends, a variety of keychains, ref magnets, T-shirts, car stickers, and wood carvings are also available in most souvenir shops. You have to be an intelligent shopper to get the best deals. Make sure you make a nice bargain, as most souvenir shops have overpriced items. Also, don’t get so carried away with the variety available that you spend more than you should!

What are the best places where I can get souvenirs? There are plenty of souvenir shops from Sagada Municipal Hall to the Lemon Pie House. Here are some of the shopping places that you can visit in Sagada:

  • Sagada Weekend Market
  • Sagada Weaving
  • Konaya Souvenir Shop
  • The Masferre Souvenir shop
  • Ayeona’s souvenir Shop
  • Sagada Pottery
  • Ganduyan Souvenirs
  • Ug-uggo Souvenirs

For the wines, you could trust almost any shop in Sagada! So next time you travel, don’t forget to carry a sweet little portion back. By doing a little bit of Pasalubong shopping, you are also helping the local community.

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