Besao Travel Guide: Itinerary, Things to do + How to get There and more

Besao Budget Travel Guide: A Beautiful Town in Mountain Province

(Besao, Mountain Province, Philippines) – Blessed with spectacular viewpoints and panoramic views of lush mountain slopes, the town of Besao is definitely a potential tourist destination in Mountain Province.

Church in Besao - Besao Travel Guide
Church in Besao – Besao Travel Guide

Besao Travel Guide

If you are in Sagada and you have ample time to explore another interesting destination, then you should consider visiting the mountainous terrain of Besao. Although the tourism industry of this town is not yet developed, visitors will be amazed at the beauty and breathtaking landscapes of this place.

Road to Besao
Road to Besao

Where is Besao?

Map of Mountain Province with Besao highlighted by Mike Gonzales via Wikipedia Commons
Map of Mountain Province with Besao highlighted By Mike Gonzalez (TheCoffee) – English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Besao is located in the westernmost part of the Mountain Province. Tubo and Abra surround it from the northern part and Tadian guards it in the southern part.

Sagada and Quirino enclose it from the eastern and western part, respectively. It is located 150 kilometers from Baguio City and 28 Kms from Bontoc – the capital town of the Mountain province.

RoadTrip to Besao
RoadTrip to Besao

How to get to Besao, Mountain Province

Besao is 28 kilometers from the capital town of Bontoc and accessible via Besao-Sagada Road and Besao-Tadian Road. If you miss the Bus ride from Bontoc, Jeepney for hire are available in Sagada going to Besao.

For a solo traveler, it would be best advised to patch up with another group of travelers; it would be more convenient that way.

Are you planning to visit Besao in Mountain Province?

After exploring the more popular town of Sagada, it would be a great idea to go Visiting Besao in Mountain Province. The area has a very peculiar background and culture. The word “Buso” from Ilocano means ‘head-hunter.’ The people close to these mountains believed that early “Besaos” were the fierce head-hunters and later the word evolved to be called “Besao.” It is also said that this place used to be the home of the fierce tribe that had a lineage of actually the most elite warlocks and head-hunters.

Roaming Cows in Besao
Roaming Cows in Besao

The lands of Besao

It lays at the western part of the Mountain Province, where it’s bounded by Tubo, Abra on North, Tadian on the Southern side, Sagada on its Eastern side and Quirino, Ilocos Sur located on its Western side. It’s nearly 28 kilometers far from Bontoc, which is the capital of Mountain Province, while 8 kilometers is the distance that it has from Sagada.

St Benedicts Parish Church in Besao
St Benedicts Parish Church in Besao

The entire Besao town is settled on forest lands, where 52.02% is classified as the forest reserve, while 25.95% comes under timberlands and 22.03% is still unclassified forest. However, the land use at present shows that there are many built-up areas in this municipality, while 10% of the entire area of the region is utilized for agricultural purposes.

Hotels in Besao Mountain Province

There are currently no DOT accredited hotels, Inns and Hostels in Besao.

Things to do and see in Besao

Besao is known to be a place where greenery is all around and the view is marvelous. Anyone who comes here is captivated not by the idea of head-hunters but the serene natural beauty that it has to offer. Most of the time, adventure enthusiasts choose this town for the sole reason of trekking and mountaineering opportunities. Here are some of the tourist attractions and fun things to do in Besao:

  • The Stone Calendar of Gueday
  • St. Benedict’s Parish Church
  • The Besao Sunset
  • Mt. Mogao View Deck
  • Mt. Calvary
  • Baknad Rice Terraces
  • World War II “Fox Holes”
  • The Banao Lakes
  • Kit-kitaw-eng Falls

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