Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Canada

Lake Louise in Alberta photo via Depositphotos

Canada Bucket List: Top 15 Places to Visit in Canada

One of the world’s top tourist destinations, ranking 11th in the national charts, Canada is the best country to visit to experience the great outdoors. Highlighting elegant views and paradise, giving satisfaction to every kind of traveler. Thus, having many wonderful places will take your time to pick which one to visit first. This list will provide you the 15 must-go places in Canada that you shouldn’t miss.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls lit at night photo via Depositphotos
Niagara Falls lit at night photo via Depositphotos.

Formed when glaciers withdrew at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation, Niagara Falls stands to be a jaw-dropping, pleasing to the eyes attraction to whoever visits it. It’ll leave a huge impact on its viewers, especially when viewed at night.

You can spend your time playing at a nearby casino named Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort while having a spectacular view. It is best to visit the falls in summer, during the period of June to August. You can easily reach the place with the nearest airport Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, minutes away from the falls.


Shops at Downtown Montreal
Shops at Downtown Montreal

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned feel with a French ambiance, we got the perfect place for you! Montreal is a metropolitan city located in Quebec, a province in eastern Canada known for being almost independent. Despite that, Quebec still belongs under the provision of Canada.

Montreal has an underground city most commonly used during summer. It is a series of interconnected tunnels that run for 32 km under the city, connecting to thousands of stores and malls. It is also the number one host city for North America’s international events.

Not only that, but Montreal is the best city to be a university student according to QS World University rankings, notwithstanding its classification to be the poorest city in Canada.

You can take a direct train from Toronto to Montreal that departs five times a day, operating every day. The voyage usually takes 5h 11m per trip.


Northern Lights over Downtown Whitehorse photo via Depositphotos
Northern Lights over Downtown Whitehorse photo via Depositphotos

Whitehorse, also known as Yukon’s capital and the largest city in northern Canada, is one of Canada’s top destinations. As stated by the Guinness World Records, Whitehorse is the city with the least air pollution worldwide. The climate here is a lot milder than other northern communities.

It is the perfect place to also find a job for it has a low unemployment rate. The easiest and fastest way to get to Whitehorse is via plane in Toronto that usually takes up to 10h 54m with the price ranges up to $380 – $850.

Mont Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, Quebec, Canada photo via Depositphotos
Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, Quebec, Canada photo via Depositphotos

If skiing is your game, then we give you Mont Tremblant for that. Mont Tremblant is a city in the Laurentian Mountains also located in Quebec, home of Skiing. It is most famous for its Ski resort, the Mont-Tremblant Ski resort.

It also has a race track called Circuit Mont-Tremblant. The place is also popular for hiking, cycling, canoeing, tennis, go-karting, and other outdoor activities.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cabot Trail look-off Canada photo via Depositphotos
Cabot Trail look-off Canada photo via Depositphotos

Exploring nature has never been much funnier than it is when you explore in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, where the mountains and sea meet. Here you can encounter moose, bald eagles, or a minke or pilot whale in the Atlantic or Gulf at St. Lawrence.

There’re fresh lobsters from the bodies of water around you, newly caught for lunch. You can hike, catch fish and else while in the camp.

To reach Cape Breton Island, where The park could be located, you can choose of either of these options to reach the said destination:

  • Drive from the mainland, Nova Scotia via Canso causeway
  • Take a ferry from Newfoundland.
  • Fly into Sydney’s J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport

Kluane National Park and Reserve

The Kaskawulsh Glacier by ME Sanseverino via Flickr CC
The Kaskawulsh Glacier by ME Sanseverino via Flickr CC

Home of Canada’s highest mountain, Mount Logan, also the land of extremes. Kluane is a protected place, wherein bears, Dall sheep, wolves, mountain goats, caribou, and other animals can be freely seen wandering in various parks. You can do many Kluane activities such as flightseeing, experiencing Kathleen Lake, Surging glaciers, and more winter activities.

To reach Kluane, you can drive from Whitehorse, which is 160km away on the Alaska Highway, or book a ferry to Haines.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano suspension bridge aerial view, British Columbia, Canada photo via Depositphotos
Capilano suspension bridge aerial view, British Columbia, Canada photo via Depositphotos

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver is the Suspension Bridge located to its North. To reach the Bridge, you can ride a free space shuttle ride from downtown or take a Sea Bus to Lonsdale Quay, then take the #236 bus to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It takes only 15 minutes to reach the park when you came from Downtown.

Capilano Suspension Bridge is so popular since 1889 and has been featured in numerous television series. What makes the Bridge so famous? Let’s check it out!


View on the farm lands during a cloudy summer day. Taken in Osoyoos photo via Depositphotos
View on the farmlands during a cloudy summer day. Taken in Osoyoos photo via Depositphotos

They say the warmest welcomes are the best, and missing them is depressing. Well, Osoyoos have the warmest welcome from Canada, from wherever state you came from. You’d definitely get the best views in Canada from the most beautiful stretch of Okanagan Valley. Not only that, but Osoyoos is considered to be one of the major wine-producing regions in Canada, and a wine tasting tour for a take-out would be nice in cold weather.

