A fruity new twist to welcome the New Year

At last 2013 is finally here! It’s time to once again be in a festive mood for another year was survived. And as a year ends, a new one dawns with more challenges to face and more opportunities to grab. So take out the glasses and the plates, empty the pantry and call friends and family for a special celebration the Mayans and Nostradamus himself never saw coming.

The fruit arrangements can come how ever you want them to be.
The fruit arrangements can come how ever you want them to be.

And as always, the new year is a perfect opportunity to try new things and to add an exciting twist to shake things up a bit. It’s time to add more color to the Media Noche with a centerpiece as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers but very edible. SM introduces the fruit bouquet; the first and only commercialized fruit bouquet service in the country. It is the perfect combination of beauty and fruity made from carefully carved fruits arranged perfectly to emulate the aesthetic appeal of flowers. Not only are they good looking, they are very good for the health and the taste buds too.
Absolutely fruity
“It (the Fruit Bouquet service) is available in SM Supermarket and Savemore branches like Makati, Megamall A and B, North Edsa, Fairview, Southmall, Marikina and Festival mall. We are currently training more staff for the other SM Food stores in Greater Manila Area,” said Ms. Leah Lee, Assistant Vice President for Merchandising.
The fruit bouquet service is not seasonal. It is intended to be a regular service for the said stores. The bouquets are made from only the freshest fruits uniquely designed and cut into fanciful shapes that are creatively put together in an attractive mix of colors and a delicious variety of flavors. Though there are ready made fruit arrangements, customers have the freedom of having their own personally designed bouquets because all fruit carvers are specially trained to make intricate fruit carvings and pleasing arrangements just for you.
It might be hard to believe but the service is actually free of charge; all customers have to do is to purchase the fruits from SM and the staff will make one while you wait. The fruit bouquets can also be pre-ordered for your convenience. It is part of SM’s consistency in introducing fresh ideas and offering extra services to its customers in 2013 and for the years to come.
New year, new center of attraction
So why not try something new today? Dazzle your friends and loved ones with a fruit bouquet. It’s an impressive way to add color to the dining table and a fun way to serve dessert. It’s healthy and yummy too! So before lighting the fireworks, banging the pans, and ringing the bells, stop by the selected SM Supermarkets and Savemore Markets to have your very own fruit bouquet, you can shop for anything and everything else that you need for the Media Noche while you wait too. An SM fruit bouquet is definitely what you need to welcome 2013 and everything it brings.

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