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Sharing Among Bantoanons: 4th Honorary Winner in Photo Essay Contest

Sharing food in Romblon

Anna Theresa Fabonan, the 4th honorary winner in the Photo Essay Contest organized by ASCCA-Romblon, captured the tradition of sanrokan (food sharing) among Bantoanons, which has long been passed on through generations in the island. She compared this to the emerging and thriving movement of the community pantry in the Philippines. ?Read her entry written in her mother tongue and translated into the English language:

Sharing Among Bantoanons

Nowadays, community pantry has been widespread. It helps many people survive their daily living, especially those greatly affected by this pandemic. I salute those people who organize these community pantries. To help, they put up their own pantries, wherein you can get whatever you need, and also you give if you something to share.

Sharing Among Bantoanons - Romblon Dishes
Sharing Among Bantoanons – Romblon Dishes

The first picture shows the menu of our neighbor that she shared with us and the next one is the dish that we shared with her. The third picture is my mother and my Aunt happily sharing these delicacies.

Romblon Local Delicacies
Romblon Local Delicacies

It is because here on our island of Banton that we have our version of a community pantry. It’s called “sanrokan.” It means sharing whatever you have at your table with your fellow kasimanwas. This tradition of Bantoanons started from our ancestors. And this tradition has run in our veins since then and until now. It’s always fulfilling to help each other. That’s why I’m very proud to tell the world that I am Bantoanon, who speaks our mother tongue. People often say we have a soft accent, and I’m equally proud of it.

Sanrokan it mga Bantoanon

Pagkabali nak nauuso ngasing kaling “Community Pantry”. Durong nabubuligan nak mairaos ka pang adlaw adlaw nak pagkaon. Laloey kag mga tawo nak syarong naapektohan it ling pandemya. Saludo ako sa nag-organisa’t kali nak pramas makabulig sa kapuwa ay nagbutang it kali. Kung rein ay libre kang makakabaoy it kung nio man ka imo kinahangyan. Ag kung ingwa ka ra it maitatao ay puyde kang magtao.

Sharing food in Romblon
Sharing food in Romblon

Ka unang litrato ay ginataang liswi ag pritong isra, sanrok sa amo it ling amo mahugor nak kalibor. Ka masunor ay inaslom nak sihi yamor ka sari saring gulay nak hugot sa likor it bayay asanrok namo kang ante. Ag ka pangatlo ay si Nanay ag si Ante nak masadyang nagsasanrokan it suya.

Dahil deli sa amo Isla it Bantoon ay syarong buhi kaling ing sisiling nak “Sanrokan”. Kaling tradisyon nak kali ay tuna pa it kag kapanahonan it mga kaolo-olohan. Kaling sanrokan ay baydohan it kung nio mang inggwa ka. Partikyular kali sa pagkaon. Kung nio man ka imo hikot sa imo pamayay ay isanrok sa kalibor. Ag raya kali rein mang buho it kalibutan magtuyaghot. Pagkabali nak kitang tanan deli sa kalibutan ay nagbibinuligan. Kilaya man nimo o buko.

Mapahali, amigo o imo man kaaway ay dapat natong buligan pag nagpayungot sa ato. Pagkaado nak tradisyon kali it mga Bantoanon. Kada ako ing uukaw sa buong mundo nak ako ay usang Bantoanon. Pati ra ling amo sariling rila aber silinggon man nak kadota-dota ig bisaya. Puat kitang tanan magrahan.

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Written by Anna Theresa Fabonan

Anna hails from Banton, Romblon. She finished Information Technology in college and has a YouTube channel--Fabs Arts and Crafts.?

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