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Top 15 Best Things to Do in Guam, USA

Guam Tourist Spots, Best Activities to do, and Places to Visit in Guam

Best Things to do in Guam

Bucket List: What are the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Guam, USA

Guam is famous for being an idyllic holiday destination, especially among sea lovers. Its distinct Chamorro culture offers a unique tropical experience, making Guam a true Micronesian jewel. If you want to see, feel, and taste only the best Guam offers, this list of activities will make your days merrier.

Spend days at the beach

Best Things to do in Guam
Best Things to do in Guam

Guam sits in the western area of the Pacific Ocean, giving it a warm and humid climate, perfect for beach fun. If you’re yearning for the most radiant tan, the best time to visit is from January through May. The most paradise-like beaches of Guam are at Tumon bay, and it is a must-visit tourist spot on the island. Here, you’ll find gleaming white sands that look great and feel OK too. Coco Palm Garden Beach is another must-visit. Beautiful coco palm trees line the sands of this beach, giving an ultimate vacation vibe. You can rent a cabana as you stare into the horizon for a good amount of me-time, with the freshest coconut juice on hand.

Uncover the truth behind the Two Lovers Point

Two Lover's Point
Two Lover’s Point

Also known to the locals as Puntan Dos Amantes, this tourist attraction is one of Guam’s most iconic. It is a reflection of a timeless legend about eternal love. A beautiful lady ascending from a wealthy family was arranged to marry an influential Spanish captain during the Spanish colonial era. She disagreed and ran away, only to meet a young and modest Chamorro lad who’d sweep her off her feet later.

They fell in love truly, madly, and deeply. However, the girl’s father heard about their passion and got mad-angry. The girl was forced to leave the young man to promise to return. An immersive experience at the Two Lovers Point is recommended if you want to know more about this story. Let the next events unfold as your feet touch the ground of this unforgettable landmark.

Swim with sharks underwater

UndwerWater World Guam photo via FB Page
Underwater World Guam photo via FB Page

Underwater World Guam is a wonderland! Both young adults, locals, and tourists are sure to enjoy the activities offered here. Even without specialized training and the professional fees that come with it, you dive and swim with sharks underwater! The water world is equipped with stellar facilities and quality first aid measures.

If you’re not feeling that adventurous, this place will still prove to be fantastic. Apart from watching fascinating sea creatures from a safe distance, you can touch a shark’s egg or feed them too. You won’t be short of amazing options!

Enjoy Guam’s incredible marine life.

Fish Eye Marine Park photo via
Fish Eye Marine Park photo via

The Fish Eye Marine Park has been entertaining tourists for over two decades! They will introduce you to Guam’s pristine undersea world through engaging and unforgettable activities, a highly recommended activity among tourists.

This marine park also offers tours to snorkel underwater or watch dolphins being in their element. Make sure you check them out on your next visit and support their marine preservation causes when possible.

Parasail at the Cocos Island Resort

If you want an island dedicated to relaxation, Guam’s Cocos Island will excite you! This 1,600-meter long and 300-meter wide island has the necessities of a fantastic vacation. Here, you can enjoy island cuisine, a dainty cafe, ice cream parlors, a water sports rental, and an olive or bronze tan.

One of the main attractions of this resort is the availability of parasailing at an affordable price. Watersports take the fun to the next level at the beach, and it is a must-try!

Experience the local scene at Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village by yuki5287 via Wikimedia cc
Chamorro Village by yuki5287 via Wikimedia cc

This is the perfect place for tourists to have a culturally immersive experience. Here, they can have quality time with the locals, try their cuisine, and appreciate their crafts. If you only have limited time, visiting this village on a Wednesday night will prove to be one of your trip’s highlights.

Every Wednesday, the night market showcases locally grown produce accompanied by local dance groups to entertain the crowd. You get to experience all of this over barbeque, drinks, and exciting conversations.

Fort Nuestra Senora De la Soledad

Fort Nuestra Senora De la Soledad photo by Douglas Sprott via Flickr CC
Fort Nuestra Senora De la Soledad photo by Douglas Sprott via Flickr CC

This fort in Guam represents a very important piece of history. Spanish troops built it as one of the ports to ward off enemies. Here, you get to see an ancient barbette, what a guardroom looked like, and the area where Spaniard soldiers stored their weaponry.

