Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel Review

On my last visit to Banaue with PHILTOA and media friends, we stayed at Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel. Banaue Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Banaue town of Ifugao Province. This hotel is owned and operated by TIEZA which is formerly known as Philippine Tourism Authority – an agency of the Philippine government under the Department of Tourism.

Comfortable Bed at Banaue Hotel
Comfortable Bed at Banaue Hotel

The hotel is located in the town of Banaue close to the National Highway South. It is known for its 3 star facilities and comfortable accommodation. It was not my first time staying at this hotel but, in fact, I stayed in this hotel more than 10 years ago but I was still impressed with the amenities and facilities in this hotel.

banaue hotels
Banaue Hotel Reception Area

When we entered the well maintained entrance of the Banaue hotel, we were welcomed by friendly staffs at the reception who greeted us with a smile. They assisted by giving us the our room keys and they also served a welcome drink.

We were told that this hotel comprises of rooms with twin beds, and there were no double-beds available. I stayed in one of the twin-bed together with Eric and Ivan – fellow travel bloggers. The hotel room is quite large, and since we made our stay during an off-peak, there were only few visitors in the hotel. So the atmosphere in the hotel was unusually quiet except during our activities.

restaurants in banaue
Banaue Hotel Restaurant

We had to go downstairs to get to our room, and the room had all modern facilities one expects from a 3 star hotel. The Banaue hotel has a total of 82 rooms that are all carpeted. Some of the rooms are made up of pine wood walls that give visitors a taste of the traditional atmosphere in Ifugao.

ifugao cultural dance
Cultural Presentation at the Banaue Hotel

Communication facilities and mobile phone signals are available in each room but internet access is only available in the lobby for a fee. We also had the option of choosing among hot and cold water showers. There is also a private balcony, and we certainly had an awesome experience of overlooking the rice terraces from our own balcony.

banaue ifugao souvenirs
Souvenir Shops at Banaue Hotel

Both traditional and international cuisines were available at the Banaue Hotel Restaurant. Other amenities provided in the hotel includes a bar, game room, a spacious lobby, swimming pool and also a function room where guests can host any events if required. There were also a few indoor activities that were organised by the hotel.

banaue rice terraces
View from our Balcony

The most prominent among them was the cultural show event in which we had a hands-on experience on the cultural and ethnic traditions of the Ifugao people. We were lucky to see this event since it is hosted depending upon the number of visitors in the hotel and their requests.

We were also told that there is also an exhibition that is being held at this hotel annually from the month of January to May. The exhibition is called Anglad in which local people showcase several traditional products like blankets, statues carved out of wood, bags and chocolates. Overall we had a very pleasant experience staying at the Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel and it certainly made our trip to Banaue more satisfying and memorable than we expected.
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