Romblomanons will Always Remember: Photo Essay Contest Entry

Broom makers in Romblon

Berna Caspe, one of the finalists of the Photo Essay Contest organized by ASCCA-Romblon last April 2021, captured the rich natural resources of Romblon and highlights the fact that her people continue to keep their traditional lifestyles despite the presence of modernity on their island. Read her entry written in her mother tongue and translated into English:

Romblomanons will Always Remember.

One of the things we can boast about is our ability to find ways. Even we are experiencing the blows of pandemic right now, we are still standing strong and finding different ways to sustain ourselves and our family. Right now, technology is so widely used that many people’s lives revolve around it to the point that sometimes even family members don’t see each other.

Broom makers in Romblon
Broom makers in Romblon

People are often focused on cellphones and technology, especially the children, which is why it is overwhelming to see families working together and small children know how to work and contribute to their families even in small things like making brooms to sell. It’s awesome to see children doing tasks because technology nowadays is widespread. Still, Romblomanons will not forget their past where they started and the traditions and work that allow their forefathers to live abundantly and them right now.

charcoal production in Romblon
charcoal production in Romblon

We Romblomanons are excellent in making ways and means to earn a living, when we see things around us we easily think of ways on how to utilize them and earn money like our bountiful forests and tress when there are plenty of them, we turned them into charcoals that many people can benefit.

Romblon Coconut farmers
Romblon Coconut farmers

Our island is rich in forests and trees, especially coconut plantations. It is joyful to think that no matter how modern we are right now, Romblomanons never forget where they come from and the old traditions like helping each other and thinking of traditional ways using our natural resources for us to live.

Ang mga Romblomanon hay Pirmi Makakadumdom

Isa sa ginapakadako ng romblon hay ang pagiging remedyuso naton. Aber igwa pandemya arinyan hay yari gihapon kita nagatindog ning matibay kag nagahimo ning paraan agud mabuhi ang aton sarili kag aton pamilya. Uso na gid ang teknolohiya arinyan ngani ang kadamuan hay daw didto nalang nagatiyog ang kabuhi. Kung kaisa waya na nagakitaan ang magpamilya kay habot habot sa selpon.

Puro selpon ang hawid ng mga kaungaan ngani hay kalipay gid makakita ning pamilya nga gabinuligan lalo na adtong mga kaisot pa hay antigo na mag-obra parehas ng paghimo silhig. Nakakabilib tan awon kung igwa ka makita nga mga unga nga naga trabaho kay arinyan hay banaag na gid ang impluwensiya ng teknolohiya pero ang mga Romblomanon hay waya gihapon ginakalimtan ang inda ginhalinan kag ang trabaho nga nagbuhi sa inda kag sa inda mga ninuno.

Kita nga mga Romblomanon hay mayad mag isip ning remedyu. Pag nakakita kita ning mga bagay sa alihid ta hay nagkakaigwa kita ning paraan para magkaigwa ning pangabuhian kag antigo kita mag gamit ning aton natural na ginabuy an subong sa mga kakahuyan. Kung kadamo na hay aton gina uling.

Ang aton isla hay kadamo mabuy an subong ng mga kakahuyan labi na ang mga kaniyogan. Kaayo pamatyagan nga aber moderno na arinyan kita hay waya gihapon ginakalimtan ang mga sinaunang kaugalian parehas ng pagbinuligan kag paghuman ning paraan gamit ang aton natural nga ginabuy an agud mabuhi.

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