Online Contest: Why do you need a Pocket WiFi?

Congratulations to the 3 Winners of SMART Pocket Wifi’s!

Smart Pocket Wifi Winners
Smart Pocket Wifi Winners

To the Winners: Please email me (melovillareal-at-gmail) so I can contact you once the items are already available for pickup at the SMART Office in Ayala Ave Makati City.

Travel Blogging: Advantages of Having Pocket WiFi

We tend to think of the world as being full of internet cafes or places where you’ll be able to connect to the internet for the price of a coffee. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to connect and been unable to do so. It’s easy to be lulled by the convenience of WiFi, and I’m a total addict at this point.

SMART Bro Pocket Wifi
SMART Bro Pocket Wifi

As a Travel Blogger and a Social Media Slave, I really need to have my own WiFi connection. Having pocket WiFi is now critical to being able to blog on the go, no matter where I go. Here are some of the other reasons, besides my internet addiction, that I think it’s great to have pocket WiFi.

Social Media & Blog Updates, Anywhere, Anytime

Keeping your blog active is critical to SEO success, right? Well, what if you can’t get online? And how often have you had a great idea for a post but decided you’d write it later, only to realize that the idea is gone once you sit down to actually write it? It happens. It’s better to be able to connect. The same goes for social media, of course, and it’s really great to be able to post a photo of the amazing sunrise you’re watching, rather than waiting until later in the day.

SMART LTE Pocket Wifi
SMART LTE Pocket Wifi

Sharing with New Friends

When you’re sitting around online and the people around you can’t get a connection, you’ll be making new friends in no time. Some devices can allow you to connect up to 10 of your gadgets at once or share the signal with your friends. It’s nice to be able to share something that creates more than one type of connection – you never know what they’ll share in return.

Hotel WiFi is Often Unreliable

Even in Hotels where you can find WiFi, it’s not uncommon for it to be spotty, slow, or unusable. The frustration of a promised Internet connection that doesn’t actually work can really ruin your day (or entire trip). Hotels might promise WiFi, but it’s nothing you can rely on (since they’re just trying to get as many guests as possible).

Huawei Pocket Wifi
Huawei Pocket Wifi

Reduce Coffee Expenses

Sure, you can always go to the coffee shop where WiFi is “free” or even “cheap” – but you’ll be at least paying for the coffee. It’s much more relaxing and I’m more productive when I can sit down anywhere and get a signal. Don’t get me wrong, coffee shops is one of my favorite work locations but then again, not all coffee shops has good Wifi connection.

Smart Bro Pocket Wifi Promo
Smart Bro Pocket Wifi Promo

My Choice: Smart Bro Sim for Pocket WiFi

Smart Bro Sim has not let me down yet, and I’ve traveled to some areas where I was expecting it to fade out. It’s a great deal, too, and the rates won’t make you wish you were just paying for coffee. You have an option of getting a prepaid sim where you can enroll for daily, weekly or monthly internet connection. If you are a traveler like me, I suggest that you get a postpaid plan so you dont have to worry about the expiration of your internet subscription. To check more about Smart Pocket Wifi plans, visit this link

There are other local Telecom companies that also offer Data Sim and Pocket Wifi devices, but I really recommend that you get it from Smart. Maybe I got lucky, because the first one I tried has been consistent. If you are a travel blogger, or anyone who likes to travel and stay connected, I recommend Smart Bro Sim for your pocket WiFi.

Heres the fun part, is giving away 3 SMART Pocket Wifi’s via Rafflecopter. Join Now!!

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The contest winner will be announced on this post on February 8, 2014. We will give 7 days for the winner to respond to our email. Failure to respond to our winner announcement via twitter and email gives us the right to pick another winner or host another raffle.
  1. alexdizon says

    I need a pocket WiFI because I travel a lot! 🙂

  2. Steve del Castillo says

    I need a pocket wifi because i will use it as a
    WiFi Hotspot when using my Laptop and my other enabled wifi devices.

