Visiting Queen’s Park and the University of Toronto

Queen's Park in Toronto

On our fourth day in Toronto, Philippine Airlines hosted another City tour but this time, its a little bit of a walking tour. With the cold weather and nice architectural wonders we saw in Queens Park and University of Toronto, It made me so excited to narrate this whole new experience. During our short walking tour, we get the chance to visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and also the famous University of Toronto.

Queen's Park in Toronto
Queen’s Park in Toronto

The Legislative Building:

The Queen’s park houses the Legislative Assembly complex and the University. It is built in a Romanesque style.  The traditional British design is prevalent in the park, dominated by trees. As you walk through the park, by the trees, you will feel transported to another land of dreams. Every step you take through the meandering pathways is surreal. There are foot paths which radiate outwards to the street that circles it. There is an oval park surrounded by the Queen’s park crescent East to West.

Statues and Monuments:

I came across a lot of interesting statues and monuments when visiting the Queen’s park and the University of Toronto including that of George Brown, King Edward VII, John. A. McDonald, Queen Victoria etc.

University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto is situated on the grounds that surround the Queen’s park. The architecture in the Central and Eastern portions of the campus is a combination of Gothic and Romanesque Revival buildings. The main attraction is the main building of the university college. It is really amazing to behold such a classy specimen in the American continent. The building was declared the National Historic site of Canada in 1968.

Univerity of Toronto
Univerity of Toronto

Then you find the convocation hall, with a domed roof. Academically, the University hosts a number of faculties in the stream of Arts and Science, Applied Science and Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, Faculty of Music, Forestry, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing etc.

The culture and life I could experience while visiting the Queen’s Park and University of Toronto is worth mentioning. There exists a communitarian spirit among the students. As we walked through the entire campus, all I felt was zeal to study again… I so miss my University days:)

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