We are Giving Away Canon and Nikon Camera Lenses!!!

Yes Out of Town Blog is giving away Nikon and Canon Camera Lenses!!! Not a real set of lens though! But Promise, these coffee mugs looks real and its one of the hottest collectors item for photographers today:)

win camera lens mugs thermos
Win one of the THREE Nikon and Canon Lens Mugs

Just Share your Most Beautiful Philippine Travel Photos and get a chance to win one of the three (3) Nikon and Canon lens thermos / mugs we are giving away!

Nikon 24-70mm Lens Mug thermos
Nikon 24-70mm Lens Mug

Few months after the release of the first Canon Mug, A Nikon coffee mug has finally arrived. The black 24-70mm thermos coffee cup comes with a nifty gold box and Eco friendly bag to protect it from scratches:)

Canon Lens 70-200mm Thermos Travel Mug
Canon Lens 70-200mm Thermos Travel Mug

The first set of mugs were created by Canon Canada, they were distributed as giveaway to photographers at Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Canon 24-105mm Lens Mug Coffee Cup
Canon 24-105mm Lens Mug Coffee Cup

A mug that looks like the real 24-105mm lens! 1:1 Scale with lids but not spill proof.

Win Canon and Nikon Mugs
Win Canon and Nikon Mugs

How to Join?

Just email us your best Philippine Travel Photos at melovillareal<@>gmail.com with the following details :

  1. Location
  2. Name of the Photographer
  3. Description : A short description of the place, preferably at least 100 words (avoid copying contents from other sources like websites, blogs etc)
  4. Camera Settings (optional)

Terms and Conditions :

  • You must agree that these photos will be uploaded in our Philippines Travel Guide Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/PhilippinesTravelGuide?ref=ts under the folder “My Best Philippine Travel Photo
  • Each Photographer can submit a maximum of two photos
  • Put a watermark in any corner of the photo (optional but if you want to avoid unauthorized use of your photo, placing a watermark is recommended)
  • Make sure to submit photos without borders
  • Photos should be focused on the beauty of the destination (landscape, seascape, sunset, sunrise etc.)
  • Make sure that you are the owner of the submitted photos
  • Only qualified entries will be uploaded in our Facebook Fan Page
  • Each Participant cannot win more than once
  • Top Three (3) entries with most number of likes before November 30, 11:59PM will win one of the three lens mugs.
  • Everyone is eligible to join the contest but you must have a Philippine Shipping Address.

Winners will be announced on the first week of December 2010!!

  1. Jenn says

    Hmmm… I like this one. Sasali ako!

  2. melo says

    I hope to receive your entry soon:)

  3. Keith says

    A shame that non-PH residents cannot enter; I enjoy my visits and my photography, but never mind – i guess rules are rules

  4. Dante says

    Bro, my watermark is centered in the photo, will that be ok?

  5. melo says

    @Dante – thats fine so long as its not a huge destruction:)

  6. melo says

    @Keith – I already modified the eligibility… Everyone is now eligible but you must have a Philippine Shipping Address:)

  7. Ruth says

    When you say, you are the owner of the photo, does it mean, you were the one who took the shot? What if you are the “model” of the photo, and you own the camera and the pic, can we submit an entry then?

  8. Marc Go says

    Hi Melo, when does the submission of photos start and when is the latest that we can submit photos for the qualification?

  9. Ray "stingray" Montecillo says

    I interested of owning an SLR camera, this
    would help, I will join. how can I join?

  10. alien says

    Is it ok to submit post-processed photos?

  11. chyng says

    cool! try ko sumali! Ü

  12. jedy says

    great photos… I wish i can visit that place next year

  13. Philippines says

    Wow! I’ll join this, I love the lens mugs… Hopefully I’m not too late.

  14. Tom says

    I am US resident but took many photos when in the Philippines two years ago. I don’t have a Phils address, but would still like to submit two of my photos. I am not interested in the chance to win the coffee mugs. Should I submit them?

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