  3. Joselma Gumapac says

    I need pocket wifi because i will give it to my two sisters who are studying in manila.. They have a new laptop but they cant use it because they have no pocket wifi.. They are planning to buy one so when i saw this giveaway i was excited and i am hoping to win this for them.. <3

  4. Rianne Tecson says

    I want to #LiveMore–get the latest news, share updates and experiences, keeping in touch with friends or simply letting me do my job efficiently–only through Smart, my trusted provider for over 10 years now. 🙂

  5. Carmina Aguilar says

    I need a pocket wifi because when I get to review in Legazpi I need a fast internet connection to connect with my family through the internet. I need them so that I’ll pass the NLE 😀

  6. Nelina Gatong says

    I really need pocket wifi bcoz I need to be online always esp when I attend events and i cant rely on their wifi

  7. Shakirizza Cabrera says

    I need a pocket wifi coz i will turn my house to a wifi hotspot so that my family can surf the net all the time!

  8. ?? | Otep Zablan says

    I need a pocket WIFI for my devices so I can check my email, make a tweet and post my status online anytime, anywhere 🙂

  9. shandie says

    I need Pocket WiFi especially at School because our Wifi there is super duper disgusting! And i want to Live More, Share More, Enjoy More!

    1. shandie says

      *University WiFi.

  10. Jastene Galacio says

    I need a pocket wifi for emergency researches in school and for communicating with my friends online.

  11. Mary Louise Sanchez says

    I need a Pocket WiFi because I travel a lot and this will be my tool in connecting to my pals and loved ones via social media even when I’m not at home. It will ensure a fast and reliable network connection better than spending time looking for a available internet connection around an unfamiliar place.

  12. Dee Torralba says

    I need a pocket WiFi because I want to share my updates and experiences, keep in touch with friends and get the latest news here and abroad!! Making my social life simple!! =)

  13. Giovanni Taratara says

    I need a pocket wifi because i will used it for my work at home.and for my son’s reaech and project in school.

  14. Fely Cabbab Relayo says

    need it to be updated on my grand childrens activities and their pictures

  15. Jasper says

    ii need a pocket wifi coz with my line of work in the field of IT, even on the go…. i need my gadgets connected to a reliable provider like SMART..

  16. Josephine Soliman Gregorio says

    i need pocket wifi badly because my sister is in Singapore and we always talk on viber everyday, chat always.. we totally miss her!

  17. Jhay Ramones says

    I need a Pocket WIFI Because i dont have any Internet connection in
    Home. This Pocket Wifi will make me Connected in the Internet and i can
    already update my Facebook, Goolge+, Twitter and i can also Check my
    Email. Hope to have that! 🙂

  18. luckyfinds says

    I need a Pocket WiFi for researching, blogging and freelance writing activities. I want to be able to check my emails and social media accounts anytime, anywhere and do away with wonky connections. -Emiliana

  19. Say Yap says

    I need a pocket wifi so I can surf the net anytime and anywhere.

  20. Karina Floranza-Vergara says

    I need it for my son, it helps a lot for the rush researches when we got out..

  21. Norvert Salivio says

    I need pocket wifi, because there is no consistent internet connection, marami kaming nag aagawa ng internet sa bahay, so i just need it for my self para makapag trabaho ako ng mas maayos.

  22. Ged says

    Dahil gusto ko lahat kami sa bahay, CONNECTED! 🙂

  23. Rolly Nunez says

    Havin’ two devices drawing batteries means investing to power bank. I need to divert and utilize the smartphone and the pocket wi-fi for my information and social needs and I really need to own one.

  24. Stephanie--? says

    As a college student, i really really need a pocket wifi especially for research, thesis, feasibility and etc. I am also a camera lover and i love taking selfies! Having a pocket wifi will help me post selfies immediately anytime and anywhere. 😀

  25. Maki Yosh says

    I badly need a pocket wifi simply because I travel everyday, I need a reliable connection wherever I am. 🙂

  26. James Jurado says

    I need a pocket wifi to easily share my data connection within my family, at work or even with my friends in a more convenient way.

  27. melodyco says

    after years of travel blogging, i can only say that the internet is one of my lifelines now haha. you can’t always rely on free wifi so paying just a wee bit more for your own personal wifi may be worth it.

  28. Trina Ante says

    I need it so that I can do a lot while I’m out and waiting…waiting for transportation, meal order or a friend to meet up. I get to surf the Net, watch videos, check e-mails and do social networking as waiting for a long time makes me bored, sleepy and sometimes, irritable.

