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NewKube Mp3 player winners

Congratulations to Precy E and Jay C.

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When you think about gadgets that are travel friendly there are a few things that come to mind first.

Size is obvious, because when you travel you want to minimize what you have to carry around.

So most travel friendly gadgets are small. But with electronics, probably the most important thing is battery life. You also want enough capacity to be able to stay entertained on long flights or bus and train rides.

newKube Mp3 Player Black
newKube Mp3 Player Black

The NewKube MP3 player fits the description perfectly. It has huge capacity, it’s small, and it has great battery life. Below are some of the specs on the NewKube, the Kube’s better, newer, updated successor.

Battery Life

First of all, after just two hours of charging you’ll get 6 hours of play. You may not think that’s a long time, but consider that any time you travel for longer than 6 hours, you’re probably sleeping for a good portion of your travel time. Plus, because it charges with a USB cable, you can plug it in to your laptop to get extra juice out of it.

newKube Mp3 player Red
newKube Mp3 player Red


Small is huge when it comes to travel gadgets. The NewKube is so tiny it’ll make your headphones look big. It’s not quite as slim as the iPod Nano, because it’s a cube, but it’s otherwise similarly tiny. It measures 22x22x22mm and only weighs 18 grams.

newKube MP3 Players
newKube MP3 Players


The cool thing about the NewKube is that you can put many types of audio files on it. You use the microSD card, which can hold up to 8,000 songs as MP3s. But you can also include MPEG 1&2, MPEG Layers I, II, and III, WMA, WAV, and PCM/IMA ADPCM files. Songs, audio books, you name it, you’ve got it.

The newKube has a new design, comes in new colors, and offers a number of new features not available on earlier generations of the Kube family of MP3 devices, including:

  • Lock button – to prevent accidentals
  • Repeat button – lets you to playback the same song, all songs in sequence or in random; not found in comparable simple MP3 players
  • Jump Folder – allows you to get to the specific song location, also not found in simple MP3 players
  • EQ Pre-sets – lets users select music settings for optimized playback of Pop, Rock, Classical music and other genres

The NewKube comes in cool colors, is practical, and is ideal for people like me who like to travel. The newKube is available in selected Astrovision and Astroplus stores for P1599. For more information, please visit

You can get updates about NewCube Mp3 player by following their Social Media accounts: Facebook / Twitter and Instagram.

Good News! We are giving away 2 (Two) Brand New NewKube MP3 Players!!

Online Contest Terms and Conditions:

  • Giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.
  • Prizes will be shipped to the winners address.
  • Contest will run from September 17 until October 17, 2013, 11:59pm.
  • Winner will be announced in a separate blogpost.
  • Winners should respond to our email two weeks after the contest ends or else the price will be forfeited.

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  1. Because I love to travel and it is fun and a must to travel with a cool gadget that is so functional!

  2. leo garcia says

    I want to win the newKube MP3 Player because i love music

  3. Maki Yosh says

    I deserve to win this new kube mp3 player because Im part of a band, i badly need this lightweight kube mp3 player, to listen in our songs. very easy to use and i can bring this anywhere i go. And besides, i really can’t afford to buy one. So im really hoping i’ll win this. 🙂

  4. Shiela Marie Calzada says

    I deserve to win because I would like to reward myself from studying so hard (if ever I’ll win this :p) and It can also be a birthday gist at the same time because i just turned 18 :)))

  5. Yam Ongsioco says

    hoping to win this, my kids would definitely love this.

  6. dianne says

    i deserve to win this bec. im a music lover and im so addicted to music 🙂

  7. Mai Decena says

    It’s very lightweight & so cool .,,,since I love to travel it would be great to own one

  8. Wilma Viguilla Garcia says

    I deserve to win because my daughter – pianist and guitarist has been very busy and I haven’t hear her play again for a long time. She made me love music very much and I want to hear her musical pieces anytime and anywhere I go with this mp3 player. Her music relaxes me and makes me happier.

  9. jemarie says

    I deserve to win because as a Travel agent I do Travel a lot and as a music lover, this travel-friendly-gadget is perfect for me. I can be the best testimony on how this tiny gadget works and be able to entertain my life.
    Suggest clients and more friends to use this. Cheers!!!!!

