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10 Reasons Why Filipino Travelers Should Visit Guam

Beautiful Guam

Last night, the Guam Visitors Bureau invited a number of travel enthusiasts and bloggers for an intimate dinner. During the dinner, we were able to meet Mr. Jon Nathan Pangilinan Denight, their General Manager. Together with the Guam delegation, Mr Denight was in town for the 3-day Travel Tour Expo 2015 held at SMX.

Mr. Jon Nathan Denight - GVB General Manager
Mr. Jon Nathan Denight – GVB General Manager

At the dinner, we were treated to a performance by cultural dancers from Guam. They delighted all the guests with their beautiful music and dancing. The dinner was more than wining, dining, and dance. We were also presented with a short Power Point and video showing us the beauty of Guam.

Guam Visitors Bureau Team and a Group of Cultural Performers from Guam
Guam Visitors Bureau Team and a Group of Cultural Performers from Guam

The presentation really encouraged us to consider Guam for future trips. It’s an especially great destination for Filipinos! Here are ten of the many reasons why Filipino Travelers should visit Guam:

Beautiful Guam
Beautiful Guam

REASON # 1: It feels like home.

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Over a quarter of Guam’s total population are Filipinos. 26.3%, to be exact! It’s one of the countries in the world where it won’t be difficult at all to encounter a kababayan in foreign shores. If you enjoy meeting with other Filipino travelers abroad, you won’t lack for Filipino company here.

Food in Guam
Food in Guam

REASON # 2: The food is great!

Not only is there a high amount of Filipinos in Guam, their food also have similarities to ours. For example, their Kelaguen is very similar to our kilawin. If you’re not much of an adventurous eater, you won’t have to worry about eating foreign and unfamiliar food here at all.

REASON # 3: Communication is no problem.

While a new language may be part of what makes a foreign land interesting, sometimes you just want to travel someplace where you can understand people and be understood. This is precisely one of the perks of traveling to Guam. It is a U.S. territory. As such, their primary language is English.

Two Lover's Point
Two Lover’s Point

REASON # 4: It’s the nearest US territory.

A flight to the US will take several hours, sometimes with multiple connecting flights and layovers. If you want to experience American soil, Guam is just as American as the mainland! Best of all, it’s only a 4-hour flight away!

REASON # 5: The flights are affordable.

Depending on when you’re going to book your flight and when you’ll be traveling, you can get lucky with a very cheap airfare to Guam. Philippine Airlines and United Airlines offer direct flights to the territory daily. Whether you’re planning to travel in six months or in six days, you won’t run out of flights to catch.

Shopping in Guam
Shopping in Guam

REASON # 6: It’s the ultimate shopping destination!

Guam is duty-free. This means, goods are a lot less expensive here than in their home countries. That’s right! Shop to your heart’s content. You can even pick up luxury and high-end brands at relatively affordable prices. It’s a shopping haven if you want to buy quality brands for a lot less.

REASON # 7: Affordable accommodations.

There are different accommodation options available for you in Guam depending on your preference or budget. Even if you don’t want to splurge, you can check out for affordable rates and good hotel deals in Guam.

Romantic Guam
Romantic Guam

REASON # 8: It’s perfect for honeymooners.

Start your married life with a fun adventure. Check out Two Lovers Point. It’s a 378ft cliff that has the best view of Central Guam and Tumon Bay. It is named after the legend of two star-crossed lovers who decided to leap off the cliff instead of let their families to keep them apart.

Diving in Guam
Diving in Guam

REASON # 9: Beautiful beaches and thriving marine life.

Guam is surrounded by water. This means, it is also surrounded by gorgeous beaches and marine life. You can go to places like Piti Bay and Fish Eye Marine Park to see rare fishes and sea creatures. Not only are these sights captivating, they’re educational and fun for the whole family, too!

Adventure in Guam
Adventure in Guam

REASON # 10: It’s an adventure!

Tick off one thing in your bucket list and go skydiving in Guam! It’s one of the many adventure sports found there. There are also numerous water sports and outdoor activities for the thrill-seeker in you. It’s not all shopping and beaches!

For a territory that is only 549 square kilometers, there are so many things to do in Guam. Whether you’re staying long or just in town for a quick visit, you’re sure to enjoy a packed itinerary. Consider Guam for your next big trip!

To know more about the latest events and news in Guam, you may also visit the Guam Visitors Bureau’s Facebook Page at:

Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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