Hike Mount Lamlam

This mountain is more than just its 1,332 ft height above sea level. Lying underneath the sea’s surface is Mount Lamlam’s 36,070-ft body, making it an enormous mountain. This mountain’s name is Chamorro which translates to “lightning” in English.

The mountain’s height on the 210-square-mile island will give you an impressive view of Guam. The horizon where the sea meets the sky will keep you gazing for hours. At Mount Lamlam, you’re closer to the sun, so make sure you apply and reapply sunscreen during your visit.

Visit Sandcastle Guam

Contrary to its name, this edifice is not made of sand. It is, in fact, a 40 million dome-shaped theatre. Sandcastle Guam will give you one of the most splendorous shows you’ve seen, complete with magic, tigers, and showgirls in specific productions. The different shows it hosts make it suitable for children and adults alike.

Take a cultural trip to the Pacific War Museum.

Pacific War Museum Guam photo via Wikimedia cc
Pacific War Museum Guam photo via Wikimedia cc

Guam’s participation in World War II is memorialized in this museum. Here, you’ll see the types of equipment and weapons used during one of the most important turning points in the world.

Everything showcased in this museum was impactful during its time. If you want to better understand the past and commemorate the lives of fallen heroes, the Pacific War Museum is an excellent place for you.

Explore a Spanish fortress

Fort Santa Agueda photo via Guampedia Flickr CC
Fort Santa Agueda photo via Guampedia Flickr CC

The traces of war in Guam are evident through the Pacific War Museum and through Fort Santa Agueda. This is the last and only surviving Spanish fortress, and you can still visit it today. It has seen a lot from Spain’s glorious time, the rise of America, and was occupied by Japan later on.

Referred to as Fort Apugan nowadays, it will give you a piece of the beautiful past and a panoramic view of Guam.

Scuba dive at the Gabgab beach

This beach is Guam’s hidden gem. It has a swimming pool type of sea wall, making it very convenient to swim on. You can just alight from the sand to the sea, and you’re all set to have a great time. If you are an aspiring scuba diver, this beach has options for beginners through professionals. You’ll be amazed by the bountiful marine life residing here, the vibrant corals, and the amount of life under its waters.

Drive-thru for your market needs

Have you tried driving thru for your market needs? Guam has a Farm to Table event to support its local growers. This means that you can buy their products in drive-through every Thursday in select marketplaces. Orders are strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. If you run a little late, don’t worry. There are many marketplaces in Guam if you wish to cook fresh meats and fish or if you simply want to show support to their farmers. Dededo Flea Market and the Fisherman’s Co-Op sell one of Guam’s freshest products, so check them out.

Go on a river cruise.

If you’re up for some water adventure, the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park has many individual and group activities available for you. You can kayak, cruise, or paddle your way along the breathtaking Talofofo and Ugum Rivers.

The designated tour guides are trained well to give you a safe yet adventurous experience. They will also tell you more about Guam and the treasures therein. Many tourists describe this experience as one of the most exquisite so make sure you don’t miss it!

Try different Chamorro dishes.

Chamorro Cuisine

The Chamorros are the indigenous people of Guam, and they make up most of the population. Undeniably, their culture and cuisine are impactful to Guam and its tourism. One of their most tasty local dishes is called Chamorro bistek. This dish is perfect for your palette if you fancy thin-sliced beef, some seasonings, and a flavourful beef stew. Chicken and fish kelaguen is also a crowd favorite, especially when served with grated fresh coconut.

Not only is it fresh-tasting, but it is also highly nutritious! Guamanians have the delightful Chamorro cake if you’re wondering what’s for dessert. It’s a sweet treat of the sponge cake base, vanilla custard, and a generous amount of cinnamon. If you’re wondering how to say delicious in Chamorro, you could say ‘Månnge’!’

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Guam Travel and Tour Packages

To help you plan out your visit to Guam, we listed places to visit and things to do for your itinerary. We also listed some of the best Guam travel and tour packages, as well as excellent flight deals and accommodation.

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