My First Time in Toronto Canada

My First Time in Toronto Canada photo via Depositphotos

Greetings from Toronto! We touched down on Friday evening for the Philippine Airlines Toronto Inaugural Flight, and from that moment, I started falling in love with the City. It is my first time to experience snow, and that could be one of the reasons why I love this place.

Philippine Airlines Toronto Inaugural Flight
Philippine Airlines Toronto Inaugural Flight

My experience was definitely beyond the expectations I had in my mind before landing in this City. The City is so clean, quiet, and not too crowded, considering that Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario State. Filipinos are ranked 3rd in terms of the ethnic minority population.

Hilton Toronto
Hilton Toronto

On our first night, we decided to have a short walk within our hotel’s vicinity to get familiarized with the place and experience the freezing weather. We passed by several theatre buildings and performing arts centers, including the building where the Toronto Film Festival is held annually.

Pinoy Travel Bloggers in Toronto
Pinoy Travel Bloggers in Toronto

Before heading back to the hotel, we had a taste of Canada’s most popular coffee – Tim Hortons. If Tim Horton’s coffee shop is in the Philippines, It will definitely replace my favorite coffee shop with a green logo. Hmmm, more hint?

Coffee at Tim Hortons
Coffee at Tim Hortons

During our first day in Toronto, we had a short City Tour, and our first stop was at the old and new Toronto City Hall. The big difference between the two is its structural design, and of course, the year it was built. The new City Hall building opened in 1965 to replace the Old City Hall built in 1899.

The Old and New Toronto City Hall
The Old and New Toronto City Hall

You will find a Best Buy outlet and Toronto Eaton Centre next to the old City Hall if you love shopping. Eaton Center is Canada’s premier shopping destination offering top apparel brands, gadgets, and other fashion accessories. According to our tour guide, Toronto has over fifty ballet and dance companies. It is also a city that is home to opera houses, theatres, and symphony orchestras.

Places to visit in Toronto
Interesting Places to visit in Toronto

Aside from Eaton Centre, we also visited Toronto’s very own Chinatown. Toronto has a multi-cultural society with a significant population of communities ranging from Indians, Chinese, Filipino and French people. This shows the City’s diverse style and tastes.

St. Lawrence Market
St. Lawrence Market

Aside from modern shopping malls, we also visited the Saint Lawrence Market. This Marketplace is located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The building used to be an industrial area bounded by Yonge, Front, Parliament Streets, and the Canadian National railway embankment. Like Salcedo and Legaspi Weekend Market in Makati, Shoppers in Saint Lawrence Market can have items of their choice, from fresh produce to designers’ hats to meat products and all kinds of Cheese.

CN Tower's 360 Restaurant
CN Tower’s 360 Restaurant

Toronto also boasts of having one of the finest public transportation systems in North America. Taxis are readily available, and all the taxis are equipped with modern location tracking devices. I also found the City’s parking facility to be adequate, but it’s so expensive, to be honest.

Filipino Travel Bloggers
Filipino Travel Bloggers in Toronto

Travel to Toronto would never be completed without visiting the CN Tower, the City’s famous landmark. We had a good time capturing some photos in front and outside of the 553 meters tallest free-standing land structure globally. However, we could not capture a bird’s eye view of the City due to bad weather while having lunch at the CN Towers famous 360 Restaurant.

I noticed that Canadians are generally polite, and they would always greet you, “How are You”? In fact, I felt most of the people with whom I interacted in this incredible City were simply friendly. This would definitely make visitors like me consider revisiting this City sometime in the future.

My First Time in Toronto Canada photo via Depositphotos
My First Time in Toronto Canada photo via Depositphotos

This Toronto inaugural flight experience was sponsored by Philippine Airlines. Visit their Facebook page ( or Twitter ( if you want to know more about their flight schedules and Airline updates.

To be continued:)
  1. Noli says

    Hey Melo, you guys disappeared during the PAL party! I was looking for you hoping to exchange notes. Anyway, maybe next time.

    You think Toronto is clean? Wait til you get to Calgary or Edmonton. Almost spotless! But, I agree with you. TO is a beautiful city and surrounded by expansive nature trails and parks. It is beautiful here in the summer and fall. Actually, the whole of Canada.

    Hope you visit again another time.

  2. nina says

    May ganung profile pictures talaga no? hahaha

    1. melo says

      oo hahaha kanya kanyang project yan!

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