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Smart introduces the Philippines First and Only Prepaid LTE


Good News for Tech Savvy Smart Prepaid users! Philippine largest Telco, Smart Communications will be offering its Prepaid 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) connectivity to its prepaid market.

Smart LTE Prepaid Preview
Smart LTE Prepaid Preview

Similar to the Smart Bro 3g pricing, you can soon enjoy the unlimited lightning fast connection of LTE on your gadgets for just 5o pesos per day. Smart’s launch event is slated for Sunday April 21, 2013.

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Smart’s LTE service was initially launched last year for postpaid subscriptions. With the use of Prepaid LTE enabled gadgets like Smart LTE Plug it (P5,995), Smart LTE Pocket Wifi (P6,995) you can now enjoy 1 day unlimited surfing for 50 by just texting – LTE<space>50 send to 22oo, LTE<space>299 for 7 days unlimited surfing and P995 for 30 days unlimited surfing by just texting LTE<space>995 .

Smart Prepaid LTE Pocket Wifi
Smart Prepaid LTE Pocket Wifi

Both prepaid Smart LTE plug it and Smart LTE pocket wifi’s are pre-loaded with an LTE 299 package which is good for 7 days of unlimited LTE connectivity.

Smart Prepaid LTE Sim
Smart Prepaid LTE Sim

Smart LTE simcards will soon be available for only P350 with free 7 days unlimited LTE data package for you to try and enjoy ultra fast connection from the only network that provides REAL LTE connection. These simcard can also be used on Iphone 5s and the newest version of iPad but it cant be used for voice calls.

Launched in August 2012, Smart LTE is the first and most widely-available LTE service in the Philippines. Smart’s LTE service delivers speeds of up to 42Mbps and spans 800 locations across 46 cities and 69 municipalities nationwide. Smart LTe is also available on postpaid at LTE Broadband Plans 1299, 1749 and 3500. To know more about Smart LTE, visit www.smart.com.ph/lte or go to the SMART Store nearest you.




  1. I have a HTC Thunderbolt smartphone by Verizon given to me from the US. It is a CDMA device with 4G-LTE so I am unable to use it here in the Philippines for calls and text messages since it cannot be unlocked because it is not GSM. Only GSM can only be unlocked. So the only way I can make use of it is to connect to wifi for browsing the internet… Now that SMART 4G-LTE has come around, is it possible to make use of my smartphone’s 4G-LTE capability by inserting a SMART LTE SIM? In this way, I can use it for internet browsing if I am not connected to wifi. Please advise. Thank you…

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