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Marshall Amplifications, a British firm popular for its amplification systems made history decades ago with great amplifiers with supreme sound, never been heard before, considering the fact that there wasn’t any sacrifice in the sound quality as well. The Marshall Amplifiers gave birth to a sound which has been referred to as “The Marshall Sound” by many.

Marshall is perfect with iPhone 4
Marshall is perfect with iPhone 4

Marshall Headphones

Marshall Headphones sport every feature that Marshall is famous for. Sporting an old-school retro design, the Marshall Major headphones are pretty classy. Marshall Minor headphones on the other hand have unique design which you would find eccentric. The Marshall Minor headphones resemble the design in Marshall Amplifiers. The bronze finish in the in-ear monitors of the headsets gives it a sleek look. The in-ear monitors of the Marshall Minor headphones have a flat exterior.

trendy headphones
Best Marshall Headset

Marshall Major White headphones

For a traveler, this is one of the coolest headphones to go for. The square ear cups, the white-brown-gold colour combo with an elegantly branded Marshall logo on the earcups, adds to the style of the Major White headphones which sport an old-school look. The Marshall Major white headphones work perfectly alright with any 3.5 mm or 6.3 mm Music player. The square earcups with the soft cushions would rest comfortably on your ears.

trendy White Headphone
White Headphone

With the maximum input power of 20 mW and a 40mm dynamic moving coil speaker, the Marshall Major offers great sound with optimum quality. From a traveler’s perspective, Marshall Major white is very much portable which is mostly due to its collapsible build. The headphone can be folded to a much smaller size, hence easier for transportation as well as storage.

Original Marshall Minor Headphones
Original Marshall Minor Headphones

However it does have a few cons. The term “Major” in the name is pretty useless, when you consider the fact that the Marshall Major White headphones wouldn’t be much comfortable for people with big heads, as the headphone is pretty small sized. One other con is the irritation caused by the leather ear cups if you use it for long hours. It would be warm and irritating soon.

Marshall Minor White headphones

With the tangle-free braided cabling, quality build, thin sleek design and the perfect mix of gold and white colours, the Marshall Minor White headphones are more preferable to over-the-ear headphones, from a traveler’s point of view. It sports a 15.4mm dynamic moving coil speaker and a maximum input power of 5mW.

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White Marshall Minor Headphones

Pros of Marshall Minor white

• Impressive sound quality
• Tangle free cables
• Interchangeable ear tips
• Sleek design
• Affordable price tag

This means, Marshall White Minor is a good travel partner, but mind you that this headphone needs some getting used to. While you use it in your travels, don’t expect it to perform well in the Noise isolation category, which is the only major demerit of the headphone. But still, it’s not that bad.

best headphone for iphone 4
Marshall Minor Headphone


Both Marshall Major white and Minor white headphones are iPhone 4 compatible, offer great sound quality for which Marshall is popular for, sport neat and good looking designs, comfortable fit and great portability. If you prefer more sound, use the Major headphones with the square earcups. If you don’t prefer a not so big headphone in your travels, Marshall Minor white headphone would be a good choice, although it wouldn’t be very useful in a totally noisy environment. Besides, you should also consider the price tags. The Minor white is very much affordable. Major White is more priced, most likely because of all its cool features and good performance.

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