  29. Arra Morta says

    As an internet addict, I really need a reliable pocket wifi with me:) And Smart Bro pocket wifi is the best I think based on raves about it;0

  30. Marivic Gonzales says

    Anytime, anywhere I have access to the internet.

  31. Khyutee Chua says

    Pocket Wifi will be very helpful to me especially when I’m travelling and wanting to find my way. I’m really poor with directions so I just need to connect to the internet using my device and search for the destination to find my way. Not only that, with the help of pocket wifi, it will be easier for me to stay connected with friend all the time through social networking apps. Anywhere I go, I can still access internet with pocket wifi. I don’t have to be physically present in the office to access my work. I really need to have a pocket wifi. 🙂

  32. Ma Gerllie Espinar says

    I want to get connected and updated anywhere I am.

  33. Ronita Dela Rosa says

    I need a pocket wifi because i realy need it for my job to net anytime and search for important things.and also as of now im only sharing on my neighborhood wifi and pay her for that #smartpocketwifi

  34. Kriz Anne Falucho says

    Social media is my life, I want to be updated always, connected with everyone to express myself.

  35. Kimberly Camille Tiu says

    to stay connected with my friends and family all the time anywhere and everywhere

  36. purpz says

    I need a pocket wifi because we only use usb plug internet which means we cant share internet connection – wanted to get share the net to the whole household.

  37. Filipina Explorer says

    I work as a freelance writer and I also blog. A pocket WiFi sure comes in handy while I’m on the move.

  38. Maricel Pagkatipunan Villanuev says

    My family and i always travel but still need internet connection to answer email and net communication. Having the smart bro pocket wifi will be a great convenient for us.Thank you and Happy New Year!

  39. laarn says

    to communicate with my siblings anytime anywhere

  40. Victor Perez says

    its the answer fro my net needs when im always in the mid of nowhere…

  41. john aron monjardin says

    i need this because smart is the only one that i trusted that will give me the best service that i can get 🙂 IT’ PROVEN!!!

  42. rica says

    i need to be online 24/7 because of my work so i really need it

  43. Jleahn says

    I really need this bad, honestly I’m wanted this for so long, but I don’t have a budget coz I have kids to send to school, so I want to have this for free, I need this smart pocket wifi so that every time I want to chat with my husband who is a OFW. I want to stay connected to Him anytime to check him and to ease his boredom and homesickness and every time he want to talk to us and specially the kids, he can talk to us as fast as this smart pocket wifi is, and I don’t need to rush to Peso net cafe every time my husband texted me that is time and money consuming so I really really need this Smart pocket wifi..

  44. Mark Paigna says

    im’m mostly on the move. having a pocket wifi would come in handy to help me stay connected to the internet.

  45. Jericho Garcia says

    i need a pocket WiFi because I always check my emails wherever I go as this is very important for my work.

  46. Brian Aballe says

    i need this pocket wifi, so i could be online anywhere else and could update more my blogsite…^_^

  47. Aegeane Mikka Brioso says

    I need this smart pocket WiFi so I can be updated around the world 24/7, it will also help me to do my projects and thesis easier and faster.

  48. Cyron Poblete says

    I need a pocket WiFi to have access to my socials everywhere and anytime. I also need WiFi in school for school works 🙂

  49. Sinjin Pineda says

    Being a travel and lifestyle blogger, I need a pocket wifi since turning on mobile data on the phone itself is so battery-intensive! 😉

  50. Lanie Pregoner says

    I need a pocket WiFi because because of my work. I have online jobs and we have a rotational brownout from where I live which is a very big hassle for me.

  51. Carlo Angelo C. Purificacion says

    To share connections not just for a single device.