The nearest airport to fly with to Osoyoos will be the Penticton. You could also take a bus from Kelowna to Osoyoos via UBCO exchange, Queensway exchange, Kelowna Queensway exchange, and Penticton.


View toward Meares Island photo by Olivier Levy via Wikipedia CC
View toward Meares Island photo By Olivier Lévy – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Wanted to go change your normal routine of going to your grandma’s in summer? Tofino’s got you! Located on the west coast of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, a unique ancient landscape would be located. Packed with different activities, attracting surfers, fans of nature, bird watchers, campers, and more, Tofino will surely serve you the best experience, whatever the occasion is.

If you plan to visit Tofino anytime soon, you could book a flight to two Vancouver airports, Nanaimo and Comox, and drive for 3-5 hours to Tofino. Flights are available daily from Calgary and Vancouver to Nanaimo and Comox Valley airports and Edmonton to Comox Valley.


Polar Bear in Churchill Canada photo via Depositphotos
Polar Bear in Churchill Canada photo via Depositphotos

Love bears? Then this is the best city to enjoy your time with them! Churchill citizens live alongside polar bears every autumn, making the city be known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Not only that, there are tons of Polar bears wandering around the town; Churchill is also known to be a beluga whale watching spot and one of the best cities to watch the northern lights we all love.

Churchill can be found in northern Manitoba, on the west shore of Hudson Bay. However, no matter how popular Churchill is, there’s no way to travel here by road. The only options are by plane and train.

You can reach Churchills by air by Calm Air. The small Manitoba airline runs flights destined to Winnipeg and Thompson through Churchill up to Rankin Inlet in Nunavut.

St. John’s

Houses in St. John's are typically painted in bright colours. by Paul via Wikipedia CC
Houses in St. John’s are typically painted in bright colors. By Paul –  CC BY 2.0, CC

If you want something artsy, St. John’s the right place. Often called as mini-San Francisco for its maze of residential streets, St. John’s streets are filled with bright colors, gaining the name Jelly Bean Row.

St. John’s portrays a big canvas painted with so many bright characteristics and colors with the brightest atmospheres. It is considered to be one of the best cities to visit in Canada, so you should check yourself why.

The nearest airport is St. John’s International Airport, where you can take a cab and onwards to your destined location.

Butchart Gardens

Stunning floral display at Butchart Gardens photo via Depositphotos
Stunning floral display at Butchart Gardens photo via Depositphotos

Declared as a National Historic Site of Canada, earning millions of visitors a year is Butchart Gardens located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. Jennie Butchart was the mastermind of the world-renowned paradise that has inspired millions of viewers.

Every Victorian visitor shan’t miss the 55 acres garden with more than 900 varieties.

CN Tower

Toronto CN Tower
Toronto CN Tower

The must-goes won’t leave CN Tower behind its list. The 553.3 m-high concrete observation tower, completed in 1976, held the record of being the world’s tallest free-standing structure for 32 years, not until 2007 when it was surpassed by Burj Khalifa. It was declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Some of the tower features are the 360 Restaurant, Glass Floor, and the Edge walk. Some of the events annually made in the tower are fireworks, lightning, and Pods. Every twelve months, CN Tower attracts more than 2 million visitors from all over the world.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise in Alberta photo via Depositphotos
Moraine Lake in Alberta photo via Depositphotos

Want an adventurous spot for various types of activities? Or somewhere to test something new? We present to you, Lake Louise in Alberta! Considered one of Canada’s most beautiful places, the lake consists of turquoise lakes, the Victoria Glaciers, and remarkable mountains.

You could do kayaking or fish in summer while snowboarding and snowshoeing in the winter season. To visit the place, you could fly towards Calgary International Airport and take a cab to Lake Louise, which is 2 hours away from the airport.

Bay of Fundy

Tilted layers of sandstone at Hopewell Rocks by Maciej via Wikipedia CC
Tilted layers of sandstone at Hopewell Rocks By Maciej -, CC BY-SA 2.0, CC

A trip to the ocean wouldn’t be completed without a ‘walk on the ocean’ experience, right? One of Canada’s most captivating tourist attractions will be the Bay of Fundy, where you can see high tides as clear as ice and different species of whales wandering nearby.

Other than that, you can see spectacular rock formations standing in between with the shorelines’ forest; the bay is one of the most prominent sources of hydroelectricity, despite it presenting great engineering difficulties and other problems of viability.

Canada Travel and Tour Packages

To help you plan out your visit to Canada, we listed places to visit and other amazing activities in Canada. We also listed some of the best travel deals and tour packages and excellent flight deals and accommodation.

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