When to Visit Pangasinan: Festivals and Activities

Best Time to Visit the Province of Pangasinan

Calasiao Puto Festival by Clare Amador

Festivals and Activities in Pangasinan

Pangasinan, for locals, is pleasant all year-round. Storms aren’t too bad since the province is facing away from the Pacific Ocean. However, in the summer, temperatures can get too hot, since the majority of Pangasinan is of low sea level. However, that’s why there are beautiful beaches to compensate for the heat.

Pangasinan Provincial Capitol in Lingayen
Pangasinan Provincial Capitol in Lingayen

Like any tourist destination, there are specific times of the year when business is booming. These are the times when the weather and festivities are cooperative, and perfect for travelers.

This article is a list of the best times to visit Pangasinan, incorporating the different festivals and activities,

First week of January

The first week of January is an especially good time to visit the province. The first week, right after the New Year Celebration is the celebration of the Lingayen Town Fiesta, which is mostly religious and there’s a lot of activities to enjoy as well.

LINGAYEN GULF LANDINGS COMMEMORATION photo by Philippine Veterans Affairs Office FB
LINGAYEN GULF LANDINGS COMMEMORATION photo by Philippine Veterans Affairs Office FB

The Lingayen Gulf Landings and Pangasinan Veterans Day takes place on January 9, This is a commemoration of the landing of General Douglas McArthur and the events that preceded that landing. This celebration is also in Lingayen, at the Veterans Park by the Capitol.

Pangasinan is coldest during the months of January and February and can reach weather similar to that of Baguio in the early morning.

Third week of January to the first week of February

The third week of January is the date of the famed Bagoong Festival in Lingayen. This happens between January 17-27. There are lots of foods and activities that are set up specifically for this festival.

One town over, just right after the Bagoong Festival, is the Sigay Festival in Binmaley. Sigay Festival is known for grand pageants and the kalutan ed dalan (roadside grilling of Sigay).

The weather is also much colder at this time of the year, making festival activities that happen under the sun more enjoyable.

First week of April

The first week of April, April 5 in specific, is Agew na Pangasinan (Pangasinan Day), which is a celebration of the founding of the province. It coincides with the famed Pista’y Dayat (Festival of the Sea), which runs for a whole month from April 5 to May 10.

Pistay Dayat Grand Fluvial Parade in Pangasinan
Pistay Dayat Grand Fluvial Parade in Pangasinan

Because of the double festivities, the provincial government sets up a lot of activities, such as the yearly Pangasinan Trade and Expo, sandcastle building competitions, dragon boating races, and so much more.

April and May are the hottest months of the province since it’s summer and the sun is high up in the sky. However, this is also the perfect time to indulge in the Pangasinan.

Second week of April to third week of April

Since April is the best month to enjoy the beaches in Pangasinan, why not visit the famed white sand beaches of the North? The Patar White Sand Beaches in the town of Bolinao is best enjoyed with clear skies and hot summer.

Patar Beach - Enriching Visit in Bolinao
Patar Beach – Enriching Visit in Bolinao

Conveniently, the town fiesta is also this month, specifically from April 9 to April 14.

The third week of April is usually the celebration of Lent when Catholic believers go on a pilgrimage journey. The Our Lady of Manaoag Minor Basilica is the perfect candidate for a pilgrim’s destination.

Second week of December

The second week of December is the Calasiao Puto Festival where puto, it’s origins and recipes, are exhibited through street dance competitions, stalls, and puto-tasting.

Calasiao Puto Festival by Clare Amador
Calasiao Puto Festival by Clare Amador

Additionally, since Christmas is only a week away, most affluent towns in Pangasinan are joining in on the fun of putting up Christmas decors and other wonderful sights to see and experience.

Those were the best, most recommended times of the year for tourists to visit Pangasinan. This list aims to help/plan your next Pangasinan trip and make it to your preference of weather and activities.

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