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Line and Hook: Photo Essay Contest Entry

Fishing in Romblon - Bryan A. Fruelda

Bryan Fruelda, one of the finalists of the Photo Essay Contest organized by ASCCA-Romblon, weaved a heartwarming photo essay narrative about a humble and hardworking man who supported his children through fishing, battling the storms of the sea every now and then. Read his entry written in his mother tongue and translated into the English language:

Line and Hook

Here in Odiongan, where the fields and sea are accessible, the two main livelihoods of the community are farming and fishing. A day won’t pass that mud or sea weren’t touched, and hoe and hooks weren’t held.

ASCCA Photo Essay Contest Entry by Bryan A. Fruelda
ASCCA Photo Essay Contest Entry by Bryan A. Fruelda

This season that the field is thriving in the dryness of the land let’s give importance to our heroes of the sea – the fishermen that have spent most of their lives fishing, that heats their heads every time a Nipa-nipa was caught and sighs deeply if the baits were still on the hook.

I know someone that has spent almost all of his life in this line of work. When he was in high school, he always arrived late. Why you may ask? It was because he was always on the sea, fishing. He finished high school but wasn’t able to attend college. He continued his life as a fisherman and further married and made a family. Where is he now? He now stands as my father. We were able to finish college because of his work. The sea has brought us many good things.

ASCCA Photo Essay Contest - Bryan A. Fruelda
ASCCA Photo Essay Contest – Bryan A. Fruelda

Well, I have accompanied my Father during his small fishing expeditions; that’s why I can tell that fishing is not a small feat. Placing the line down the water is tiring. Note that you also have to oar while doing the line so that the line and hooks won’t fall in the same place. You’ll also feel the fatigue in your shoulders as you pull the line for harvesting. And all you caught is a scrawny fish like Mo-ong. That will really make you scratch your head.

Fishing in Romblon - Bryan A. Fruelda
Fishing in Romblon – Bryan A. Fruelda

Fishing requires a lot of work. It will give you some back pains, but it’s fun.

And just a reminder that in whatever God blesses us in fishing, we still have to be happy and have a grateful heart.

Labay ag Sima

Hali sa Odiongan, kung sariin ay sa tupar yang kag tubigan ag ragat, kag ruha sa primerang trabaho it pamuluyo ay kag pagiging mangunguma ag mangingisra. Indi gilipas kag adlaw nak waya it nasasapliran nak yunang o tubi-ragat, o nahuhuytan nak arado o sima.

Ngasing nak nagpapakagis-ak pa ra sa kaugahon kag tubigan, ay ato ataw-an it atensyon kag mga bayani it ragat – mga mangingisra nak nag-guyang ey sa kakalabay, nak nagpipinang-ugtas pag nipa-nipa kag nagkukubit, at nahingab yangey ra buno it marayom-rayom pag paon gihapon kag nawawat-wat.

Igwa ako’t kilaya nak tuna pa it katong sida ay maisot pa, buhay ey nida kag ragat. Nahuhuli sida minsan sa klase it tong sekondarya pa yang sida. Asi ara? Dahil halin pa sida it yawor. Uya sida katapos it pag-aaray ag tinuloy-tuloy kag pagiging mangigisra. Hariin ey sida ngasing? Sida ngasing kag amo palangga nak tatay. Nakapagtapos kami it pag-iskwela dahil sa ida trabaho. Karamong maadong ing-tao kag ragat sa amo kabuhi.

Minsan ay nakanunot ra ako sa ak Tatay sa yawor kada ayam nako nak kag pangpangisra ay buko basta basta. Kapuypoy kag nagta-taktak it labay. Pag nagta-taktak ey, sigi ra kag imo bugsay agor indi magtumpok kag mga bunit. Imaw ra it hapros it imo abaga sa pagbatak it labay. Mo-ong pa kag kubit. Mapapakagaw ka yangey talaga.

Kag pagpangisra, matrabaho talaga kina.

Kahapros sa likor, tama, pero kasadya.

Rumrumon yang nato, nak kung ano man kag ihatag sa ato it Ginoo, maging masadya ag magpasalamat gihapon kita.

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Written by Bryan Fruelda

Bryan is from Tumingad, Odiongan, Romblon and works as a Marketing Staff at Sharkhub. A fun fact about him in his words is: “Kaya nakong magpanggap nak ok ako aber buko."

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