Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort Review

Where to Stay: Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort Review

It was another long weekend and as usual I don’t have a concrete plan where am I heading. But thanks for having friends who have planned the trip 5 weeks ahead which made it so easy for me to spend my long weekend out-of-town without worrying where to go, where to stay and how to get there.

resorts in banaue
Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort (Check Rates)

Somebody in their group had a last minute cancellation which means “one slot” is perfectly waiting for me. Getting a bus ticket has never been that easy since they already bought the ticket ahead of time. I arrived early in Ohayami Bus station in Sampaloc to meet the rest of the group. The area was so crowded and full of chance passengers not to mention that there’s no enough waiting area for passengers who are waiting for their Bus.

ifugao hut accommodation
Banaue Ethnic Village

After an hour, I found my self inside the Ohayami Bus en route to Banaue Ifugao where we will be staying overnight before we head to Sagada – our main destination. There were 3 bus stops and it took us almost 10 hours before we finally reached Banaue. We rented a Jeepney in the town center which brought us to Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort (resort info) where we will be staying overnight. The ethnic village is located almost 7 kilometres from the proper town of Banaue.

banaue ifugao breakfast
Breakfast in Banaue

Banaue Ethic Village is one of the best places to stay in Ifugao if you want to experience staying in an authentic Ifugao house. One of the major attractions of this ethnic village is the traditional huts that provide visitors with a memorable and cultural experience.

Inside my Ifugao Hut
Inside my Ifugao Hut

Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort is a 20 hectare privately owned resort sits in what local known as “Apar Nga’-o”, tucked well away from the crowd and the busy highway.

banaue trip
My shoes were frozen

The roads are so well constructed that I didn’t even felt the long distance I had to travel from the town to reach Banaue Ethnic Village (Check Rates). Though the 10 hour journey was tiring, finding yourself in a totally different place is really rewarding for me.

native huts ifugao
Native Ifugao Hut

From the entrance itself, I was astonished to see the a small road with both sides covered by Pine trees that led us towards the main area of the resort. The resort is located on spectacular mountain slopes surrounded by pine trees, Ifugao houses and a camping grounds. I just love the cold morning weather and as we walk towards the resorts main building, I smell a strong aroma of Benguet Coffee they are brewing… that was a fantastic welcome drink!

banaue resort
Natural Pool

After our breakfast, the helper guided me towards my own Ifugao hut. One of the major attractions is that all the lodges are built in the traditional Ifugao housing style with some modern touch to provide comfort to visitors. Just below the lodges, there is a natural pool surrounded by an organic farm with growing herbs and vegetables.

Organic Farm
Organic Farm

The resort also hosts a mix of traditional cultural as well as educational activities which i felt gave me more insight in to the culture and traditions of the Ifugao people.  I also made a visit to their small museum which mainly gives information about Ifugao houses including how they are built.

After a whole day of activity in Banaue and Batad, we went back to the resort and had a dinner followed by a bonfire experience right in the middle of the camping grounds.  I have got so much of nice memories to carry with me and took so many snaps to capture the wonderful time I spent in Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort (Check Rates).

Bonfire in Banaue
Bonfire in Banaue

This is one of the best local accommodation that I have ever seen. It can be considered as the ideal place for all those visitors who are looking out for a relaxing experience with an attitude to learn and understand the history.

Contact Info :
Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort (Book Online)
Apar Nga’-o Viewpoint, Banaue Ifugao
Tel: (074) 386.4082
Manang Jane : (63) 928-5214533
  1. Sam @ Davao City says

    I have long wanted to go to Banawe. Your photos are beautiful and that organic farm is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    1. melo says

      Thanks sam:) just like banaue, I love Davao too.

  2. John says

    Looks like a fantastic place!

    I love the look of the pool… the the bedroom is nice. It looks like a great place to go to relax.

  3. Happy Philippines says

    kasama ko si Marcos and friends nung nagpunta kame jan date, ero d kame natulog. magana pala mag stay jan.

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