Top 15 Best Things to do in Toronto, Canada

What are the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Toronto?

Amazing Things to do in Toronto photo by Dan Newman via Unsplash

Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is considered the country’s largest city. It homes a dynamic mix of tourist attractions, from the galleries and museums to the world-famous CN Tower and Toronto Islands just offshore of the city. The city center is easy to navigate, many of the top attractions are within walking distance of each other, and a subway system is available to cover longer distances.

Amazing Things to do in Toronto photo by Dan Newman via Unsplash
Amazing Things to do in Toronto Photo by Dan Newman on Unsplash

15 Best Activities and Tourist Attractions in Toronto

Have a spectacular view of the city from the CN Tower

CN Tower in Toronto
CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower is at 553m, which makes it the tallest building in Toronto and the tallest free-standing building on the continent, and it is also among the seven wonders of the world. This is a must-see attraction you should not miss while in the city.

You can just marvel at the building from the ground or take a trip to one of the observation areas or the restaurants to have a magnificent view of Lake Ontario.

The Sky Pod is the highest viewing center, at the height of 447m above the city, and you will be able to see Niagara Falls and New York State on a clear day.

Explore the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Royal Ontario Museum by Daniel MacDonald via Wikipedia CC
Royal Ontario Museum By Daniel MacDonald from Dartmouth, Canada – Royal Ontario Museum, CC BY 2.0

This is a major landmark of the city and is located in the Yorkville neighborhood. It is the largest museum in Canada, one of the best museums in North America, and the best place to learn more about history.

The ROM has over six million artifacts; many of them are displayed in its 40 separate galleries. The galleries cover natural history (dinosaurs and meteorites), culture (historical exhibits), and arts worldwide. The museum also has kids learning zone and a shop for your kid’s fun.

Enjoy the city’s multiculturalism at the Kensington market.

Kensington market in Toronto
Kensington Market in Toronto

This is the best place in the city if you want to get a true taste of Toronto’s multiculturalism. This was once a Jewish market before becoming a funky neighborhood for writers, foodies, and artists.

There are many fresh food stores, discount surplus stores, cafes, and used clothing shops to go shopping and have a nice time exploring the market. The neighborhood also has an artist community, tattoo shops, galleries, and bookshops for you to patronize.

Have fun at the Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre
Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre is a big domed sports arena, and it is adjacent to the CN Tower. This mega-structure was completed in 1989, and it is Toronto’s answer to the ambitious Olympic Stadium that was built by its arch-rival, Montreal.

The center is a venue for sports, football and baseball in particular, and concerts. It can accommodate many thousands of spectators. The center offers one hour guided tour where you can have a behind the scene of facility.

Wander around the castle of Casa Loma

Casa Loma
Casa Loma

This extraordinary building looks like a medieval castle that stands on beautifully kept grounds. Casa Loma is a famous Toronto landmark, and it is the city’s most unique piece of architecture.

The castle was built by Sir Henry Pellatt, a multi-millionaire, and it is now a museum with decorated suites, gardens, towers, stables, and secret passages. You will surely have a memorable time in this castle.

Visit Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo
Toronto Zoo

This is a huge zoo, and it is located on the Red River, which is 40km northeast of the city center. It has several thousand animals, and a major attraction of the zoo is the Panda exhibit, which was opened in 2013.

The zoo is divided into several sections to represent the major region of the globe. The North American section is unique because of its vast bison park, impressive polarium, and spacious grizzly bear enclosure. The great barrier reef and an African savanna are some of the zoo’s highlights.

Go sightseeing at the Toronto Islands.

View of the City from Toronto Island photo by Sandro Schuh via Unsplash
View of the City from Toronto Island Photo by Sandro Schuh on Unsplash

There are 13 small islands found in Lake Ontario, which spreads across 820 acres of land. The most popular islands are the center island, which features a big park with a picnic area, an amusement park, and a spectacular garden where you and your kids will have a fun time being here alone.

Some other islands are home to some of the oldest residential communities, and some islands are prestigious yacht clubs.

