Classic Savory seafood dishes
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Classic Savory: A Rich Tradition of Serving Timeless Dishes, Lasting Memories

Classic Savory: Bringing Classic and Savory on the Hapagkainan

The Filipinos are known for being happy, festive people. And the one thing that is common in all Filipinos out there is this: the love for food. Be it adobo or pinakbet or just plain pandesal and kape, it is no exaggeration that Filipinos—who happen to be food lovers—strengthen their ties in the hapag kainan.

Classic Savory is the perfect place to treat your family and friends to timeless gustatory treasures.
Classic Savory is the perfect place to treat your family and friends to timeless gustatory treasures.

Therefore, there is no question why Classic Savory, a restaurant serving customers traditional Filipino-Chinese dishes since the post-World War II era, has been a favorite food joint by many Filipinos.

Restaurant History

Classic Savory traces its roots back to the 1950s. The now-famous restaurant began as a small food joint exclusively serving chicken and lomi in Escolta, Manila. The humble establishment was small, but perhaps the homey taste of the chicken and the warmth of the lomi allowed the people to slowly build up their ties again at the dining table. It was, after all, the post-war era. People were still shaken from the war, and the dishes Classic Savory served were classic. And savory.

Tender, juicy and tasty, Savory Chicken is the quintessential centerpiece of many feasts where families and friends create special memories.
Tender, juicy, and tasty, Savory Chicken is the quintessential centerpiece of many feasts where families and friends create special memories.

The restaurant owners, the Ting Brothers, seeing that the restaurant had the potential, expanded their franchise to share more of their classic, savory, Filipino-Chinese dishes with more Filipinos. In 2007, Ramon Ting, son of co-founder Antonio Ting, boosted the restaurant’s expansion by having branches in the country’s major malls: SM, Ayala Malls, and Robinson’s Malls. Now, Classic Savory has 80 branches nationwide, from its origin in Manila to Quezon, Pasay, Pangasinan, Bulacan, and to many other cities and provinces.

Serving Timeless Classics Since the ‘50s

During Classic Savory’s humble beginnings, the restaurant mainly served chicken and lomi, a bowl of thick soup with various vegetables and meat. Their menu includes various soups, ranging from Cream of Corn and Crab Soup to Spinach and Seafood Soup.

Classic Savory lomi
Classic Savory lomi

Dishes like Patatim Special guarantee that customers enjoy their time at the dining table, just like how they should, just like each regular customer would take decades ago.

Classical Filipino-Chinese dishes include merienda favorites Pancit Bihon Guisado and Veggie Lumpia Fried, and your own special bowl of classic, savory, Chopsuey, among other things.

The restaurant’s menu ranges from classical noodles to beef dishes, from their signature freshly-roasted Chicken to their cold, soothing desserts. There are a variety of dishes to choose from, and whether it’s their post-war Lomi or their recently-added dishes, rest assured that the current Marketing Manager Dennis Ting guarantees you the restaurant’s mission is fulfilled:

Classic Savory seafood dishes
Classic Savory seafood dishes

“Classic Savory has a long and rife tradition of serving Filipino-Chinese gustatory treasures that have stood the test of time. We shall continue to provide excellent dishes that would serve as perfect backdrops for cooking up tasty memories created among family, friends, and all groups of diners.”

If you’re looking for dishes that “have stood the test of time” since the post-war era, if you’re looking for something that brings back life to the dining table, if you’re looking for something classic, for something savory, then you know where to head to.

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