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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Banaue

Banaue Travel Guide Blog: Explore Philippines’ Ancient Man-made Wonder

Banaue is a famous backpacking destination among foreign tourists because of its world-famous rice terraces, cool climate, and tourist-friendly locals. In this Banaue Travel Guide, we listed down all the important things you need to know for your travel planning.

Banaue travel guide
Banaue Rice Terraces view from Stairway Lodge and Restaurant

The Banaue Rice Terraces refer to the cluster close to the Banaue Poblacion as seen from the viewpoint. The Banaue Rice Terraces you see in the twenty peso banknote are not a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Banaue Rice Terraces exclusion in the UNESCO inscription was due to the presence of numerous modern structures, making it score low in the integrity criterion of UNESCO.

Ifugao Kid in Batad
Ifugao Kid in Batad Rice Terraces

The five clusters inscribed by UNESCO as part of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras are Batad, Bangaan, Hungduan, Mayoyao Central, and Nagacadan.

Where is Banaue?

Hapao Rice Terraces in Hungduan
Hapao Rice Terraces in Hungduan

Banaue in North Luzon is a fourth-class municipality in the province of Ifugao. Banaue is the site of the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Batad Rice Terraces, and Bangaan Rice Terraces. These rice terraces are 2000 years old monuments of art and grandeur by the indigenous tribe of Ifugao and were constructed out of prehistoric tools by sculpting the surface of the earth.

Best Time to Visit Banaue

The months of April, May, and October to November are the best months to visit Banaue if you want to see the rice terraces in their greenest form.

Getting to Banaue

Ifugao Ethnic Games
Ifugao Ethnic Games

From Metro Manila

Ohayami Trans provides trips directly to Banaue. Banaue is 333 km from Manila and it takes 9-10 hrs to reach Banaue, Ifugao Province.

Terminal Location: Lacson Ave. cor. Fajardo St., Sampaloc, Manila (Just near the University of Sto. Tomas)
Telephone Numbers: +63 927 649 3055, +63 917 561 7344, +63 2 516-0501. They have three daily trips – 21:00, 21:45 and 22:00 leaving their terminal in Manila.

From Baguio City

Banaue can be reached by jeepney, bus, or private car from Baguio City. For bus transportation, Ohayami Trans have a 9PM daily trip from Baguio City.

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Getting around Banaue

Native Huts in Hungduan
Native Huts in Hungduan

Jeepneys and tricycles (little motorcycles with sidecars) are the two most common modes of transport around Banaue. Vans can be hired with a driver/guide via local tour operators. There is a public jeepney plying the Banaue-Batad (Saddle-point) (start of the trek to Batad village) route daily.

Hotels in Banaue

Rice Harvest in Batad
Rice Harvest in Batad

There are various Hotel and accommodations options in Banaue and most of them are located in the center of the town. Here are some of the popular places to stay in Banaue complete with contact info.

Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort
Apar Nga’-o Viewpoint, Banaue Ifugao
Tel: (074) 386.4082
Manang Jane : (63) 928-5214533

Banaue Hotel & Youth Hostel (Book Online)
Tel.(632) 8121984/8103655/8103703 (6374) 3864087-88

People’s Lodge & Restaurant (internet cafe also)
Tel. (6374) 3864014

Stairway Lodge & Restaurant (with internet cafe available)
contact number: 0639164567346

Spring Village
Tel. (6374) 4037

Terraceville Inn
Tel. (6374) 3864094

Cozy Nook Inn
Tel. (6374) 3864003

Fairview Inn
Telephone (6374) 3864002.
Small guesthouse some meters up the ill from center.

Greenview Lodge
Telephone (6374) 3864022

Native Village Inn, Uhaj village
9 km from Banaue, Telephone (63)9164056743

Banaue Homestay
Poblacion Banaue Ifugao,

Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant, (next door to the market)
Telephone 6374-386-4085.
Nice balcony at the back with a pleasant view of the rice terraces.

Banaue View Inn
Telephone (6374) 386-40-78

Halfway Lodge, Banaue, Ifugao
Telephone (6374) 3864082.

Randy’s Brookside Inn
email add:
Telephone +63 (0)917 577 2010.

Restaurants in Banaue

Sanafe Lodge & Restaurant
Location: Banaue Trade Center
Telephone: ? +63 74 386 4085
Operating Hours: 6am – 9pm.
Offers Indoor and al fresco dining on a wide veranda with great views. Filipino, Asian & Western dishes.

Ilob Village Inn
Location: Poblacion, Banaue, 1 km from bus terminals).
Native Ifugao house with restaurant, surrounded with rice terraces. You can also request to see a traditional Ifugao show.

Things to do and see in Banaue

Melo Villareal with Ifugao Ladies
Melo Villareal with Ifugao Ladies

  • Banaue Museum of Cordilleran Sculpture – A proud repository of rare photographs and artifacts that includes beads, baskets, pottery, woodcraft and woven materials, all of which depict various aspects of Ifugao history and material culture, the Banaue Museum is housed at the Banaue View Inn, a short walk away from the Banaue town proper.
  • Visit Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Banaue Rice Terraces Viewpoints and Souvenir Shops – Located along the Bontoc-Banaue Road, the viewpoint is a good 45-minute hike away from the Banaue town proper. For viewers, the Banaue Viewpoint provides a panoramic perspective of the terraces. For camera bugs and photo enthusiasts, the viewpoint offers a perfect photographic angle of the terraces.
  • Visit Batad Village – Batad village is suitably made famous by its stunning amphitheater-shaped rice terraces and the cascading waters and natural swimming pools of the Tappiyah Waterfalls. An hour`s ride away from Poblacion Banaue, the village proper can be reached after a 30-minute hike through mountain trails.
  • Visit Bangaan Village Rice Terraces – The beauty of these rice terraces along the mountain ranges of Bangaan is best viewed on the road to Mayoyao. This rice terraces cluster and village represent the native Ifugao. It is a forty-minute drive from Poblacion, Banaue, and a twenty-minute hike to the village.
  • Visit Hapao Rice Terraces 
  • Visit Mayoyao Rice Terraces

Souvenir Shopping in Banaue

Souvenir Shop in Banaue
Souvenir Shop in Banaue

Theres a lot of souvenir shops located in various viewpoints, town center, hotels and near the public market. Most common souvenirs are wood carvings, hand woven cloths and other handicrafts.

More Travel Tips

Ifugao Cultural Dancers
Ifugao Cultural Dancers

  • Flashlights: Banaue and the surrounding villages have poor lighting at night.
  • The best time to see many wonders in Banaue if you want to see the green terraces is from April to August. The rainy season is from July to January, cool months are from November to February.
  • Bring Umbrella
  • Bring Jacket

Banaue Tourism Contact Info

Banaue Tourist Information Center
Location: Poblacion, Banaue, Ifugao Near Public Market
Telephone: +63 74 386-4010 / 4011

Department of Tourism – Cordillera Administrative Region
Gov. Pack Road, Baguio City
Tel. No. – (074) 442-70-14
Tel. Fax No. (074) 442 – 88 – 48
E-Mail Address:
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