  10. joan chua says

    The New Kube mp3 player is perfect for my lifestyle since I love
    listening to music! I always travel 30-45 min. to work and I always
    listen to music to pass the time. I really like that it’s small and very

  11. Glaiza Pesquera says

    hope to win…perfect for my husband

  12. Guest says

    I deserve to win because i really gave my effort to stay awake all day just to fine a free kubeplayer coz i love music…

  13. Mary Joy says

    I deserve to win because i really gave my effort to stay awake all day just to find a free kubeplayer coz i love music…

  14. joana kapsa says

    i deserve to win because i value music, small things, newKube the smallest player! trust the quality of newKube mp3 player , delivers crisp and clear sounds

  15. Ma. Clarice Lao says

    I deserve to win because I never had an mp3 player in my life.

  16. Tere Decena says

    I Am Almost Always Listening to Music, while i jog or while cooking, and I would love to try the new kube mp3, since the size & quality are perfect & very convenient 🙂

  17. henley says

    Since im working full time facing pc for 8 hrs – music is my sole companion and with this new kube mp3 im always in the mood for work coz music is my energy booster.

  18. Claire Santiago says

    I’m a SAHM, and I want something to cheer me up while I am doing a lot of household chores. It’s so small that I can just put it inside my pocket but its power can never be underestimated…

  19. Olga Paguio says

    I deserve to win because I need this to stay awake when I commute.

  20. Em-el Dinglasan-Antioquia Leon says

    Why you deserve to win? I deserve its been a while since I just raffle contest and the price is kube player and I always want this thing base to others review 🙁 just tell me I’m the one 🙂

  21. Ghelo Matic says

    Why you deserve to win? Its my time to try this player! 🙂 they said that this something to keep and useful to while your on the road! hope you guys give me a chance to win this time 😛 p.s i love music 🙂 and i need something that is handy than a smartphone!

  22. Emh-el Leonor says

    Why you deserve to win? keep reading blogs online and notice that this player is phenomena! 🙂 will you not gonna like something that so small yet powerful when it comes to playing music, my shift starts at 4am and I think I can use this player while im on my way 🙂 hope to win

  23. Mark Oliveros says

    I think this is the 5th or 6th online giveway that I have joined with the NewKube Mp3 Player as the prize and I haven’t won one yet. I think I deserve to win just for the effort.

  24. Rosalinda San Diego says

    i deserve to win because i need this BADLY!!

  25. Lanie Pregoner says

    I deserve to win because I really just love listening to the music almost all the time and the new kube would be perfect for me especially whenever I’m travelling.

  26. SArah Mae Villarma says

    I deserve to win because I need this cute mp3 player to relax my mind everytime I get bored. 🙂

  27. S?nl Hcoitna Nasalgnid says

    Why you deserve to win? want to try playing the music using KUBE

  28. Matess Chua says

    Because I really want to have this cute little MP3 on hand. It’d be great to bring this when I travel

  29. Mabel says

    I deserve to win beacause I want to have the smallest MP3 Player in the world with the best sound quality.

  30. myrilmae007 says

    I deserve to win this because I’m a music lover and knowing this is sooo small makes it an ideal thing to bring even if I’m on the go.

  31. chelle barredo says

    i deserve to win because i really want this cute MP3 for my music life for being a music lover.. 🙂

  32. Thrixie Baylon says

    i’m a music lover and it’s so boring without it.

  33. babymharz says

    I deserve to win since music is my life. And this newKube player supplements it.

  34. Nino Sangalang II says

    I deserve to win because MUSIC is my life and it suits my lifestyle! I want to experience this newKUBE mp3 player! This is totally a TRAVEL FRIENDLY GADGET!

  35. Abby Matic says

    Why you deserve to win? My husband is working in other country and im taking care of my 3 years old daughter maybe its time for me to have fun by playing music using this kube 🙂

  36. Gladita Pacoma Manongsong says

    I deserve to win because I work hard everyday just to provide my family with food. 🙂

  37. Camille Quiambao says

    i deserve to win because I need a reward for all the sleepless nights last semester in school

  38. Jem Gavino says

    I deserve to win this awesome mp3 player because I really love listening to music. It’s very simple and small but can play up to 6 hours with short charging time.This is a perfect travel companion.

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