Don’t Miss the CN Tower on Your Next Toronto Holiday


On your next holiday to Toronto, the CN Tower should definitely be on your list of places to visit. The CN Tower is known as Canada’s National Tower and is a prominent feature of this city’s skyline. It’s difficult to miss this tower on your agenda because it is one of the prime places to visit on holiday.

CN Tower and Toronto Skyline
CN Tower and Toronto Skyline

The tower stands at 553 meters (1,815 ft.) and for some time it was the world’s tallest. Only the Burj Khalifa stands taller having achieved this in 2007. Yet the CN Tower still retains its title as the tallest structure in Canada and it is a structure that defines the very spirit of the city.

Toronto’s CN Tower has an interesting history. Originally, it was not intended to be a tourist attraction but rather a means to improve communications. The need to build it was spawned because other skyscrapers that were appearing began to interfere with telecommunications. Thus, the CN Tower was built so that antennas and microwave receptors could be mounted higher than any structure in the city thus providing clear communications.

Famous CN Tower in Toronto
Famous CN Tower in Toronto

One of the interesting attractions in the Toronto CN Tower is the see-through glass floor that you can walk on. It is located at the 342-meter level. Imagine standing on a glass floor and looking down from this height. If you really want to get a thrill from the height, go on the EdgeWalk where you can do a harnessed, no-hands walk on the outside ledge of the tower.

The tower also has its rotating restaurant which offers fine dining and a view of the entire city as it rotates a full 360 degrees every 72 minutes. The restaurant is appropriately named “The 360” and is at the 351-meter level. They also have a wine cellar with a storage capacity of 9,000 bottles and a tasting table.

Modern building and CN Tower in downtown Toronto as silhouette
Modern building and CN Tower in downtown Toronto as silhouette

There are actually four different levels where you can stop in the CN Tower. In addition to the glass floor observation deck at 342 meters and the 360 Restaurant at 351 meters, you have an indoor observation deck and casual dining restaurant at 346 meters and the topmost observation deck at 447 meters. This last observation deck is named the SkyPod and can be reached by special elevator from the lower observation level.

You will find the CN tower situated within Toronto’s entertainment district on Front Street. It’s location in this district makes it even more of a must-see for tourists. At the bottom, you can buy all types of souvenirs. Make it part of your agenda on your next holiday visit to Canada’s most famous metropolis, Toronto.

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