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Let’s Go Fishing, Beyond the Horizon! Photo Essay Contest Entry

Fisherman in Romblon by Iman Vestido

Iman Vestido, one of the finalists of the Photo Essay Contest organized by ASCCA-Romblon, captured beautiful photos of the Romblon sea and its people who would go fishing for a living. Read his entry written in his mother tongue and translated into the English language:

Let’s Go Fishing, Beyond the Horizon!

It’s 2021, with the spike of technology and big developments in agriculture and fishery, we still have folks who thrive to earn a living in one of the basic ways they knew and grew up with—fishing. It’s not because they don’t have a choice, but because it’s the only way their family can survive.

Fisherman in Romblon by Iman Vestido
Fisherman in Romblon by Iman Vestido

Romblon Province is mostly coastal and is surrounded by sea, and fishing is one of the diverse ways of living of its town’s people, especially to those in coastal areas. And I’m proud to be a son of who was once a fisherman.

Fishing Boat in Romblon by Iman Vestido
Fishing Boat in Romblon by Iman Vestido

Despite the strong storms, and now this Covid-19 pandemic that’s been happening all over the world, this way of living had survived and sustained our markets with the best fishes and other seafood our seas have.

Let's go fishing by Iman Vestido
Let’s go fishing by Iman Vestido

With fishing, they are not just putting food on their table, but also able to buy the other necessities of man, and to send their sons and daughters to better schools and universities so the dreams that these folks, which their fathers’ fathers thrive to achieve, will soon come to a reality.

Maley, Mapayawor!

Ngasing ay dosmil bente uno-ey, sa baydo it nag-uuswag nak teknolohiya sa agrikultura ag modernong parayan it pagpangisra, kag ato mga pobreng mangingisra ay nagpapadayon guihapon sa sinaunang mga parayan it pagrakop it isra. Kali ay buko sa parayan nak waya-ey nak gador kita it mahimo sa pagpangisra, kundi sa kabangdanan it kahirapon ag indi kapundar it ragko nak mga palakaya. Kada kung ano yang-ey kag inggwa kita, imaw yang-ey kag ato pangabuhian.

Kag Romblon ay guinglilibutan it ragat, kada miskin riin ka magpagto, karamuan sa mga tawo ay mangingisra, lalung lalo ey kung nag-iistar sinra sa habig it ragat. Ako ingmamarako nak ako tatay ay maayong mangingisra.

Miski anu pang bagyo kag nagrayan, ag ngasing ay asa tunga ey kita it pandemic Covid-19 nak natatabo sa bilog nak kalibutan, kaling mga mangingisra ay padayon guihapon sa pagrakop it isra agor kag ato mga merkado ay inggwa it mabakay kag mga tawo, miskan sihi ag iba pang mga pangabuhian nak nababauy sa ragat.

Pag mayapar kag hunas, karamu kag nagpapangagaykay, nagsasawayang, nagpapapanihi sa hunasan ag nagpapanikop pa sa suba it mga uyang ag alimango.

Sa pangingisra, buko yang pangsuya kag nababauy, kundi pati ra sa mga kinahangyanon it pamilya ay nababakay sa binaligyaan it isra. Kada ngani kaibahan ey raha kag pagpaiskuwela, badaran sa iskul, pangyamit ag bayon it mga anak ag miskan kag mga anak ay mag-iskuwela pa sa mayado para yang maabot kag mga kinahangyanon it mga anak. Kali ay nagtuna pa sa amo mga kalulo-lulohan nak mangingisra agor kaming mga apo ay indi magmarako sa amo kaugalingon sa kabangdanan nak sinra kag nagpakahirap para sa amo.

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Written by Iman Vestido

Iman hails from Tabing-Dagat, Odiongan, Romblon and currently works as a part-time Office Support Staff in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-PENRO, Odiongan, Romblon. Ivez knows how to speak the 3 languages of Romblon and can also speak Mandarin, basic Spanish, Arabic, and sign language. ?

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