Go sightseeing at the Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley's Aquarium
Ripley’s Aquarium

This is a new attraction, and it is near the base of the CN Tower. There is a spectacular display of diverse marine life at this facility, and the fun feature of this facility is the big underwater tunnel, which has a moving sidewalk. You will get the chance to see the ocean world as you walk around while the sharks and other marine animals pass through.

A big highlight of this aquarium is the Jellyfish display with creative lighting. There is a touch tank feature where you will get a hands-on experience of stingrays and small sharks. If you are an animal lover, you will surely like this place.

Shop until you drop at the Eaton Centre

Toronto Eaton Centre
Toronto Eaton Centre

If you love to go shopping, then the Eaton center is the right fit for you. It is located at the north end of the Central Business District. The center has its own subway station, extends over several blocks, and is constantly enlarged and renovated.

If you are a stranger, you can easily get lost in this maze of department stores, boutiques, cafeterias, specialty shops, snack bars, etc., found at the different levels above and below ground.

Go sightseeing in the Distillery District.

Distillery District in Toronto
Distillery District in Toronto

This is an interesting place to go to during the day or evening. It is a historic area that has become a trendy entertainment and shopping district.

You will find an interesting boutique, artists’ studios, galleries, and restaurants here, and the district also hosts various entertainment events. It is also home to schools and performing arts venues that will keep you entertained.

Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Art Gallery of Ontario photo by JOH-7977 Wikipedia CC
Art Gallery of Ontario photo By John – JOH_7977, CC BY-SA 2.0

This is a modern building on the west side of the city center, Canada’s largest. The gallery’s main highlight is the Henry Moore room, which houses the largest collection of his sculptures in the world.

It also houses collections of Canadian, Oceanic and African, and European art. The gallery also homes a large collection of Photography and drawings.

Go to the theatre in the entertainment district.

Royal Alexandra Theatre by Benson Kua via Wikipedia CC
Royal Alexandra Theatre By Benson Kua, CC BY-SA 2.0

This is where major theatre productions with the latest shows, musicals, concerts, and other performing arts take place, and you should endeavor to see them.

The district comes to life in the evening, and the district is also home to different kinds of restaurants and cool spots to socialize.

The main center of activity in the district is along King Street. The best performing art venues like Roy Thomson Hall, four seasons center for the performing arts, Princess of Wales Theatre, and the Royal Alexandra Theatre are all found in the area.

Visit the High Park

High Park by Diego Silvestre via Wikipedia CC
High Park By Diego Silvestre – CC BY 2.0

This is 165 hectares park in the west end of the city center and is considered the largest park in Downtown Toronto.

The Howards owned the park before it was deeded to the city of Toronto in 1873. This is a recreational and natural park with sporting facilities, cultural facilities, educational facilities, gardens, and playgrounds.

In the summer months, the Canadian Stage Company hosts Shakespearean plays at the park, and in the winter, tobogganing is popular.

Go sightseeing at the Ontario Science Center

Ontario Science Center by James Koole via Wikipedia CC
Ontario Science Center by James Koole via Wikipedia CC

This is family-friendly and has many interesting exhibits to entertain your kids. It is located at a site about 10km northeast of the city center.

Tourists who visit the center can see the latest developments in technology, optics, telecommunications, biology, space travel, meteorology, etc. They are presented in a fun way.

Look at shoes at the Bata Shoe Museum.

Bata Shoe Museum by Gisling via Wikipedia CC
Bata Shoe Museum By Gisling – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are a fashion enthusiast and you want to know more about the history of footwear, and you love to see shoes, the best place for you is to go to the Bata shoe museum, which has a unique collection of footwear from all around the globe, and it displays 13,500 items.

The museum features four exhibits; one of the exhibits is a semi-private gallery, and three that change regularly.

There are many tourist attractions in Toronto that you can visit, and you will never have a dull moment in this city. Some of the other notable tourist attractions are St. Lawrence Market, Toronto Botanical Garden, Niagara Falls, etc.

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