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Top 12 Best Things to do on the Toronto Islands, Canada

What are the top attractions to visit in Toronto Islands?

View from Toronto Islands by yalin Kaya via Unsplash

Bucket List: Top 12 Best Things to See and Do on the Toronto Islands, Canada

Located in the Southern part of mainland Toronto, it is a chain of 15 small islands that have long been a fan-favorite tourist destination for visitors worldwide. The Toronto Islands are located within the vicinity of the famous Lake Ontario. Aside from pristine creamy white-sand beaches, natural parks, and mesmerizing skylines, the islands are also home to some of Canada’s most famous cultural and historical landmarks.

View from Toronto Islands by yalin Kaya via Unsplash
View from Toronto Islands by yalin Kaya via Unsplash

Get ready to immerse yourself with all fun and exciting activities as we both discover the 12 Best Things to do on the Toronto Islands!

Take on a Paddleboarding Class

Paddleboarding photo via Pixabay
Paddleboarding photo via Pixabay

First up! SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding classes are popular tourist attractions on the beautiful Toronto Islands. SUP is a unique and fun way of enjoying and reconnecting with nature. It also enables you to join a thriving community that aims to bring people together to have fun and take care of nature. Moreover, Paddle Boarding classes give you a chance to learn new skills and sharpen your survival skills, such as swimming and breathing techniques. So, overall it’s a win-win situation for you!

One of the best places to take on SUP Classes is Toronto Island SUP. Here, you are guaranteed to be guided by professional instructors on all things about SUP. There are also other exciting activities to look forward to, such as kayaking and other land-based team building programs.

Cast Yourself Away on Electric Island

Electric Island via Pixabay
Electric Island via Pixabay

Next on the list is one of the highly anticipated activities on the Toronto Islands. I’m talking about Canada’s favorite Electronic Music Concert and Picnic Series, the one and only Electric Island! Everybody who loves to have some fun will genuinely enjoy the experience brought by the Electric Island, where amazing electronic and techno music is created and performed by countless international artists. You better not miss it!

Visit the Famous Centreville Amusement Park

Centreville Amusement Park by Alex Laney via Wikipedia cc
Centreville Amusement Park By Alex Laney – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

Of course, who wouldn’t want to visit the famous Centreville Amusement Park? This iconic children’s amusement park that’s been operating since 1967 is home to some of the best rides and attractions in the region. There’s no doubt that the kiddos will absolutely have fun from the log flume, Ferris wheel, and the “Scrambler,” there’s no doubt that the kiddos will absolutely have fun!

Don’t Miss the Bestival!

Bestival Toronto photo via Facebook Page
Bestival Toronto photo via Facebook Page

Another highly anticipated event that you shouldn’t miss is the iconic Bestival of Toronto Islands! This four-day music festival initially held in England came to the Toronto Islands in 2015 to bring fun and energy to Canadians. Of course, an international as grand as this one requires intense preparations, so it’s best to check out the schedules of Bestival before including them in your itinerary.

International music stars and pop icons are expected to perform in the Bestival, so be sure not to miss out!

Explore the Snake Island

Ready to take the fun to another level? Well, then you should go explore the famous Snake Island! The location has tons of nice picnic sites and fire pits where you can spend the rest of the day in the wilderness and be closer to nature. You can even encounter some friendly wild animals for the sake of it! But no, it’s highly unlikely that you will find snakes here on Snake Island because the origin of its name isn’t connected to the actual snake animals. Instead, the island was named after its owner, Chief Joseph Snake.

Witness the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival

Dragon Boat Race by Cheng Feng via Unsplash
Dragon Boat Race by Cheng Feng via Unsplash

There we have it! Another highly anticipated international event held on the Toronto Islands is the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival. From its humble beginning in 1989, only 27 teams have participated in the prestigious event; the competition now caters to dozens of teams from all over the world, such as Europe, America, Asia, and the Caribbean Islands. The registered teams will be welcomed at the Marilyn Bell Park, so if you’re into extreme sports like the Dragonboat, there’s no better place in the world to watch it other than the Toronto Islands!

Play Frisbee on Wards Island!

If you’re looking for a secluded place where you can relax and enjoy the peace and serenity of nature without any distractions, then Wards Island is the perfect destination for you. The island is home to a small sandy beach where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or even playing frisbee with your friends. The beach co-exists with a small residential community. That’s why it’s more peaceful here than Hanlan’s Point and Centre Island.

Meet the Lovely Animals of Far Enough Farm

Far Enough Farm photo via FB Page
Far Enough Farm photo via FB Page

The Far Enough Farm is another must-visit destination on the Toronto Islands. It’s actually one of the main attractions of Centreville Amusement Park, so if ever you’re within the vicinity of Downtown Toronto, you should definitely pay a visit! There are plenty of friendly pets and animals to meet here at the Far Enough Farm, such as the peafowl, alpacas, horses, chickens, rabbits, and many more!

Attend the Festival of India

Festival of India Toronto photo via FB Page
Festival of India Toronto photo via FB Page

Another highly anticipated summer event on the Toronto Islands is no other than the famous Festival of India. For decades now, the Indian Community has contributed a lot to the overall success of Canada as a country. So as a way of honoring them, the Festival of India was born, where a thousand years’ worth of tradition and heritage is celebrated on the Toronto Islands. Everyone is invited to come and participate as the community walks, chants, and sings along the streets celebrating Indian culture.

Of course, there are live performances, bazaars, and food stalls available all-around serving Indian delicacies and Canadian treats. Therefore, it’s certainly going to be a fun and exciting festival for everyone!

Challenge Yourself on the William Meany Maze

Are you in for another exciting challenge? Well, then let’s head on to the iconic William Meany Maze! Spanning a massive area of 15,000 square feet where both children and adults can get lost and have some fun, this playground has become a popular tourist attraction on the Toronto Islands. Thanks to the 1,200 towering black cedars composing the William Meany Maze, the maze is really quite a challenge. I’m warning you, even the most coordinated people get lost in this maze, so make sure to take up the challenge!

Learn More About Canada on Doors Open Toronto

Guided tour at the Archives of Ontario - a public domain photo via Wikipedia
Guided tour at the Archives of Ontario – a public domain photo via Wikipedia

Doors Open Toronto is one of the region’s most unique and unforgettable events. More than 150 buildings with historical, architectural, and cultural significance to the city open their doors to the public for a massive city-wide event. It’s a fantastic opportunity for locals and visitors to learn more about the Toronto Islands’ rich culture and history! So while you’re at it, don’t miss the chance to participate in Doors Open Toronto!

Fall in Love with the Scenic View of Centre Island Pier

Centre Island Toronto Island by James Thomas via Unsplash
Centre Island Toronto Island by James Thomas via Unsplash

Finally, there’s no better way to finish your trip to the Toronto Islands than to enjoy the scenic views of the Centre Island Pier. This park features an extended concrete jetty that eventually leads to a huge observation deck where you can marvel at the breathtaking view of Lake Ontario. It’s a romantic and serene place that’s perfect for viewing sunsets and taking pictures while you’re at it.

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