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Bucket List: 15 Best Places to Visit in Regina, Canada

Before the first European settlers arrived in the 1880s, Regina was inhabited by indigenous communities who would hunt the roaming herds of bison. As the European communities became established, the area was renamed “Regina” after Queen Victoria, the British monarch at the time. Regina became a city in 1903, then the capital of the Province of Saskatchewan.

1. Wascana Center

Downtown Regina, seen from Wascana Lake in Wascana Centre by Tintaggon via Wikipedia cc
Downtown Regina, seen from Wascana Lake in Wascana Centre By Tintaggon – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

Wascana Place, otherwise called Wascana Center, is an urban park built around Wascana Lake right in the heart of Regina. The name of the park and the lake, Wascana, was derived from the words “oskana ka-asasteki” which means “pile of bones.” This was about the stacking of bison bones by the indigenous communities who first lived in the area to honor the spirit of the bison herd.

Today, Wascana Place is one of North America’s largest parks, serving as a community hub for locals and tourists to gather. The park is backed by the Saskatchewan Legislative Building and the colorful plants of the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens.

2. Saskatchewan Science Centre

Saskatchewan Science Centre by JLBickford via Wikimedia cc
Saskatchewan Science Centre By JLBickford – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

One of the largest family tourist attractions in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Science Centre is an educational facility that opened in 1989 with exhibits and programs related to space travel, light, gravity, electricity, fire, and math, among other things.

The Science Centre offers outreach visits, programs, summer and day camps, and adult science nights that all vary in themes, experiments, and activities. Some of the center’s signature exhibits highlight Canadian farm practices, explore the science of hockey and focus on environmental conservation.

3. Regina Floral Conservatory

Regina Floral Conservatory photo via FB Page
Regina Floral Conservatory photo via FB Page

An indoor garden operated by the Regina Garden Associates volunteers, the Regina Floral Conservatory offers its visitors a relaxing escape to the therapeutic scents of the flowers and its lush greenery.

The conservatory was established in the 1950s and has since worked with local communities and other foundations to educate the public on floral conservation. There is a permanent collection of trees and plants and rotating floral displays according to the season.

4. Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Royal Saskatchewan Museum by Muhsatteb via Wikipedia cc
Royal Saskatchewan Museum By Muhsatteb – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

A world-renowned research institution in paleontology, biology, sustainability, and Indigenous studies, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum has a large collection of natural history from around the world and an extensive exhibit about Saskatchewan’s heritage.

Some of the permanent exhibits in the museum include the First Nations Gallery, which showcases the history and traditions of Indigenous societies that have lived in Saskatchewan over the past 10,000 years, and the Life Sciences Gallery, which highlights the four ecozones of Saskatchewan – the Taiga Shield, the Boreal Shield, the Boreal Plain, and the Prairie.

In 2013, the T.rex Discovery Centre became a part of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and served as a facility for fossil records of the Eastend area.

5. MacKenzie Art Gallery

MacKenzie Art Gallery photo via FB page
MacKenzie Art Gallery photo via FB page

The MacKenzie Art Gallery is the oldest public art gallery in the Province of Saskatchewan, opening in 1953 with its inaugural collection from Norman MacKenzie. The gallery houses 5,000 works of art that span 5,000 years and holds the largest collection of Indigenous art in Canada, the Kamplemacher Collection.

The MacKenzie Art Gallery is committed to engaging and transforming how people experience the world, its past, and present, through art and education. Every week, a gallery facilitator is available to provide tours, while kid-friendly workshops are offered that let children have fun with mixed-media collages and textile work.

6. Government House Saskatchewan

Government House Saskatchewan by Grahampurse via Wikimedia cc
Government House Saskatchewan By Grahampurse – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

The Government House was built in 1891 as the official residence and office of the Lieutenant Governor, the Queen’s representative for Saskatchewan, until 1945. The Government House’s collection includes artifacts and archival documents that further the museum’s mission of providing visitors with a preserved historic site that celebrates Saskatchewan’s heritage. The original and replicas total over 10,000 objects, much of which are irreplaceable.

