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15 Best Beaches in Pangasinan

Beautiful Beaches in Pangasinan You Should Visit Soon

Beach in Alaminos Pangasinan - Hundred Islands

Beaches in Pangasinan: Top Pangasinan Province Beach Destinations

Looking for beautiful beaches in Pangasinan? For those unfamiliar, Pangasinan is a province located on the shorelines of Luzon. Pangasinan is one of the leading suppliers of rice, root crops, and fish within the Philippines, especially the country’s national fish, the Milkfish. But aside from agriculture and fishing, Pangasinan also has its other perks, and since it’s on the shorelines, it’s pretty obvious what those perks are—that’s right beaches!

Beach in Alaminos Pangasinan - Hundred Islands
Beach in Alaminos Pangasinan – Hundred Islands

Beaches here attract local and foreign tourists all year round, most of them are publicly accessible, and there’s no entrance fee. Bring your beach bag, find a good spot, and have fun under the sun.

Whether it’s Christmas, Summer, or an extended holiday, you may spend your time at the following best beaches in the province of Pangasinan:

1. Patar Beach in Bolinao

Patar White Beach by Jaya via Flickr
Patar White Beach by Jaya via Flickr

Travel southwest from Bolinao’s town proper and see the famous white-sanded Patar Beach or the so-called Boracay of the North. Spending time here is not a problem, for you may choose to rent the cottages/nipa huts that are quite far from the coasts, or you may simply find a nice spot and lay out a large cloth, sit directly on the sand, and have your own perfect view of the sea.

Sea urchins and pufferfishes, expensive delicacies in Japan, are cheap here since there are abundant those here. Scattered amongst the sands are rock formations and caves, and just nearby is the famous Bolinao Lighthouse.

2. Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos

Travel Guide Hundred Islands in Alaminos Pangasinan
Hundred Islands in Alaminos Pangasinan

The Alaminos City of Pangasinan boasts its Hundred Islands, a tourist attraction and, at the same time, a preserved sanctuary. The tourist destination got its name from islands, totaling 124 during low tide.

Here, one may choose to stay on an island to sunbathe, grill some fresh seafood, go for a swim, or go island hopping to geological wonders like Devil’s Island, Cathedral Island, or Kissing Islands, among others. Aside from the typical swimming, Snorkeling and diving are also recommended here in Hundred Islands.

To get here, you must travel to Alaminos City and get to the jump-off point. At the port, you can ride a passenger boat or rent one for your group. The boat ride can take up to 45 minutes at most.

You may also talk to the boat operator if you want to go island hopping while on the way to one of the islets. There are very few islands developed for tourism, and the rest, such as the islet with a rock resembling the Virgin Mary, are being protected by the local government.

3. Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos

Cabongaoan Beach by April Delarosa024 - Own work. via Wikimedia Commons
Cabongaoan Beach by April Delarosa024 – Own work. via Wikimedia Commons

Cabongaoan Beach should be at the top of your list if you prefer a more relaxed vacation on the Beach. It’s’ relatively less developed than most beaches in Pangasinan, and the ride from the town proper to here isn’t short.

Cabongaoan Beach is one of those secluded little paradises on Earth far from the busy streets and the seasonal influx of tourists. Going here would require you to summon your inner explorer side, so be ready. But after a long road trip and a few minutes walk to the shores, you will be pleased to see a paradise with white sands and tranquil azure waters. If you don’t like the sun, Cabangoan beach’s thick groves always have plenty of shade.

Still, once you get here, it will all be worth it. Its white sand and long shores make it the perfect beach for snorkeling, jogging, or simply unwinding.

4. Bolo Beach in Alaminos

Bolo Beach by Jho Peralta via Flickr
Bolo Beach by Jho Peralta via Flickr

Nearby Hundred Islands National Park is Bolo Beach, in the same city. You may drop by the nearby Shell Beach and have the secret lagoon there all to yourself.

If you’re not in the mood to go boating, you may stay on the beach and frolic in its shallow waters.

