5 Reasons why you should visit Sagada

Early Morning in Sagada

Formerly called Ganduyan, this beautiful town in Mountain Province was renamed to Sagada when Spaniards came to the area. One thing I noticed upon reaching this famous summer spot is the existence of limestone cliffs on both sides of the road – this only proves that Sagada is submerged in water thousands of years ago.

Visig Sagada Danum Lake
Danum Lake in Sagada

The beautiful mountains covered by Pine trees, wonderful rock formations, fresh produce and beautiful climate are just few reasons why this is one of the most relaxing travel spots in the archipelago. Though this place is almost four hundred miles from Manila, Sagada is a popular getaway for more than one reason. What is there in Sagada other than the Weekend Market, the Echo Valley and the famous Lemon Pie?

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Early Morning in Sagada
Early Morning in Sagada

Heres Top 5 Reason why you should visit Sagada soon!

1) It is a beautiful town of mountains. If you love the time spent with nature, or are looking for adventure tourism, this is the perfect destination for you. Even the drive to Sagada will take your breath away with the dotted waterfalls and mountains on roadsides.

Local Weekend Market Vendor in Sagada
Local Weekend Market Vendor in Sagada

2) The indigenous culture of this place is truly interesting and worth discovering. To know more about Sagada’s culture and learn about the local tradition, visit Ganduyan Museum located right in front of the Municipal center. It will be fun to catch up with their traditional celebrations of little occasion if you just get lucky with the timing. Visit Sagada during all saints day to witness their Panag-apoy tradition. Panag-apoy means to “light a fire” – a unique way of remembering the dead by lighting small bonfires on the ground near the graves of their loved ones.

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Limestone rock formations in Sagada
Limestone rock formations in Sagada

3) A heaven for rock climbers and trekkers. With limestone towers all over the town, you will have one of the sweetly tiresome hiking experiences. Visit Sagada and explore the Echo Valley to see the hanging coffins or spend time splelunking in Sumaguing cave and Lumiang Cave. Want more adventure? Visit Bomod-ok and Bokong Falls, do kayaking in Lake Danum, try ziplining near Echo Valley or have an early morning hike to Kiltepan viewpoint to watch the sunrise.

Sunrise in Kiltepan Viewpoint
Visit Sagada and see the beautiful Sunrise in Kiltepan Viewpoint

4) This is one place where you will never feel lost. Tourism is very well organized here and there are guiding organizations available. Even you go on an ad-hoc trip; you’ll have no hassles exploring this place fully.

Top-loading on a jeepney from town center to Lake Danum
Top-loading on a jeepney from town center to Lake Danum

5) The two things a traveler looks forward to are affordable stay and local cuisine. If you have arrived here, you’ll feel lucky with both of these. Especially the pinikpikan, local yoghurt, famous shanghai rolls, arabica coffee, mountain tea and the Hippie Restaurant and Bakery is something you have to indulge in. The Lemon Pie bakery is a really famous place here.

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There are definitely more things to do and see in Sagada and all you need to do is to explore, hire a local tour guide, ask fellow travelers and befriend the locals. Have you been to Sagada? Any additional travel tips?

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  1. Amie Cole says

    It really looks beautiful there! I heard of this place before and i am considering visiting it. However i can not find it in any reservation portal in internet :(. Can you advise me where can i book accommodation there? A response will be highly appreciated 🙂

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