  52. blankPixels says

    There are many reasons why I need a Pocket WiFi. Let me give you 3 of the most important from the list:

    – My bro and I work online from home, and there have been many times when our DSL connection has failed us. So we turn to our Smart 3G connection using our phones, which does the trick, but since we work from different rooms, each of us have to register separately. This will save us from additional expenses since we can use this Pocket WiFi so we can both connect to the internet and work.
    – Our nanay is hooked on Facebook, and when we go out, she always begs me to share my 3G connection (I don’t let her subscribe ’cause she might accidentally turn her 3G on) so she can post her photos. Having a pocket WiFi handy would let all 3 of us (including my bro) to share the internet connection without using up my phone’s battery as much as tethering does.
    – Having a Pocket Wifi will enable my bro and I to work even when we travel since the connection will be more stable. We want to travel more this 2014. 🙂

    Thanks, Melo! Good luck to everyone who joined, and hopefully, I’ll be one of the lucky winners. 🙂

  53. rikk says

    I need a pocket wifi because I work at home and having a pocket wifi will let me work whenever and wherever I want! 😀

  54. Carlo C. Lualhati says

    i need it badly because i only have access in my boarding house and i always want t go online

  55. Basel Santos says

    Why do you need a Pocket WiFi?

    I need be always connected to the internet because I need to be current in whatever is happening in Metro Manila.

    While driving, I need to find where the accidents have happened, where traffic is heavy, and I need Google Maps to show me the locations of my destinations.

    In the Office, I have to have constant communication with my colleagues via email, chat, and Skype.

    While at Home, I need to research, update my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and Skype my Family.

    Nowadays being online all the time is a necessity.

  56. Diana Beatima says

    I need a SMART BRO pocket wifi so I can be easily connected & updated with friends in any of my social network sites in anywhere I go.

  57. Maeden Tolipas Cusi says

    I’ve been wanting to have a Pocket Wifi long ago but at that time, I just can’t afford it. I need one I don’t have to beg for my bf to open his wifi hotspot whenver I want to call my son through skype using my iPod (geez. wifi only). It also is really a hassle when you have to connect through malls’ wifi since lots of people are also trying to get their way in. A pocket wifi will be really helpful so I can contact my son wherever I am. I don’t have to wait til I get home to plug my broadband stick since my I can only use my iPod if I am able to connect through wifi.

  58. dianne says

    i want to share it with my family naka broadbnd lng kc ako, maganda to para lht kmi makakagamit…

  59. Christian Ampoloquio says

    I’m a smartphone user and i always need a connection anywhere and everywhere i go. It’s always a hassle if i need to find a free wifi or ask my friends to share their wifi. If i have my own, i will be the one who will be sharing instead and i will have the fast and strong connection with smart pocket wifi.

  60. Tere Decena says

    I would love to own one cause i love surfing the net :))

  61. MyMaria says

    Because post YOLANDA, the only reliable network and the only way to be connected to the Internet here in Ormoc City is via the SMART network. We do have a number of devices at home that needs to connect to a wifi network, so the Pocket Wifi from SMART is just perfect! Keepin’ my fingers crossed! ^_^

  62. Mai Songalia says

    I need a pocket wi-fi so I can work around the house. I will be able to work anywhere where the kids are and look after them.

  63. Melnic says

    I need a SMART Pocket WiFi to help me work online, connect with my friends and surf at the best possible speed online whether I’m at home or away.

  64. Jerilyn Del Rosario Dilig says

    I need a pocket wifi because i love to travel, and always have out of town work with our clients, and honestly i have a poor internet connection everytime in on vacation.. that’s why this smart pocket wifi save my travel life.

  65. Jamie says

    I need a Pocket Wifi so i can share my experiences with family and friends wherever i am!

  66. Dash Estefani says

    I want one of those Smart Bro Pocket WiFi units because I have unreliable connection in the apartment and I am in dire need of some stability (in terms of Net connection) since it is key to my online teaching stint. Also, I travel a lot and having a pocket WiFi unit with me would be most convenient.

  67. Marizza Domingo says

    I need a Pocket WiFi to be able to get real-time information…whenever, wherever.

  68. Kany Vic Perez says

    It would be a good alternative internet source on the street and the best portable one when I needed it right a way.

  69. Zyra Anne says

    It is an essential tool for a true internet speed I needed the most when Im outside.

  70. Victoria Jose says

    I want an ultrafast connection when Im in the middle of outside adventure.

  71. diane says

    i need pocket wifi to have connection to my family at abroad, hope to win so that i can always go online.