5. Tambobong Beach in Dasol

Tambobong Beach photo courtesy of Adventurous Feet
Tambobong Beach photo courtesy of Adventurous Feet

Another one of those secluded beaches in Pangasinan is Tambobong Beach in Dasol. There are numerous things to do here, aside from the typical seaside activities such as sunbathing and swimming.

This white-sanded paradise is abundant with marine life, sunshine, and beautiful azure waters. Like most secluded beaches in Pangasinan, the road to get here is very challenging. Nevertheless, hours of butt-numbing road trips will be rewarded with this getaway in Pangasinan. Swim, poke at the starfishes and sea cucumbers, grill fresh seafood, make a campfire, and just unwind.

From here, you may also rent a boat to the nearby Balinmanok Cove, a Taiwanese vessel shipwreck site, and snorkel your way into the historical underwater paradise; or, if you’re brave enough, come to Colibra or Snake Island, that is, as the local myths say, inhabited by a giant snake (but don’t worry, it’s just a myth!).

6. Bonuan Tondaligan Beach in Dagupan

Tondaligan Beach
Tondaligan Beach

One of the most visited beaches in Dagupan, the Bangus (Milkfish) Capital of the World, is Tondaligan Beach. Its fine sands and numerous coconut trees attract people all year round, but the beach area is quite large, so there’s no need to worry about running out of good spots. You may rent one of the nipa huts here for a place to stay in.

Several vendors also sell freshly-caught fish, which you may buy at a meager price (haggling is reasonable here!). Also, you may ask the nipa hut owners to cook them for you because, being Dagupan locals, cooking seafood is their specialty.

7. Lingayen Long Beach in Lingayen

Lingayen Long Beach by Ramon F. Velasquez via Wikimedia Commons
Lingayen Long Beach by Ramon F. Velasquez via Wikimedia Commons

This Beach in the capital town of Pangasinan is known for overlooking the endless Lingayen Gulf, which has served its historical significance during the American-Japanese War in the country during World War II.

This Beach is also one of the famous spots for celebrating the Pista’y Dayat, a festival exclusively held on Labor Day in the Pangasinan region meant to thank the seas for providing the locals another good year of bountiful marine resources. Lingayen is also known for its dishes, so eating freshly-cooked seafood here will complete your seaside experience.

8. Bolasi Beach in San Fabian

Bolasi Beach by Bolasi San Fabian FB
Bolasi Beach by Bolasi San Fabian FB

Like Lingayen, the beaches in San Fabian are also one of the places that celebrate the Pista’y Dayat every May 1. The coasts would be very festive during this time, and stalls selling handcrafted San Fabian souvenirs would abound.

Its fine sands make it the ideal Beach for your summer getaway, and you may rent a cottage, a table, or a room in the nearby resorts. Like most beaches in Pangasinan, several vendors travel around the coastline to sell their fresh catch, which comes at a very low price.

9. Sabangan Beach in Agno

Umbrella rocks in Agno Pangasinan by Abranteslouie19 via Wikimedia Commons
Umbrella rocks in Agno Pangasinan by Abranteslouie19 via Wikimedia Commons

If you like frolicking in the water, snorkeling, strolling on shallow water, or just appreciating nature, then you should travel to Sabangan Beach in Agno. This place has diversified marine life and its famous Umbrella Rocks—geological formations that resemble giant mushrooms or rounded umbrellas.

The shores of this beach are quite rocky, and the waters are clear and shallow. Aside from that, the rustic and peaceful Sabangan Beach also houses the famous “Umbrella Rocks”, colossal boulders that have been eroded and weathered by water through time. These huge geological formations are shaped like mushrooms or umbrellas, thus the name.

Whether you’ll go snorkeling or just wading, you’ll come to appreciate nature in Sabangan Beach.

