Why I want to visit Guam?

Guam is one of the best tourist destinations with beautiful white sand beaches which are tropical in nature, entertainment destinations, and places of historical importance. You will never be short of entertainment and enjoyable experience in the Island.

guam best beach
Beaches in Guam

Guam is an unincorporated island of United States and it is ruled by a civilian government. The capital of Guam is Hagatna. The island was occupied by Spanish and Japanese till it was liberated by the US during the World War II.

The climate varies form 75 degree Fahrenheit to 85 degree Fahrenheit (26 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius with an average temperature of 81 degree Fahrenheit (28 degree Celsius). The island experiences rain between October and December and is dry between January and May.

There are many places in Guam which are of cultural importance, historic importance, natural beauty and other places of outdoor attractions.

Guam Breakfast
Guam Breakfast

Chamorro Village
It is situated in the capital village of Hagatna and is place that we will never want to miss. The will take us through the culture of Guam with traditional gift shops, traditional food vendors and even entertainment during certain nights.

Cocos Island
It is tropical oasis that is situated in the Cocos Lagoon which is one mile off the southern coast of Guam. The island is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches and clear water. The does not have any permanent residents and is place for dolphin watching tours, scuba diving and parasailing.

Two lovers’ point
This is another place of tourist attraction, which is a perfect place to have a good look at the coast line. Located on the cliffline on the northern part of Tumon, it is place worth visiting and do not forget to take your camera with you or you will regret because it is simply awesome.

Fish Eye Marine Park
Situated in the Piti Bay, it is a marine preserve and is a protected lagoon. It is famous for the underwater observatory which is situated in the “Piti Bomb Hole”. Here we can find about 200 species of fishes and other living sea creatures. It is one of the popular dive spot in Guam.

Talofofo Falls Park
It is one of the popular waterfalls on the island. The nearby areas have been made into a beautiful park for people to visit and relax. It is 30 foot waterfall and is definitely going to make your day.

Shopping at Guam
Guam is the right place for shoppers. Shopping is less expensive in Guam as it is a duty free area and branded products can be purchased at a lower cost than the country of origin. It is a perfect place to look for Micronesian handicrafts and island dressing.

Fresh food
The restaurant in Guam provides delicious and tasty food which is of high quality. They serve continental and ethnic food which you will never forget. The restaurants are famous for fresh sea food which includes fresh fish, octopus and lobster. There are even American fast food chains which are well accepted among the travellers.

  1. thepinaysolobackpacker says

    interesting info about Guam! thanks for sharing! 🙂 wish I could afford to visit it in the near future!

    1. melo says

      I would love to visit the island too…

  2. Christine says

    I was sold at the idea of traveling Guam at first glance of Guam breakfast! Looks yummy!!!

    1. melo says

      I heard dami daw pinoy dun kaya ayun look at the breakfast parang tapsilog lang hehe:)

  3. Arnold Beaner says

    It’s been over 30 years since i left Guam and I still think about the island and people almost every day.

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