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Interdependence: 2nd Place Winner in Photo Essay Contest

Luway by Jansen Magarejo

Jansen Magarejo, the 2nd place winner in the Photo Essay Contest organized by ASCCA-Romblon, gave us a glimpse of the beauty of the lifestyles of his hometown—from their value of Bayanihan, the making of mats from landang or dried pandan leaves, and the harvest of luway to make grass brooms. These show the people’s value and respect for mother nature and their unity. Read his entry written in his mother tongue and translated into the English language:


Being helpful is one of the Filipino traits that we have, and we’re still practicing where we don’t wait or expect for a change/payment. As we have seen in the picture, this portrays concern to others and other helping each other lift the boat; sort of volunteerism which is natural to us as a human being and revitalizing the essence of Bayanihan (unity). One of the primary livelihoods here in our municipality is fishing; you are lucky because you will be given some of their catch if you help them.

Banig by Jansen Magarejo
Banig by Jansen Magarejo

Another thing is how the young people help their parents. It’s one of our practices before and still exists today. The harvest of Luway is also a source of income here in our town, where we import these dry grasses to neighboring municipalities to make walis tambo / grass broom. This harvest serves as the bonding during leisure of some families in a certain area in our place because most kids enjoy shaking off the grass to cleanse it and letting it to dry with their elders. This is the occupation of some families, you helped your parents, and you’ve play and enjoy yourself with your friends all at the same time.

Luway by Jansen Magarejo
Luway by Jansen Magarejo

I’m not saying that people here in Sta. Maria can only make banig /mats, but one reason why I admire the citizens is that they are creative. Loving the Mother Earth, and making ways to reduce waste through weaving mats with drinking straw. Traditional mats were made from dried landang leaves or dried pandan leaves, and as a help and showing concern to our nature, they find ways to recycle, integrating the old and modern ways of weaving, and to have income at the same time. That’s interdependence while having an occupation.

Pangingisda by Jansen Magarejo
Pangingisda by Jansen Magarejo


Isya sa pagkatawo et mga Pilipino ang pagiging mabinuligon kung sa diin hay wa gid kita gahulat et bayad. Makikita mo sa mga litrato kung sa diin hay gapakita et paghigugma sa kapwa ang gabululigan sa paghakwat et bangka nga mga laki kung sa diin likas gid ran sa aton nga gakusa et bulig maghakwat kag ginapakita gid nga hanggang kadya ang bayanihan nga ginahambal. Isya sa ginakabuhi et mga tawo udi sa amon ang pagpamunit, maswerte ka gid kay taw-an ka et binuligan mo.

Ang pabulig it mga unga sa mga maguslit hay isya sa ugali naton. Ang pag-ani it luway hay isya sa ginakabuhi et mga tawo kung sa diin hay ginapadala ang mga naani sa ibang lugar para himuon nga walis tambo, ginaubra nga libangan it ibang pamilya ang pag-ani kaya kalipay lang gid it mga unga kung nagapagpag it luway kag ginabulad. Imaw ya ang hanap-buhay nga libangan it ibang pamilya kay nakabulig ka lon sa imo mga magulang nakahampang pa ikaw kibahan ang ibang unga.

Bukon lang taga Sta. Maria ang tigo mag-ubra it banig pero isya gid sa ginahanggan ko sa mga kasimanwa ko hay ang pagiging malikhain. Paghiguma sa aton kalikasan, pagbulig para mabawasan ang kalat sa pamamagitan et pag-ubra et banig nga may drinking straw. Ang tradisyunal na banig hay ubra sa dahon it buli o pandan pero bilang pagbulig sa kalikasan hay nagaubra ang iba udi it paraan para magrecycle kag pangabuhi man. Magbululigan lang habang gapangabuhi.

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Written by Jansen Lloyd Magarejo

Jansen hails from Romblon and currently studies Civil Engineering at the Romblon State University. He dreams of becoming a professional photographer someday.

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