These collections tell the story of the people that occupied the Government House and its significant relation to provincial history. Guided museum tours, guided outdoor tours, and self-guided tours are offered at the museum, assembled to teach the history and heritage of the Government House.

7. Saskatchewan Legislative Building and Grounds

Saskatchewan Legislative Building and Grounds by wallissteve via Wikimedia cc
Saskatchewan Legislative Building and Grounds By wallissteve  CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

The Saskatchewan Legislative Building and Grounds is the first building to be the seat of government of the Province of Saskatchewan, a symbol of government in Saskatchewan. Visitors can join tours offered in English and French to discover every political figure and decision related to the governance of Saskatchewan made in the building.

8. SkyPark Regina

SkyPark Regina photo via FB page
SkyPark Regina photo via FB page

SkyPark is a family-friendly indoor and outdoor adventure park in Regina with an indoor zip line, high ropes challenge course, an 18-hole mini golf course, go-karts, indoor climbing walls, and a soft play area for toddlers.

9. District 3 Escape Rooms

District 3 Escape Rooms have indoor and outdoor escape rooms and themed rooms with a live actor. Aside from regular escape rooms, District 3 Escape Rooms is one of the few escape rooms with virtual reality and online-live experience, a unique opportunity every visitor should try. Apart from escape rooms, District 3 has jigsaw puzzle games, a virtual reality arcade, and board game cafés.

10. Get Air Trampoline Park

Get Air Trampoline Park photo via FB page
Get Air Trampoline Park photo via FB page

Get Air Trampoline Park is an amusement center with an expansive space of wall-to-wall trampolines. Apart from the main trampoline court, the center also has a kiddie court for jumpers under 46 inches tall, a foam pit, a dodgeball court, and a ninja course with exciting obstacles.

11. RCMP Heritage Centre

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Heritage Center is a law enforcement museum that focuses on the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the formation of the North West Mounted Police, and what a modern-day Mountie is.

With traditional, virtual, and augmented reality exhibits, visitors can witness the evolution of what was frontier police to a world-renowned police force.

Some of the permanent exhibits include showing the forensic techniques used by the RCMP Forensic team and preserving the Force’s equestrian tradition.

12. Cedar Creek Gardens

Cedar Creek Gardens photo via FB page
Cedar Creek Gardens photo via FB page

A family-owned greenhouse that opened in 2013, the Cedar Creek Gardens is a family-friendly destination that features an 18-hole mini golf course, an 18-acre corn maze, a petting zoo, and a gem mine where kids and adults can discover hidden treasures from around the world.

Cedar Creek also has several shops that sell home décor, kitchen and dining essentials, beauty and wellness products, candles, and ceramics.

13. Queen Elizabeth II Gardens

Queen Elizabeth II Gardens photo via FB page
Queen Elizabeth II Gardens photo via FB page

The garden, dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II herself in 2005, is one of Canada’s best examples of landscape development, with great emphasis on symmetry and urban grandeur. Over 32,000 flowers of over 35 different varieties are planted in the gardens.

14. Regina Farmers’ Market – Outdoor

Farmers Market
Farmers Market

The Regina Farmers’ Market (RFM) comprises Saskatchewan-based vendors that connect local producers to local and visiting customers via its indoor and outdoor market and its online store. The market was established in 1975 with 22 vendors, a far cry from the more than 100 vendors in the market today.

The market has recently launched a Community Food Donations project with the simple objective of providing food for the hungry, and locals and visitors can participate in the project by donating money or produce.

15. Fenek Farms

Fenek Farms is a working farm that offers its visitors farm tours, country bike tours, hay rides, and a petting zoo. The family-friendly destination is a great place to purchase fresh produce, hold private gatherings and special events, meet with the farm animals, and see how Fenek Farms operate and manage its farming business.

How to get there

While Regina may be surrounded by farmland and flat lands, the city has several parks, museums, and amusement centers for locals and visiting tourists. Transportation to and across Regina is accommodating. The capital is located on the Trans-Canada Highway, the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways run across the city, and the Regina International Airport is close downtown.

The city has a historic transit system and hundreds of public buses on dozens of routes. To answer an age-old question: Is Regina worth visiting? Yes, it definitely is.

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