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Life: 5th Honorary Winner in Photo Essay Contest

Beautiful Sunset Romblon

Sophia Maderazo, the 5th honorary winner of the Photo Essay Contest organized by ASCCA-Romblon, shared photos of the traditional lifestyles in Simara, which includes weaving mats, producing copra, and fishing. Read her entry written in her mother tongue and translated in the English language:


“In Simara, if you put in work, you’ll never go hungry.” This is one of the lines I always hear whenever elderlies converse. “Coconut trees are everywhere; the sea is right there, and pandan grows anywhere there’s land. These are the lifelines that have been keeping us alive.” As time continues to bring changes, Simaranhons could preserve the kind of life they were used to.

Copra in Romblon
Copra in Romblon
Weaving mats
Weaving mats

Weaving mats is still very much alive, people still board their boats to the sea to fish, and copra production is still a prominent moneymaker. These kinds of livelihoods not only give them profit, but they also define what it is to be a Simaranhon. Simara may be a small island, but its inhabitants form a tight-knit and happy community.


“Hali sa Simara, basta mahugor ka, indi ka magutom.”, usa sa mga linyang permi nakong narurungog sa istoyahan it mga maguyang. “Karamo-ramo kinang kanidugan, hina yang kinang ragat, kararamong panran sa kayhasan. Imaw kina kag nagbubuhi sa amo hanggang ngasing.” Sa patuloy nak pagligar it panahon, nahuman pa gihapon nak panatilihon it mga Simarahon kag uri it pamumuhay nak inra ingkagisnan.

Beautiful Sunset Romblon
Beautiful Sunset Romblon

Buhi pa gihapon kaling mga pagyaya it banig, ramo pa gihapong maantaw nak mga baruto sa yawor, ag tuloy pa ra gihapon ka baligyaan it lugit. Kaling pamumuhay nak tuyar ay buko yang dahil hali sinra nagkikita kundi ay usa kali sa nagbubuo sa inra bilang Simaranhon. Maisot man nak isla kaling Simara, ka mga tawo ra hali ay magkakakilaya ag masadya. Malipayon ka mga Simaranhon.

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ASCCA – Romblon is a chapter of Romblon Discussion List – Cultural, Livelihood, and Educational Assistance for Romblon (RDL-CLEAR), established in 1998. This non-profit organization aims to restore and promote the culture and heritage of the Bantoanon community. ASCCA has already hosted many workshops, conferences, cultural activities, and competitions to preserve Romblon’s nature, local languages, culture, and heritage and empower its community to pass its values to the next generation.

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The Photo Essay Contest was organized by the social media arm of ASCCA-Romblon. It started to hold monthly online contests last February 2021 on its official Facebook page for the Romblon community. Each contest aims to inspire fellow kasimanwas to showcase their talents and promote their own language, culture, and heritage at the same time. Follow our FB page at for future contests and updates.

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Written by Sophia Maderazo

Sophia currently studies Psychology at the Batangas State University. An interesting fact about her: She is not a full-blooded Simaranhon, but she has been living in Simara for about 14 years now.

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