MiPow Power Tube Universal Mobile Charger Review

Are you a frequent traveler like me? Here’s something you not only need but will definitely want. After seing this in Digital Walker couple of weeks back, I finally got my own MiPow Power Tube Universal Mobile Charger. You may have seen other mobile charging solutions, but this tiny but powerful all in one mobile phone charger takes the cake.

MiPow Power Tube Mobile Charger
MiPow Power Tube Mobile Charger

If you are a Filipino, Im pretty sure you have more than one mobile phone with you at all times. I also know that in all likelihood, you are not going to have the same mobile next year. Right? Not to mention you probably like traveling (otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this), so I’m pretty certain that this is something that will be right up your alley.

iphone gadget
Small but Powerful Mobile Charger

I have my mobile with me all the time and I use it for work, email, and keeping in touch with friends. Most of that is because I’m primarily using a 3G enabled mobile phones – an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry Bold 3 to be exact. The big issue is that with all that use, the battery just can’t last long enough.

Charging my iPhone 4
Charging my iPhone 4

It seems like I have to recharge my iPhone twice daily and if I forget (which I admit happens more than I wish it did) then I’m in trouble. I carry a charger most of the time but if I’m carrying my iPhone 4 and my Blackberry and I’m traveling with my friend who has a Nokia and Samsung then we need to have four separate charging solutions.

all in one charger
Mobile Connectors

Not anymore. The MiPow Power Tube is a truly universal charger. It’s 2200 mAh and works for all of the above plus more. Essentially, this is a mobile battery that can be used to charge up any phone you have whether it’s an Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, or a Sony Ericsson. The whole thing fits in a small black pouch with multiple connectors. With a body that uses metallic anodized aluminum that can also be found in iPod nano, this power charger also comes in eight different colors.

Charging my BlackBerry Bold 3
Charging my BlackBerry Bold 3

For travelers it’s perfect because you just charge it, put it in the pouch and off you go. What’s nice is that the battery has some serious juice. With one charge you can charge multiple phones or the same phone multiple times. For an iPhone 4 user like me, this is a lifesaver. I can forget two and a half times and not have to worry about it. Even I can remember to charge the phone every third time and at that point, I charge the MiPower too.

The price is reasonable at 1,999 php and you can find it in mobile, gadget, and electronic shops all over Manila. This product will soon be available in Travel Club but if you want to grab one asap, heres the list of stores that sells MiPow Power Tube Universal Charger:

A SHOP- Eastwood, Glorietta, Trinoma, Podium, Ayala
ASTROVISION/ ASTROPLUS – Mall of Asia, Greenbelt 5, Shangrila, SM North Edsa
DIGITAL HUB – Vmall, Market Market
DIGITAL WALKER – Eastwood, Mall of Asia, Park Square 1
MOBILE 1 – Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, Park Square, Ayala Center Cebu
iSTUDIO – High Street Bonifacio, Shangrila, Vmall, Gateway, SM Manila
SWITCH – Alabang Town Center, Park Square 1, UP Technohub, St. Benilde, Qmall Ayala Marquee

You gotta love not having to remember to charge everyday. Checkout Mipow Philippines Facebook Fanpage for other interesting travel gadgets.


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