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Top 10 Android Apps for Travelers

Going on a trip? Your Android smartphone can do a lot more than call your hotel – if you pick a few interesting apps, your vacation can be transformed into a unique experience like you’ve never had before!

Loungebuddy Android App
Loungebuddy Android App (download)


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Tired of trying desperately to find a place to rest and catch your breath for half an hour? Sure, there are always plenty of places like that – but if you don’t want to pay an outrageous price for what should be a cheap experience, Loungebuddy is your answer. The app can give you a list of all nearby lounges and similar places complete with their prices, and your eligibility for any discounts/free offers based on things like your credit cards, club memberships and more, including even more special circumstances, like veterans.

Expensify Travel App
Expensify Travel App (download)


If you’re traveling on a company budget, or you’re just very conscious about your own finances, Expensify can allow you to easily organize all your receipts, invoices and bills from your entire trip, along with features for scanning the receipts and identifying the places you’ve been to automatically. With how easily this app works, keeping track of your expenses on a trip becomes practically a zero-effort task. You’ll never have to question exactly how much your last trip cost you – that information will be readily available at a glance by just going into your history and checking your collection of receipts from that particular holiday.

TripIt Travel Organizer App
TripIt Travel Organizer App (download)


It wouldn’t be a proper list of Android travel apps without TripIt, the all-around best tool for organizing your travel plans in one convenient spot. No matter what kinds of connections you have to take and what special arrangements you’ve made for your trip, you’ll have it all right in front of you with the help of TripIt. Never wonder what your next step is – just open your phone and you’ll have detailed information about your trip readily available.

Uber Android App
Uber Android App (download)


It’s hard to have missed Uber in the news lately, as the app has been stirring up quite the controversy in some parts of the world. It’s an elegant replacement for traditional taxi services, allowing regular citizens to offer part-time services as cab drivers with their own cars. Don’t worry though, the rigorous screening process ensures that you’ll never get into a car that looks like it came out of a horror movie, and your trips will always be cheaper and more convenient compared to taking a regular taxi, at least in most parts of the world. You’ll also know exactly when your car is going to arrive as well, thanks to the live updates delivered to you after you’ve placed your request.

Wikitude Android App
Wikitude Android App (download)


Who needs a travel guide nowadays when you have Wikitude? This is a revolutionary approach to holidays, and if you’re the kind of person who always tries to learn everything they can about the places they visit, this is the app for you. It will provide you with information about the places around you in real time, and all you have to do is point your camera at something! Using this app really helps appreciate how far our technology has come.

AwayFind Android App
AwayFind Android App (download)


Nobody wants to bother with work e-mails while on holiday, and yet some messages are definitely worth reading as soon as you’ve received them, no matter where you are. AwayFind can help you organize your mail while you’re away, acting as a sort of gatekeeper, and filtering every attempt at communication with you (not just e-mail, but IMs as well), and allowing you to select what you want to see and respond to easily and quickly. And when you’re back, everything that you’ve missed will be available in a convenient, organized manner!

TuneIn Android App
TuneIn Android App (download)


Miss your home radios while you’re away? Don’t worry as chances are they’re available in TuneIn! The perfect app to give you some sense of connection with your home during your vacation, allowing you to stay up to date with current news and trends in your own language. The app uses an Internet connection for its streaming, not actual radio signals, so you should probably only use it if your hotel allows free Wi-Fi or something along those lines. Still though, perfect for giving yourself some familiar background music at the beach or while relaxing in your hotel room after a long day exploring the town.

Aroundme Android App
Aroundme Android App (download)


Another app focused on exploration, AroundMe can keep you updated about interesting places to check out close to you. Receive comprehensive information about all potential tourist attractions in your area, and find out where you should go next if you’re feeling bored – all in one nicely designed package that offers a lot more than it initially lets on. AroundMe can make every vacation a completely different experience, allowing you to get much more from your time spent there.

EverNote Android App
EverNote Android App (download)


You may already have EverNote for other reasons, as the app is quite universal and flexible in what it can do and what you can use it for. It can let you easily keep track of all your important notes and details about your trip, never missing any memos or critical details. You can easily combine all your organized information in one spot, fetching data from other apps and your profiles at various sites, and you can also add new notes remotely by just sending an e-mail to a specific address. Evernote is a bit simplistic in its feature set, but it actually has absolutely everything that you’ll need in order to keep yourself fully organized.

Google Flight Search Android App
Google Flight Search Android App (download)

Google Flights

Google have managed to find their way into this niche of the app market as well, with Flights being the top solution for locating, comparing and booking flights in a few simple steps. While not technically a real app (since it’s used through a website), it offers much more than any other solution on the Android app market, and it’s definitely worth to keep it bookmarked in your phone for easy reference. Of course, you probably won’t have to look up any flight information during your actual vacation, but anything can happen.

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Written by Melo Villareal

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