  72. m4nil says

    I plan to increase my frequency in traveling, thus I need an internet connection all the time to stay connected with my work and clients.

  73. Ryan Kenneth Sique says

    I need a pocket wifi because I need a back-up internet connection if my broadband connection at home will break down.

  74. Carmelita Bombarda says

    I want to win a pocket wifi because I plan to discontinue my broadband subscription to minimize expenses for my monthly internet connection bills.

  75. Saturn Vendio says

    Because I want to have a communication with my friends and family anywhere and anytime.

  76. Marissa Gavilan says

    I need a pocket wifi because i am an outgoing type of person and whenever i am out for leisure or trip i rely on hotels, restaurants and coffee shops free wifi and sometimes if i badly needed connections ask connection from my companion smart phones. Having my own pocket wifi will be great so i can be connected any time i want and anywhere i go.

  77. joshua paul perry says

    i want to have one hope i win!

  78. CzarinaMaye says

    Our neighborhood’s prone to flooding during rainy season so most of my neighbors renovated their houses meaning we were sandwiched by tall “buildings” thus making it hard for Globe to get signal for our internet connection. Had no choice but to get rid of the useless WiMax.

    We’ve been internet-less since Maring hit the country back in August-September 2013 and sucks that PLDT still don’t have an available slot for DSL applicants in our area as of this moment.

    Not having internet at home is quite good ‘coz my sister gets to concentrate with studies but bad since we only get access when we’re at our parents office or some mall who offers free wifi.

  79. Rhea Juaton says

    I need a pocket wifi to stay connected 24/7 for my online business and I can bring it with me anywhere especially on my work. 🙂

  80. Ivy Arancon says

    I need it to stay updated anytime and anywhere.

  81. Julie Gonzales says

    A great consistent connection that only a pocket wifi smart can give,. And I need it especially when my job requires me always outside,,,

  82. vivianaguilar says

    So that I will have connection all the time and everywhere I go.

  83. Doi | says

    Ever since i lost my Smart Plug it device, I’ve been srambling to connect to free wifi spots whenever i’m on the road and it’s frustrating not to be able to connect online when I’m travelling. Getting a SMART Pocket Wifi would be super convenient for me to access my social media accounts and blog whenever I travel across the country 🙂

  84. Lakbay Diva says

    I need a pocket wifi as i’m a travel blogger too! i need instant internet access for my laptop and smartphone which i know, smart can only provide 😉 #ipushnayanteh #vonggalangangsagotpangmsU

  85. Getting a SMART Pocket wifi would be convenient for travels around the country. Ang lakas ng signal nila, at malawak yung coverage. I need one to keep me connected with my family during my travels, and get to do my job even when I’m on the road. =)

  86. Kaiye Pallarco says

    Para no need na to connect to the public wifi 😛

  87. Cecille Capatan says

    I want to win a pocket wifi because i want to be connected always to my loved ones especially to my hubby who’s working abroad. Thank you!

  88. Kai Sensei says

    Not a travel blogger but still a blogger nevertheless. And of course.. its a blogger essential that you’ve gotta have wifi access wherever you are. Especially if you always go to events! hehe. Having a pocket wifi makes life easier.Data network through your mobile carrier drains your batt (yes I know through personal experience!) so having a separate gadget for my own wifi use would definitely give a longer batt life to my phone. 🙂

  89. Pointsandtravel says

    because, I too, am a travel blogger!

  90. Kirst SJ says

    College is fast approaching for me & the Smart Pocket WiFI would be truly helpful for doing my schoolwork in and out of my home with its speedy connection.

  91. Lea says

    I need a pocket WiFi because I want to be online all the time.

  92. Rowen Bombarda says

    I need a pocket wifi because i need to be connected with my friends and loveones anywhere, everywhere i go 🙂

  93. Maria Corazon Letada says

    I need a Pocket WiFi because as a college student I need a fast, reliable and good internet connection for my schoolworks and help me to talk to our loved ones abroad anytime anywhere.

  94. Kathy Racaido says

    I need a Pocket Wifi because I often travel for work and leisure. I always make sure to be completely mobile and connected with the clients, work colleagues, friends, family, and loved one wherever I am.

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