Trekking in Batad is a fun-filled experience for travelers who wants to explore Banaue. Its actually my fifth time visiting this area in Ifugao, and this is one of the major attractions in Ifugao province that I never got tired of visiting. This Rice Terraces just like the Banaue Rice Terraces is one of the most beautiful man man made wonders that we Filipinos should be very proud of.

Batad Rice Terraces
Batad Rice Terraces

Getting up to Batad is not that easy. From Banaue Ethnic Village, we rented a jeepney that brought us to the Batad Terraces jump off point. The trip from Banaue town center to the Batad Saddle was about an hour and thirty minutes. Then it will require a one hour trek from the tourist center to the Batad Village. Unlike before, the rough roads followed by muddy passes are now replaced by more passable roads that makes the experience much more enjoyable.

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A Batad Local
A Batad Local

First time visitors will be astonished to see the marvellous craft of engineering done by the our ancestors in building the terraces which would have required a lot of man power and hard work. The walk through the terraces will give immense sense of satisfaction for the travelers enjoying the beauty of nature with cold weather and beautiful surroundings. Some of the terraces in Batad are as high as 12 feet.

Batad Trail
Batad Trail

Visitors can find several restaurants that serve traditional Pinoy food including red rice, noodles as well as vegetables. On reaching the top of the climb, visitors can see the spectacular view of the tiny village of Cambulo from the hill top. The local people residing in the Batad terraces are so friendly that they treat the travelers with utmost warmth and sincerity.

Road to Batad
Road to Batad

With the plantation of rice fields across the Batad Terraces, it will leave the travellers with a never before seen greenery throughout the terraces which is absolutely mind-blowing. Then comes the Tappia Waterfall gives that can also give you a refreshing experience after another challenging trek. The waterfalls that is located along side the Batad Terraces will provide you a spectacular view and the water is so cool that tourists can relax while enjoying the cool breeze coming from the mountains.

shops in batad
Souvenir Shops in Batad

During rice planting season, tourists can also visit the rice school where the locals demonstrate how they take rice from the plant and how hard it is to prepare them which requires adequate practice as well as skills. Guest houses are available next to the tourist center and right beside the restaurants.

Spot the Travel Blogger
Spot the Travel Blogger – In Rita’s Inn, passport ID’s, Business Cards, ATM’s and Credit Cards of previous customers are displayed in the restaurants wall.

Hostels in Batad :

  • Ramon’s Home Stay/Restaurant. Located within the village itself – +63 (929) 6124423
  • Rita’s Inn – With Clean rooms and shared bathroom, with a reliable and fast restaurant – +63 (910) 8423076

(Please let us know if you have a recommended hostel in Batad so we can list it here)

Batad Trekking is full of excitement and fun. Completing the trek is something that you can be proud of.. You can now say you’ve visited one of Unesco’s World Heritage Site, an achievement to be quite proud of!




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