“Secret London” – Fun and Quirky things to do in London that your average tourist wouldn’t know about?

Tower of London photo by Xiquinho Silva

London’s Calling!

London is undoubtedly one of the most coveted go-to destinations in the world, and not without reason. The magnificent city boasts an array of attractions and historical monuments, making it the perfect place for both the adventure-hungry as well as the restless traveller. Sunsets at any high point are always a sight for sore eyes, while the culturally diverse open air markets located deep within the city make the ideal hunting ground for shoppers. This Notre dame look-alike city is also home to the most powerful royal family in the world and is home to expats from more than five nationalities, making it one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.

Tower of London photo by Xiquinho Silva
Tower of London photo by Xiquinho Silva

As far as attractions go, you will love the volume of places to visit. Check for free brochures available on your Hotel Concierge. Hotel Booking sites like Hotel Direct have special offers on central London Hotels. You have, for instance, the Tower of London, a famous fortress whose ancient stones guard many historical secrets and priceless jewels that are hidden within fortified vaults. This attraction has always been a traveler and native favorite destination for many years. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about getting to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater? Here, you’ll get to walk the same halls as Shakespeare and experience the spots where this classic author penned over 30 of his famous plays.

Shakespeare's Globe Theater by Liza Potts
Shakespeare’s Globe Theater by Liza Potts

London’s Queen’s Gallery is a dream come true for every art lover. This four and half old decade building is located at Buckingham palace and is home to the most glittering and prized paintings in the world, all of which are owned by her Majesty the Queen. Art lovers will definitely enjoy the collection presented here, though you will have to be careful about the place’s opening hours if you’re planning a visit there, as they can be a bit tricky during some seasons – check online to see when you can pay a visit.

London Queen's Gallery photo by Christine Franck
London Queen’s Gallery photo by Christine Franck

Another travel gem area would be the Curzon Soho. It is the place to be for every cinema lover as it is the most forefront place in cinematography in London. Here, you can be the first to enjoy an array of independent films, theater releases and screenings. The best thing about this location is the bar located within the building. Most people like to leisurely have a drink in the lavish surroundings before watching a film or two. With a London pass, you can get free tickets to a number of movies playing, and this is always a great opportunity to spend some time with your close ones.

Curzon Soho Cinema photo by Marco Sparmberg
Curzon Soho Cinema photo by Marco Sparmberg

For those looking for something completely fun and informal, look no further than the Queen’s Ice and Bowl. Here, you get to enjoy fun bowling and ice skating. There are also a number of game arcades, making it the ideal family bonding location.

A couple cannot claim to have been to London before enjoying Jason’s Canal Boat trip. Thinking of traveling to Europe? There’s a reason so many people choose to come here, and then find themselves planning a return trip already while they’re packing their luggage. Visit London, you’ll love it!

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