The Ultimate List of Beautiful Beaches in La Union Province

Wallace Air Station

Beautiful Beaches in La Union Province

La Union is a province in the Northern Philippines that is perhaps comparable to Palawan. It would be fair if I say that it is the Palawan of mainland Luzon: there are just so many beautiful beaches in La Union to discover. La Union, being located at the edge of the archipelago, is blessed with beaches that are perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, and even surfing (that’s right, folks, La Union also has its own “Siargao”).

All of the beaches listed here are not white -or pink-sanded, in comparison to the other iconic beaches of the Philippines. Perhaps due to the geographic location, La Union beaches are mostly brown, and sometimes grey, due to the huge amount of crushed corals. Nevertheless, you will fall in love with the waves, open skies, and fresh air of these beautiful La Union beaches:

Beach in Bauang La Union by Chelsea Gabriel via Flickr
Beach in Bauang La Union by Chelsea Gabriel via Flickr


Bauang is a first class municipality that is known for its beaches and the Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church, which is one of the oldest Spanish churches in La Union. The municipality annually celebrates the Baggak Festival, which pays tribute to the baggak (“morning star” in Ilokano). Notable beaches here include:

Marand Beach Resort at Baccuit Sur Beach
Marand Beach Resort at Baccuit Sur Beach

Baccuit Sur Beach

Baccuit Sur is just one of the many barangays of Bauang, but it is one of the only few villages situated on the seaside. Baccuit Sur has a small beach with cream to brown sands, and it is not as developed or grandiose as other beaches in this list, but it sure does give a lot of privacy for travelers who prefer to travel off the map.

Paringao Beach
Paringao Beach

Paringao Beach

Paringao Beach is the perfect seaside staycation destination. The beach is accessible from a small street that leads to an area with at least three resorts. This small fork in the road is easy to spot: it is just across a massive local grassland so you won’t miss it. Book a room in either Coconut Grove, China Sea, or Eastside Beach Resort.

Taberna Beach

The long strip of sand that stretches from the topmost edge of the province and further downwards is accessible from Barangay Taberna, another Bauang barangay that is located near Baccuit Norte and Sur. Follow De Guzman Avenue to get here. Nearby accommodations include Shekinah Resort, Seagull Hotel Ruins, and SunSeekers Villa.

Poro Point Beach
Poro Point Beach

San Fernando

Located just north of Bauang is San Fernando, the provincial capital. It is the center of political, industrial, and economical activities in La Union. San Fernando is known for tourist destinations Pindangan Ruins, the Seven Hills, and the Christ the Redeemer statue, and the following beaches:

Canaoay Beach

If Pinandangan Ruins is in your itinerary, visit the Canaoay Beach, which is just a stone throw’s away from the tourist hotspot. The beach stretches in the entire edge of the seaside barangay. Stop by to watch the sunset with your barkada or check in on one of the resorts.

Carlatan Beach

Carlatan is one of the 59 barangays of San Fernando. Plantations make a huge percent of the barangay’s territory; the Carlatan Creek which runs across the area makes it very suitable for such. The beach is relatively small, but it’s peaceful enough for a campfire with loved ones. If you have the nearby Padgaraonan Beach in your itinerary, you will see that Carlatan Beach is just across the creek.

Beautiful Beach at Thunderbird Resorts La Union - Beautiful Beaches in La Union Province
Beautiful Beach at Thunderbird Resorts La Union – Beautiful Beaches in La Union Province

Poro Point

Poro Point is one of the most famous destinations not just in La Union, but also in the entire region. It is a peninsula, meaning it is a very small part of the mainland that protrudes into the open seas. Hang out at the Poro Point Boardwalk and see the point where the sun meets the ocean.

Wallace Air Station
Wallace Air Station

Wallace Air Station

This is also located in Poro Point peninsula. It is technically not a beach with the sands and coconut trees, but it offers views of the ocean. Wallace Air Station is alternatively called Poro Point Freeport Zone, or PPFZ.

Mc Pol Cruz in San Juan La Union
Mc Pol Cruz in San Juan La Union

San Juan

If you go a little more north from San Fernando, you will arrive at San Juan, a second-class municipality known for its corn and basketry industry. San Juan is known as the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines, and if you are a surfing enthusiast but can’t afford to go to Siargao, San Juan is a nearer alternative that is a beauty on its own.

- Beautiful Beaches in La Union Province -Del Moral Beach Cottages at Panicsican Beach
Del Moral Beach Cottages at Panicsican Beach – – Beautiful Beaches in La Union Province

Panicsican Beach

Much like Bauang and San Fernando, the entire edge of San Juan is a sandy beach, and each beach area is named according to the barangay where it falls. Panicsican Beach is located in a barangay with the same name. It is one of the smallest barangays in terms of area but its beach is huge.

Urbiztondo Beach by Dodong Flores via Flickr
Urbiztondo Beach by Dodong Flores via Flickr

Urbiztondo Beach

Urbiztondo Beach is the Siargao of the North and has received much recognition because of this. There are many surfing schools in the vicinity, so you if you haven’t yet, you can give surfing a try here.

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How to Get to La Union

La Union is accessible via land from major cities.

From Manila. There are many La Union-bound bus lines in Manila. Buses like Viron and Dominion offer routes from Cubao to either San Juan or San Fernando on a regular schedule. Bus fares would cost around Php 500 and last for 5 to 7 hours.

From Vigan. If you are coming from Vigan, there are many buses to choose from. All major bus lines, especially those bound for Manila, pass by San Fernando, La Union.

From Baguio. Buses from Baguio that depart for Pangasinan pass by the southern parts of La Union. You can ride a minibus from one of the bus stops at La Union to get to San Fernando.

Travel Tips

  • If you are going to La Union to catch the waves, the best time to visit is either July to October for the South Swell, or November to March for the South Swell.
  • If you want to sunbathe or swim, visit La Union from April to May. These are some of the hottest months, so make sure to bring lots of sunscreen.
  • Don’t miss out on the food here. La Union has tons of restaurants that offer irresistible seafood dishes. You can’t say no to Ilokano dishes.

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