Creating Virtual Travel Scrapbooks Is Just A Snap With Instagram

#EverydayWithInstagram is now more Fun!

As someone who likes to save up and go traveling in my downtime, saving every bit of cash helps. I like documenting my trips, but I also want to stay connected in real time with my friends and family, so I end up spending quite a bit on data charges.

Buenos Dias from the vibrant and historic city of #Madrid #Spain Lets #TravelMore and #LiveMore #LGG4TheGreat

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Instagram (follow me @melovillareal) is one of my favorite apps for sharing photos of my adventures, but all that usage does have a price—and I ended up ditching it for a while so I could use that money on other planned travel expenses.

Group Selfie before we fly 🙂 #CebuPacific #travel #JuanforFun #JuanforFun2015 #Dumaguete

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This was especially a hassle as I was planning to curate a photo collection of my trips for the entire year—the hashtag #EverydayWithTravel would’ve been so fitting, and it would’ve been so memorable as this was definitely my Eat, Pray, Love year of spontaneous flights and unplanned backpacking weekends.

Perfect Spot at Coco Grove resort in #Siquijor #Philippines #CebuPacific #JuanforFun #JuanforFun2015

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Yes, I could use a digicam—but then I would have to upload the photos to a computer before I can even edit and upload them. That would probably only be possible when I’m back home, and by then there’s really no point in posting since I can just show people the pictures on the camera itself.

ATM. Enjoying the view from my Hotel Window. Just arrived here at Valladolid, Spain. #Spain #TravelMore

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That’s why when Smart came out with its Free Instragram deal (more details, I no longer had to delay keeping track of all my fun memories on my favorite app—I just hopped over to the store right away to make sure my subscription is updated, and I’ve been happy with it ever since.

A mix of both worlds. An old world advertisements mixed with funky graffiti in Calle San Andres #Madrid #Spain #LGG4TheGreat #LiveMore #TravelMore #StreetPhotography

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Upon subscription to top prepaid offers or the latest postpaid plans from Smart, any subscriber can make use of this awesome deal. This will allow subscribers to freely browse their Instragram feeds and upload their own photos and videos from their smartphones without additional data charges—so no more worrying about the bill when I come back from some exotic beach!

And for dessert! #baguiocity is really a haven for foodies 🙂 #aftersummer #azaleabaguio

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Prepaid Subscribers can use up to 30MB per day with any popular prepaid promos that include All Text 20, Unli Call & Text 30, All in 99 and Mega 250, among many others. For Postpaid subscribers like myself, we can get up to 200MB for 30 days when one subscribes to any Smart Surf Plus Plan. It’s a great deal that allows me to keep snapping away, adding my desired filter and sharing with my social network all the sights there are wherever in the world I happen to be.

Whether it’s a crazy nightclub in Boracay, or the tranquil beaches of Palawan, I know that I can finally have a real #EverydayWithTravel experience thanks to Instagram this awesome deal from Smart. Now that you can take advantage of this great offer, why not make your own mini-albums for your travels? Since you can upload everyday without these extra charges through this option from Smart, you can even upload daily or any time you want.

Smart Free Instagram
Smart Free Instagram

Getting close to the waterfalls #Pagsanjan #Laguna #Travel #TravelMore #LiveMore

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It worked out for me—now I can put up my videos, share funny direct messages of sights to my loved ones and map out my journey. This #SMARTFreeIG promo will definitely enhanced my Instagram experience.

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