10. Surip Beach in Bani

Surip Beach in Bani by
Surip Beach in Bani by

One of the beaches you shouldn’t miss while Beach hopping in Pangasinan is Surip Beach. While most beaches only allow swimming, this Beach would persuade you to go fishing too! Its waters are also clear, so you may also go snorkeling while you’re here.

11. Abagatanen Beach in Agno

Abagatanen Beach
Abagatanen Beach photo via FB Page

A small fishing village located in the quiet town of Agno in Pangasinan. It’s now becoming a popular destination for beachgoers. Some popular activities are Snorkeling, Camping, Rock formation Tours, and Beach hopping.

Are you convinced now that Pangasinan is a haven of white-sanded beaches? By now, you should be because we’re down to yet another white-sanded beach in this province—Abagatanen Beach in Agno. Abagatanen Beach is still underdeveloped compared to its other beach counterparts in Agno. But the beauty of our world is best seen in underdeveloped beaches like these. Sleep by the seaside overnight, wake up early to jog along Abagatanen’s lengthy shores and sand bars, and drink a cold glass of tea under the coconut trees.

For a complete Abagatanen Beach travel guide, visit

12. Tondol Beach in Anda

Tondol Beach by Michelle Yam : Tondol Facebook Page
Tondol Beach by Michelle Yam: Tondol Facebook Page – Best Beaches in Pangasinan

Shallow, glassy waters that reflect the skies, ash-colored sands, sandbars that allow you to skip and hop to the neighboring island… This is Tondol Beach in Anda, often called the “Boracay of the North.” Rent nearby cottages or nipa huts, or find shade under one of the trees. Either way, your stay will be guaranteed enjoyable here.

13. Cabalitian Island in Sual

Cabalitian Island photo by Cabalitian Island FB Page
Cabalitian Island photo by Cabalitian Island FB Page

Cabalitian is a beach island in Sual that attracts people from all walks of life because of its elegant simplicity. It’s a beach island floating in the middle of the sea, and its clear waters, shady shores, and rocky mountains would make you want to live a life of a castaway here.

You’ll have to ride a boat to get to Cabalitian beach Island, but its serenity, seclusion from the bustling cities, and its unobstructed view of the horizon will all be worth the long wait.

14. Masamirey Beach in Sual

Masamirey Beach
Masamirey Beach

We travel back to the town of Sual, this time to the edge of the shores. If you’re looking for white sands and splashing blue waves, you should look no further—go to Masamirey Beach in Sual. Play like a child on the knee-high, crystal-clear waters.

You may or may not choose to snorkel here as well. There’s no point in diving since everything is visible from above the water.

15. Bunga Beach in Agno

Let’s travel back to the home of the famous “Umbrella Rocks.” Somewhere south of Abagatanen Beach and beside Sabangan Beach is Bunga Beach, sometimes called Aloleng-Bunga Beach.

If you wish to deviate from the crowds but wish to get your fair share of salt water, white sand, and shade under the Umbrella Rocks, then you should choose to go beaching on the shorelines of Bunga, Aloleng.

How to get to Pangasinan

There are several ways to get to Pangasinan, depending on your location. Here are some common ways to get to Pangasinan:

  • By air: The nearest airport to Pangasinan is the Lingayen Airport, but it only caters to small aircraft. The nearest major airport is the Clark International Airport in Pampanga, which is about 2-3 hours away by land travel. From Clark Airport, you can take a bus or hire a private car to Pangasinan.
  • By land: Pangasinan is accessible by bus or private car from major cities like Manila, Baguio, and La Union. Several bus companies operate daily trips to Pangasinan, such as Victory Liner, Five Star Bus, and Dagupan Bus. The travel time usually takes 4-6 hours, depending on the traffic condition.
  • By sea: If you are coming from nearby provinces like Zambales, La Union, or Ilocos, you can take a ferry or motorboat to Pangasinan. The port of Alaminos and Bolinao caters to ferry services from different ports.

Once you arrive in Pangasinan, several transportation options are available, like jeepneys, tricycles, and buses that can take you to your specific destination within the province.

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