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Its my fourth time to experience Sagada and although I haven’t been to some popular tourist spots in this town, let me share to you some of the interesting facts, best places to eat and top things to do in Sagada.

Sagada in Mountain Province
Sagada in Mountain Province – Sagada Travel Guide

As I previously mentioned in my 2009 Sagada Holy Week post, Ganduyan is the old name of this lovely town in Mountain Province. During the Martial Law, Sagada was the hideout of hippies, political activists, and some artists. The place is not the only town named Sagada, there is also a town called Sagada in Dagestan Republic which is a part of Russia.

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Read this short Sagada Travel Guide:

Church of St. Mary the Virgin
Church of St. Mary the Virgin

1) Church of St. Mary the Virgin – This church was established by American missionaries and this is where the people of Sagada hear their Sunday Mass. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin is a vibrant Protestant Episcopal parish and the most visited church in Sagada. Sagada is the only town in the Philippines with only less than 5% Catholic population.

Etag in Sagada
Etag in Sagada

2) Try Etag – a smoked and sun-dried pork meat that is best mixed in soup dishes like pinikpikan, monggo or even mixed vegetables.  This food is popular in Mountain Province and it is a significant part of local culture in Sagada, in fact, the town is celebrating Etag Festival every February of each year.

Exterior Design of a House in Sagada
Exterior Design of a House in Sagada

3) House Exterior Designs in Sagada – More than 50% of the houses in Sagada are made of wood with huge wooden doors and rectangular windows in each side of the house but you will not notice that each house is made from wood because most of the houses in Sagada are covered by galvanized iron to protect the wood. Wood from Pine Trees are abundant in the area, unlike hollow blocks and sand which is usually being bought from the low land.

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Sagada Mountain Tea
Sagada Mountain Tea

4) Mountain Tea – One of my favorite past time in Sagada is drinking tea which is available in every cafeteria or restaurant in the area. It is best served with brown sugar and dayap (local lemon). The tea is made from local tea leaves harvested in Sagada. You can buy tea leaves in souvenir shops and some restaurants.

Lemon Pie with Brewed Coffee
Lemon Pie with Brewed Coffee

5) Try Lemon Pie at the Sagada Lemon Pie House – a popular tambayan place in Sagada for their best mountain coffee and tea and their famous Lemon, Blueberry and Egg Pies. What i love about this place is their free wifi, nice crowd and the hippy-like atmosphere.

Yogurt in Sagada
Yogurt in Sagada

6) Eat Yogurt – Don’t waste your time taking chances to get some yoghurt in the Yoghurt House. Most of the restaurants in Sagada are also offering the same Yogurt. Try Rock Inn, Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant, Sagada Lemon Pie House and other small coffee shops.

Delicious Porkchop at Shamrock
Delicious Porkchop at Shamrock

7) Dine in Shamrock Cafe – Located a few steps away from the Municipal Town Hall, I became a huge fan of their fried pork chop meal.. So Crispy yet so tender and the meat is really juicilicious.

Pancake in Rock Inn
Pancake in Rock Inn

8) Pancakes in Rock Inn and Cafe – If you are like me who craves for Pancake any time of the day, try visiting Rock Inn and Cafe – a tourist inn that has its own driveway and orange grove. Since this place is located outside the main town in Sagada, you have to walk for about 15 minutes but don’t worry, you will pass by some beautiful houses and the weather is cold while walking towards the place.. Forget the distance!

My first ever Jump Shot
My first ever Jump Shot

9) Visit Echo Valley and see the Sagada Hanging Coffins – Your Sagada tour will not be complete without visiting Echo Valley and the Hanging Coffins. Echo Valley serves as a viewpoint if you want to see the famous Hanging wooden coffins of Sagada but if you want to see it closer, the trek involves a moderate to hard hike and supervision of a local tour guide is required.

A local selling hand woven fabric in
An old lady selling locally handwoven fabric in Sagada

10) Experience Sagada’s Market Day – Every Saturday in Sagada’s main road, you can buy fresh produce like vegetables, wild blueberries, Sagada oranges or if your lucky, you will also find vendors of handwoven blankets, baskets and other Sagada handicrafts.

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I just came back from Sagada and it was another wonderful experience:) I’ll add more interesting facts as soon as I’m done finishing my backlogs:)

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  1. John says

    Wow! Love the jump shot. Though there is something creepy about the coffins on the cliff behind you! Why are they up on the wall like that?

    1. melo says

      @John – thats part of the Sagada Mountain Province culture.. an old tradition in fact

  2. didith rocco says

    WELL FRIENDS TRY THE LUCKY MORELS INN, dagdag, sagada…panalo ka dito why?…imagine all in one place,wd INN, RESTO, VIDEOKE BAR N MINI STORE. and the foods wow so yummy bcoz its the well known lucky’s shanghai hauz grabe sarap ng LUMPIANG SHANGHAI DITO, just contact this no. 09107078175 ask for tita lily <3

  3. didith rocco says

    LUCKY’S SHANGHAI HAUZ…the best foods in town sarap na mura pa ito ang para sa mga turista, try nyo dito friends hanapin nyo lng at nasa loob place nila its located at lucky morels inn, dagdag sagada, ask the guides!

  4. geraldine molina says


  5. nikki hontiveros says

    we were there at lucky’s shanghai hauz last holy week puno ang place, grabee but true pala ang sarap ng lumpiang shanghai nila, iba talaga compared to chowking even jolibee, mas masarap sa lucky’s lutong bahay! pati yon inn nila ok quiet place, homing homey, nakatulog kami mahimbing at mura pa!

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