Fort San Andres in Romblon
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Top 8 Things to do and see in Romblon

Travel Guide: Things to do and see in Romblon

Are you looking for less traveled destinations to spend your vacation? Try visiting the beautiful town of Romblon and be amazed with its beautiful landscapes, lush mountains, uncrowded beaches and spectacular vistas that will surely take your breath away.

Paraw Race in Cobrador Island
Paraw Race in Cobrador Island

The towns rich history, religious and heritage sites gives the entire place an old world charm. For people who loves off the beaten track places, Romblons beaches are perfect for honeymoons, family vacations and adventure seekers. If you are planning to visit Romblon soon, here the Top 8 Things to do and see in Romblon:

Top 8 Things to do and see in Romblon

1. Visit St. Joseph’s Cathedral and Belfry

This church is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the province of Romblon. It is a structure made of coral blocks and bricks and embelished with rich architechtural details. Right beside the church is a campanile that was built somewhere between the year 1640-1726, while it still has the copper bell of those days.

Fort San Andres in Romblon - Things to do and see in Romblon
Fort San Andres in Romblon – Things to do and see in Romblon

2. Visit Beach Resorts in Talipasak

Situated in Barangay Talipasak, the place offers quite as well as peaceful rest to visitors. Here one could indulge into snorkelling, swimming, island hopping and beach combing.

Romblon Shopping Center
Romblon Shopping Center

3. Visit Tiamban Beach

Situated exactly 5 kilometers off from the town proper, this place has beautiful beach area with a shoreline is completely covered with a fine white sand.

4. Forts Santiago and Fort San Andres

Twin Spanish Forts constructed out of coral blocks and bricks between 1573 and 1644, which overlooks the whole town and the coastal area. At 156ft above sea level, these towers served as a fortress to protect the native people against Moro Raiders and Duch Pirates.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Romblon
St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Romblon

5. Visit Bonbon Beach

It is situated in Barangay Lonos, which is again 5 kilometers off the town centre of Romblon. It has an ocean floor that is gradually sloping, which is free from sharp stones and sea grass.

The Port of Romblon
The Port of Romblon

6. Cobrador Beach and Nagoso Cave in Cobrador Island

One of the best beach in Romblon, Cobrador Beach or Nagoso beach is a favorite destination by locals and visiting tourists. Also in Cobrador Island, Nagoso Cave is known to be the biggest natural cave across all the islands in this province. It is also believed to be main location of ancient burial rituals. The art work and pottery found here depict the ancient burial practices.

White Sand Beach at Cobrador Island
White Sand Beach at Cobrador Island

7. Romblon Harbor

It has offered perfect shelter to all the sea vessels that came to it since the Spanish times. Now the harbour’s bay has a wreck of Japanese battleship and a sunken galleon.

8. Visit Marble Factories and Romblon Shopping Center

Whosoever is keen on checking out the Romblon marble processing can visit the factories and quarries and watch how marble statues are being made. If you want to buy finish products for pasalubong, you can visit the Romblon Shopping Center near the port of Romblon at the town center.

Romblon has a lot to offer, I’m sure there are more interesting spots that are still waiting to be discovered. PS. Don’t forget to take many pictures and send postcards to your loved ones.

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